I was in the mood to write an Inuyasha story, so here it is! Though I like stories where Inuyasha and Kagome fall in love, but I'm a major fan of Sesshomaru. I'm sure everyone will agree that he's really hott...even though he's an animated character. If only he was real... sigh... Anyways, on with the story!

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Chapter One

Kagome Higurashi twirled the pencil between her fingers, continuing to stare at the teacher. She couldn't concentrate and she knew the reason why. It's name, Sesshomaru Kegurai-her best friend's older brother and the cause of her teenage fantasies.
Sesshomaru was back in Tokyo, after leaving three years before without much of a notice. She recalled that day, hearing that he left from Inuyasha. She remembered the swirl of emotions she felt that day, realizing that he left without saying good-bye.
"Kagome. Earth to Kagome."
Kagome blinked as a hand waved before her face, interrupting her thoughts. She turned and her gaze came upon an irritated Inuyasha.
"Oh, hi, Inuyasha." Kagome said, staring into his amber eyes.
"If you would pay attention, you would know that the last bell rang, wench." Inuyasha said, anger flashing in his eyes. He didn't take kindly to being ignored.
Kagome instinctively looked around the room, finding that her friend was right. Everyone was gone. She turned her gaze back to Inuyasha. "Oh, sorry. My mind was somewhere else."
"Obviously. Come on. We have a science project to work on. "
Inuyasha turned away and walked out the door, his long, silver hair swaying from the movement. Kagome watched, with fascination, as his hair caressed his back. Shaking her head, getting her out of the trance, she quickly grabbed her bag and followed Inuyasha outside.

"What exactly are we doing?" Inuyasha asked, as they walked into his bedroom.
"I think we're suppose to make a poster on the water, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen cycles and how they interact." Kagome replied, digging out her science book from her bag. (A/N: Does that sound like fun? I had to do that in my science class. Boring...)
"Feh, that shouldn't be hard."
Kagome and Inuyasha worked, trying to figure out how all four cycles interacted. Inuyasha pulled out a piece of poster board and began diagramming what he already knew. Kagome was writing, in letter format, about how each cycle plays a part in one or two other cycles.
"Feh, I give up." Inuyasha said, tearing up the poster, containing multiple scribble lines from his pencil.
"INUYASHA!" Kagome yelled, jumping off the bed, causing her letter to float across the blue carpet.
She walked over to Inuyasha and took the remaining pieces from his hands. She stared at him through narrow eyes, the fire of anger clearly visible in her eyes. His eyes widen, and backed away, hoping not to be hurt.
"Afraid, little brother?" A voice asked from the doorway.
Both turned their gaze from each other, to the door. Kagome gasped as she found herself staring at her lifetime crush. She found that she couldn't turn away. She was fascinated in the changes in Sesshomaru. Nothing physical seemed to have changed. He still had the slim, muscular body when she last saw him. But he looked colder to her. Maybe she was losing her mind.
She heard Inuyasha growl deep in his throat. "What do you want, Sesshomaru?" he asked, clenching his hands into fists.
Many things, Sesshomaru thought, but answered, "Your mother wanted me to tell you and Kagome," He switched his gaze to the teenage girl. "that dinner is ready."
Kagome blushed when Sesshomaru turned to look at her. Her eyes lowered to the floor, remembering how one look from him could make her blush.
"Fine. Now get out." Was Inuyasha's reply.
The corner of Sesshomaru's lips turned up, giving Inuyasha a cold smile. Seconds later, he walked out of the room.
Kagome finally lifted her head to glare at Inuyasha, throwing the poster pieces at his feet. Then she followed Sesshomaru to the dining room, leaving Inuyasha to wonder about her actions.

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