It was dark out. Tonight was a new moon, my favorite time of the month. My powers were at their strongest when the sun held no sway over the earth. Tonight would be the perfect time to take control of the wizarding world.

The Order had the little house surrounded. It seems they weren't taking any chances of our getting away. Since it was rumored that an influential Elect member resided in this house, they had called in extra troops to help secure the soon to be prisoners.

Unfortunately for the Order, we had discovered their plan and had planted Death Eaters throughout Hogsmeade. Death Eaters virtually surrounded them.

The Elect had taken over this house so that we could attack the Aurors from the inside of their lines while our Death Eater troops attacked from the outside. Voldemort had come to the house an hour ago to scratch out a plan of action before leaving to command the armies surrounding the Order.

We had Death Eaters hidden all over Hogsmeade, and we had all fifteen of our Elect inside their lines. A massacre of gigantic proportions was about to begin and the Order, and most importantly, Dumbledore, had no clue.

The Elect had decided to play the roles of regular humans so the Order would not be thrown off. We were just sitting down to a dinner that none of us wanted to eat when the back door and the front door were blown off their hinges and thrown into the house. Aurors poured into the house, at least ten men and women filled each door way. They thoroughly searched the house, looking for us. Both parties reached the kitchen at the same time. They were armed, wands out and ready for battle. All fifteen of us were sitting around a large kitchen table, talking happily and ignoring the people destroying the house. It surprised them. We didn't appear worried about Aurors capturing us and we weren't prepared to fight for our lives.

"Keep your hands where we can see them and slowly move away from the table." Moody snarled at us. It seems that he was leading this raid even though his last one ended in such a tragic failure. He would be the first to go.

All of us slowly got up from the table, hands in the air. We slowly moved towards the Aurors. The fools let us get within an easy arms reach before they stopped us.

It's time! I thought to Draco. With a move so fast that ordinary humans couldn't follow, Draco had his wand out and was pointing it towards the sky.

"Morsmordre!" He screamed one of the most beautiful incantations I have ever heard into the room. The Dark Mark flew from his wand and blasted a hole through the ceiling. It hovered over the house for everyone to see.

The Order members stared at the mark in shock. That was their fatal mistake. Draco and I watched as our Elect disposed of the Aurors with claws and teeth. Wands had been abandoned for the greater powers our bodies contain. Within minutes, twenty Aurors were dead at our feet and we hadn't even broken into a sweat. The battle was about to begin in earnest.

We stepped outside the house to find mayhem. Dumbledore had called in far more people than we had believed possible. Hundreds of Order members were fighting in the streets by wand light. Death Eaters attacked, using the darkness to hide from sight until it wa too late for the Order. There were flashes of spells everywhere. Behind us the house collapsed into a heap of wood and flames.

"Spread out. Kill anyone you wish. Remember the plan." I hissed before stalking off. We needed to separate Harry from everyone else. Harry was supposed to fight against Voldemort alone. I'm supposed to kill Hermione and Draco's supposed to kill Ron. The rest of the Elect are supposed to kill anyone else in the way. Only, something had gone wrong.

I walked between personal battles, killing anyone who wasn't loyal to Voldemort. Unfortunately, I couldn't find Voldemort. He was supposed to be commanding the army, yet he was nowhere in sight.

I walked along the main path through Hogsmeade, going out of town towards the mountains. I found Voldemort, Potter, and Dumbledore fighting each other on a small hill raised above the rest of the battles. Anyone who bothered to look up could see them fighting.

Dumbledore through a spell at Voldemort and my Lord crashed into the mountain wall behind him.

"My Elect, come to me!" He screamed. I felt it reverberating in my bones. The call was strong, the call of the creator to it's children. I stepped forward into the light of their spells. Voldemort was hit by Potter's weak stunning spell. It didn't affect my Lord, but I scoffed anyway. Voldemort may have the power to disregard the presence of a spell once it has hit him, but he couldn't avoid getting hit with the spells. Voldemort was weak.

"My Elect, come protect your master!" He called again. It felt like I was being forced to obey. Voldemort's words echoed through my head.

Instead of stepping forward, I took a step back. Why should I listen to a mere man who was weaker than me? I could kill Voldemort, Potter, and Dumbledore without a wand if I wanted to. Voldemort was struggling against the Potter boy.

I took another step back. "Stay at your positions." I yelled to MY Elect.

Voldemort heard me and took his eyes off his battle for a second to look at me. "First Elect Ginevra! Why do you disobey me?" He stepped towards me, a snarl on his face.

"You do not rule over me or my people." I answered with contempt. "I am more powerful than you could ever hope to be! Why should I lower myself for a weak mudblood Lord who thinks he has the power to rule the world?" I watched as Dumbledore took a step back, pulling Harry with him.

Voldemort smirked. "Because you have no choice! You are my First Elect, true, but I didn't know enough about you to trust giving you powers. I created a failsafe in your body. If you disobey me, I'll destroy you."

I took a step back. "They are my Elect. Mine, and Draco's. You will not control them. Not now, not ever. I don't care what you do to me."

"Very well then, you give me no choice!" Voldemort drew his powers around him and pointed his wand. The tip of his wand was pointed at his heart. He murmured an incantation and a jet of white light hit his chest.

