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Second time in one bloody hour that I have been bitten by a plot bunny, I think this will be a quite sad story.


A young woman, only 19, with long red hair that was blowing in the wind, sat watching her 14-month-old son play with his toys on the grass.

She watched as he shivered in the cold October air and decided it was time to take him inside before he got sick again.

"Come on Harry, let's get you inside!" She said and her son looked up at her with his wide emerald eyes.

She wondered how long those would last, over the past 14 months; he had changed from having her hands, nose, eyes and mouth, to having most of his father's looks, except the eyes.

"No!" He plainly stated and went back to playing with his blocks. He also had his father's trait that words wouldn't stop him doing what he wanted.

"Please don't be difficult tonight Harry!" She begged and a familiar voice came from behind her.

"What is he being difficult about tonight?" It said and she turned around.

"First of all, a hello Lily and maybe a kiss would be nice, second, hello Remus, Sirius, Peter and anyone else who could be here, third Hello James, fourth, he won't come inside." Lily said and glanced to her husband, his friends then back to Harry who was now building a tower with his blocks.

"Hello Lily," James said before kissing her, this attracted a whistle from one of the men watching.

"What, are you jealous Padfoot?" James asked and the man let out a bark like laugh, he was tall, about 5 foot, had black long hair, and was muscular.

"Not really," He said and closed his eyes. A moment later, a large black dog was standing in his place. The dog walked over to Harry who giggled and said only one word.

"Snuffles!" Lily laughed as the dog changed back to a man.

"You shouldn't have transformed Sirius,his bedtime story we are reading happens to have a dog named Snuffles in!" She smiled.

"Harry, please can we go inside now?" James asked and Lily knew he had felt her shiver again in his arms.

He looked up again and once again said one word: "Cold!" before wrapping his arms around Sirius's neck.

Sirius picked him up and gave him to James.

As They went inside, Harry was sulking.

"I'll tell you what Harry, you stay here with uncle Peter for a while, we will come back with some fun stuff, and have a big party, how does that sound?" James asked as he looked at his son.

"Party! Party! Party!" Harry laughed and James handed him to Peter, he kissed his son goodbye for the last time before leaving with Lily, Remus and Sirius, having no idea that that would be the worst mistake he would ever make....


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