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Chapter 33: In Snape's office.

For the second time in 5 hours, Harry found himself sitting in Snape's office, Lilac didn't look too happy at the idea either and it was then that the door opened.

Harry saw his mother looking curiously at the jars that lined the shelves high up and the cauldrons that lined the walls and his father looking very tired and annoyed.

They didn't speak but sat down and kept observing the room and occasionally shooting glances at Harry and Lilac.

By now, Lilac looked on the verge of tears. Harry took her hand in his and smiled at her, she smiled back at him and neither seemed to really care if Harry's parents were watching.

Slowly but not awkwardly, they leant forward and kissed on the lips before deepening it.

When they finally pulled apart both avoided looking into anyone's eyes but out the corner of his eye, Harry saw the shock on both of their faces. Having nowhere else to look, he looked back up to Lilac who noticed him and staring and looked up at him with a grin.

Just then, Snape opened the door and walked into the room, stopping suddenly at Lily and looking very panic-stricken.

He regained his cool after a minute. "Hello Evans!"

Lily, who was extremely irritable from her lack of sleep, withdrew her wand and jabbed it into Snape's ribs.

"It's not Evans anymore, stop trying to play up to me and get this over with so we can got to sleep, Snivellous!" She snarled and Snape went and sat down at his desk.

"I'm afraid this may take quite a long time!" He said and Lilac, who was also sleepy, spoke first.

"Then why didn't you organize this for tomorrow?" She said.

"Miss Kales. You are in enough trouble as it is with out your sassy remarks. Unfortunately your parents are muggles and couldn't be called in."

"That's just too bad isn't it, I really wanted them to be here when I got detention!" she replied sarcastically.

"Oh, you are facing at least suspension, not detention Miss Kales, while 'Potter' here faces expulsion."

At this, James woke up properly and spoke." And what has either done to be punished like that?" He snapped.

Snape turned to James "I would rather speak to you two privately about it!" He said and then looked at Harry and Lilac."

"Out, both of you!" He said and both stood up and stepped outside.

Snape put a silencing charm on his door before sitting back down at his desk.

"Damn!' Harry whispered and took his ear away from the door.

He stood up properly and Lilac shrugged.

"Your parents are probably going to come talk to us anyway, you really think we will be expelled?" She asked worriedly as they walked along the corridor.

Harry shook his head. "Nah! Only Dumbledore can expel us, and he wouldn't just for what we did." He said and they walked into a spare classroom, he locked the door.

"But what would happen if we were expelled?"

"I dunno! We get our wands snapped in half." He said and her hand clutched tighter over her wand.

"Personally, if that had to happen and I had it my way." He said moving closer to her. "We would then go to the same muggle school, then eventually graduate and move in together. You go to a muggle college to study or whatever you want to do, I will either study or also get a job. We will then get married and start our own family." He smiled, brushing her hair out her face.

"If you don't count the expelled part, all of that is going to happen!" She replied pulling him close.


"I promise!" she smiled and put one hand on his cheek as she kissed his lips softly.

"Love you!" He whispered, looking into her eyes, which were about 3 centimetres away.

"Love you too!" She murmured back before he kissed her lips again slowly.

"Just hurry up so we can go home!" Lily said to Snape as the children left.

"Ahh, but it's not that easy, Lily!" He said, suddenly calling her b her first name, though James and her didn't seem to notice.

"See, your child, or rather, the children were caught breaking school rules and now, we have to punish them according to the amount they broke."

"Why can't you just give them detention, what happened?" James asked and another voice answered his question.

"I'm afraid, if what Severus has told, he may be right, it is more complicated than that." It said and they spun around to see Dumbledore and Mcgonagall standing at the door."

They came in and sat down and Mcgonagall spoke. "What are the rules broken, Severus?"

"Let's get the children back here first." Dumbledore said and James went to find Harry and Lilac.

He knocked on the door of the classroom and both came out with confused looks on their faces.

"Professor Dumbledore wants you in the office!" James said and while they were walking, Harry and Lilac gave each other worried looks.

They got back to the office and Snape spoke.

"Two counts of being out of bed after hours, one count of disturbing the peace with loud wailing from Potter." Snape said with hatred on the word Potter.

"Three counts of hexing another student. One count of a member of the opposite sex in the girl's dorm "Harry blushed furiously at this.

"Two counts of back chatting a teacher. Five counts of constantly disrupting classes. Three counts of being late. And lastly two counts of intimate contact between students on school grounds."

Dumbledore was speechless for a minute; in fact, everyone was until Mcgonagall spoke "I'm shocked at you two, 19 times rules were broke, I'm sorry, but for being in the girls dorm, I'm going to have to suspend you for a month after the Holidays Harry and take away 50 points from your house!" He said and Harry's heart dropped.

"Lilac will be losing another 50 points from Gryffindor and serving detention for 2 weeks every night with professor Snape after the holidays." She said and left the room with Dumbledore.

Lily and James left, not speaking to Harry or Lilac.

They got to the common room and left to go up to the opposite dorms.

Harry got up to the boys' dorm and Seamus peeped out of his curtains when he came in.

"Where were you?"

"With Snape." He said And Seamus pulled his curtains open more wide.

"Why?" He asked and Harry sighed.

"I got suspended for a month at the end of the holidays for being in the girls dorm." He said and Seamus gasped.


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