Pain bloomed in my chest, a horrible feeling of dread filling me. DRACO! I screamed. Something was wrong with my body. I couldn't move, I couldn't think. All I could do was call to my love. DRACO! Something is wrong! Voldemort is going to kill me.

Draco pulled a fighting Hermione towards him, his claws ready to slit her throat. Ron watched, helpless, stunned on the ground by a hit to the head. Draco drew his hand back, preparing to kill when a call of utter distress stopped him.

His had frozen and a crying Hermione stared up at his snarling face. "Ginny." He whispered, his face going slack. "Ginny, oh gods, Ginny." Hermione dropped to the ground as Draco spun around to stare at the hill where Ginny was crouching, Voldemort standing over her, a superior look on his face. All of the Elect stopped fighting to stare at their fallen leader. "If he touches Ginny I'll kill him!" Draco snarled and took off running. Hermione stared after him, surprised by his actions. What did Ginny have to do with Draco and why was he so worried about her?

I was on my knees, trying to figure out what was happening to me. My powers were gone, my body was weak, and my mind was not working. I couldn't even remember why I kept calling to Draco. Suddenly a dark shape dropped to my side.

"What did you do to her?" It was Draco.

"She dared to disobey me! I will kill her for that!" Voldemort hissed.

Draco gathered me in his arms. "Draco," I forced out through a mouth that wouldn't work right. "I…I love you and only you." Everything was going dark. Voldemort was laughing above me. A wet spot fell on my cheek. I open my eyes and looked around blearily. Draco was crying, his eyes the dark red I knew so well.

"Ginny, don't leave. Please, you can fight it, right?" Another tear fell on my face. I closed my eyes. Everything was spinning around me and colors were blurring making it very difficult to see. I gasped. I couldn't breathe.


I looked down at my love, her red hair falling over her face and I cried. Ginny's body was going limp in my arms; her eyes were closed in peace. Ginny. I thought toward her and felt an empty void. Her mind was gone from this plane of life and her body was slowly joining it.

Slowly I felt her blood stop pumping through her body. Ginny had stopped breathing a while ago. There was nothing I could do to save her.

Ginny was dead.

I looked up at a gloating Voldemort, tears falling from my eyes. "You killed her!"

I stood up and gathered my power around me. Voldemort was going to pay! I dried my tears and hardened my dying heart.

"I killed her and I will kill you too!" Voldemort screamed, his voice joyous.

I started glowing, my pale body leaking my powers into the night. "Consider yourself dead," I snarled. This pig was going to die.

With a casual wave of my fist I sent Voldemort sprawling on the ground. I felt my Elect join me on the hilltop, helping me destroy the Lord who killed Elect Ginevra, my one and only love.

I sent out a bolt of power that knocked Voldemort's wand flying through the air. It disappeared into the brush near the road, far from Voldemort's reach. With another bolt of power I began to shred Voldemort's body.

I drew on my power and the freely offered power of the underlings behind me. Slowly, ever so slowly, I cut the Dark Lords skin off his body. Blood flooded the ground in a large puddle, blood the same color that Ginny's had been. Voldemort began to scream. I wonder if he had ever felt what his victims had been forced to go through before. With a careful jolt I pulled out his intestines and spread them on the bloodied ground.

I cut off his hands and feet next and let them mix with his innards. There wasn't a human alive or dead that could survive those wounds. No matter what spells were used to protect his body from death, Voldemort couldn't survive this. With a final swipe I cut out his tongue.

I turned my back on the heap of humanoid flesh behind me and knelt down to pick up Ginny's body. My Elect gathered around us, tears flowing from their eyes. My eyes were dry, I would cry later.

Dumbledore and Harry were crouched as far away from the battle scene as they could, but they were still close enough to witness what my power had just accomplished. I turned to them with pity.

"Leave us alone to morn." I said quietly. "I will contact you when I am able." I started to walk down the hill. "Oh," I looked back at Dumbledore. "Make sure he dies." I gestured towards Voldemort's twitching body on the ground between us.

With a nod towards Dumbledore and Harry, I apparated away, my Elect following me with complete trust. I have a family home in another country where we could stay in peace.

First Elect Ginevra was buried at dawn. One of my Elect had spent the rest of the night looking for a suitable place to lay her body to rest. He had found a small grove in the middle of a nearby wood. I dug her grave myself, letting my tears water the earth as I shoveled the dirt away. At dawn, when the sun was just beginning to kiss the sky, we placed her simple, unadorned coffin into the earth. I let my Elect shovel the dirt over her body. We filled the grove with flower seeds that would bloom every season of the year. I could only hope, with all of my shattered heart, that wherever Ginny had gone, she was happy. We filed out of the grove, one by one, paying our last respects.

I was the last to leave and the only one not to look back. I would never forget Ginevra Weasley, my heart wouldn't allow that, but I would try to move on. I have a people to rule and a peace with the wizarding world to obtain. After I finished with that, I could hide myself away from the world. That thought was the only thing that would get me through the next few years.

Goodbye Ginny! Nothing answered back, nothing ever would. A last tear fell from my permanently red eyes. Goodbye.


-or is it?