Nichts (Nothing)

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Everything had started out perfectly normal – well as normal as an assassin's mission can be.

Actually the mission seemed quite easy: There was only one target and the man was all alone in his mansion out on the country side. He felt completely safe with his two bodyguards and high tech security system ... yes it would be easy.

That was what Ken thought as he made his way through the park that belonged to the mansion. In approximately fifteen minutes Omi would have hacked into the computer that controlled the front gates and would be able to open them. He tried to prepare himself for what was to come. He had never liked killing. It didn't satisfy him although he knew that his victims deserved it.

So many faces, so many wide eyes, so many lives I have taken ...

This target was no exception; he abused homeless people (especially children) for completely useless tests. He thought he was a brilliant scientist, but to Ken he was just a lunatic.

Through his headset he heard Omi's familiar voice: "The gates are open. You can proceed."

There was no need for an answer and he carefully walked on, in the shadows ... as always. Lately he had been thinking a lot about all of that and he felt unable to focus on anything. He should really concentrate on the mission now, though ...

What did I do to deserve this?

He had only been distracted for a split second, but that was more than enough for the bodyguards to act. They fired their guns.

Ken felt a hot, searing pain in his right hand and a second later also in the left one. At the same time his right knee was hit by a bullet. He cried out in agony and fell to his knees, the emotionless tears of physical pain running over his face.

"Siberian, what happened?"

Aya ...

But he felt too weak to answer and eventually the pain faded into sweet nothing.

Chapter 1 (Aya's POV)

I didn't like hospitals.

I spent most of my free time in a hospital to visit my sister, but that still didn't mean that I actually liked them.

Now I was in one of these places again (the hospital belonged to Kritiker), waiting for news, when Manx finally appeared. She seemed beyond worried, but it only took her seconds to regain her composure.

"Manx!"Omi cried out and jumped up from his chair. "How is Ken?!"

She sighed and sat down. "Not very good, I fear. You have to be very strong now, Omi." She sighed again and looked down at her feet, like she was unable to face us.

"He will survive. He has lost a lot of blood, but he'll survive. There has been done ... some serious damage, though."

She looked up; where those tears in her eyes? In Manx' eyes?

"The first bullet went straight through his right palm. There was not much our doctors could do. His hand may look like a hand now, but he will never be able to actually use it again. The second bullet ... completely destroyed his left wrist. This will heal, but the wrist will stay stiff. The same goes for his right knee."

I looked at the others: Omi was crying. He wasn't doing it loudly, he wasn't whimpering or sobbing, but these silent tears expressed more than noisy whining ever could. Yohji was just sitting there, staring at the plastic table in front of him.

I wondered if they knew what this meant. "He won't be able to work for Weiß anymore,"I stated.

Manx nodded. "Right, Aya."