Behind the Scenes

A large group of people sat very quietly at a large, oval shaped office table, all taking turns at sitting quietly, glaring at a sworn enemy, or twiddling their thumbs, wondering what in the world they were doing there, and when they were going to be briefed on said matter. One of such people had a large head of spiky, tri-colored hair of black, red, and striking golden bangs. Large purple eyes blinked at his surroundings, every now and again flashing blood red crimson in their depths. Next to him on the right, a tall, lanky blonde sat glaring daggers at a certain brunette two chairs down, bright blue eyes narrowed to a slit. On the left, a tall brunette with a strange haircut sat as well, deep brown eyes starring longingly at the red head next to him. His posture, however, screamed 'guardian henchman,' much like the posture of the blonde figure on the right.

Next to the blonde sat a small child just entering his preteens, deep raven hair falling loftily behind his back. Purple eyes were scanning the room around him in interest. Next to the brunette sat the aforementioned red haired girl, oblivious blue eyes gazing at her surroundings and looking up at the blonde with adoration.

Next to the raven haired child sat a rather tall, rather attractive young man with reddish brown hair and steel blue eyes, glaring daggers back at the blonde haired, blue eyed male. A flash of canines could be seen every now and again. Next to him sat a woman with long blonde hair and bright purple eyes, wearing a shirt that was reminiscent of a corset. She was busy filing her nails, which just so happened to already be pristine. Next to her sat a male with long, corn silk blonde hair, crazed purple eyes, and extremely dark skin. Next to him was an empty chair.

Next to the empty chair was a woman with long, dark hair and quiet purple eyes, also with dark, Egyptian colored skin. Next to her sat a male with a turban on; blue, pupil less eyes starring at nothing in particular. Next to him was a male with long white hair and, even though it might be impossible to imagine, slimy brown eyes.

Next to him sat a young man with bright green eyes and a bandana around his head, and a single die hanging from his left ear. And next to him was…another empty chair.

Next to that empty chair was a male with pure white hair and soft brown eyes. And next to him was a tall girl with short brown hair and big blue eyes. Next to her was the red-haired girl, thus ending the oval of the table.

Suddenly, a door at the back of the room opened up, and out walked a woman with long silver hair, fluffing out behind her in a plume of cloud-like strands. Silvery-blue eyes gazed around the room with a critical eye, a note pad with tiny written scrawl over the visible paper in hand. She seemed even paler than the man with long white hair, as her complexion was possibly whiter than ivory. As she had begun to think; screw vanilla, I've just gone straight to white chocolate.

She walked to one of the empty chairs at one end of the oval, the exact opposite of the male with spiky hair, next to the male with crazed purple eyes. She scanned the list on the note pad in front of her. "All right," she finally spoke up, "where's Hanasaki? I ordered one of him, too."

At that moment, the door burst open, and in walked a boy with short blonde hair and glasses. "I'm here," he spoke up. "I got held up by the Chaos Mage you have guarding your door."

The woman nodded. "Ah, yes…must keep away all of the rabid fans who don't know how to handle delicate goods…"

Everyone in the room collectively looked at each other, wondering if they were going to be safe staying in this room.

"Why would you want Hanasaki, anyway," the male with long white hair questioned her, his sickeningly sweet voice causing none too few at the table to shiver. "He's a lowly little backup character."

"Yes…but backup is always nice. And besides, if I don't order him to begin with, it could be eight to ten business weeks before my next order is fulfilled. And I hate waiting." Now that everyone was in the room, she looked around, assessing everyone she looked at with a critical eye. "Now, let's begin. As most of you already know, the creator Kazuki Takahachi has signed a waver allowing people to do fan fiction online and not get sued, so long as they reap no profits. And since the grand majority of created characters out there have been warped by other authors and authoresses, I decided to put in an order for a fresh batch of casting, previously un-introduced to the world of fan fiction." She gave a ghost of a smile. "Welcome to my realm, and welcome to my rules. My name is Silver Lily and for the meantime, I am your goddess. I make the law, I make the world you live in, and I make all of the emotions you feel running through your veins. When you do happen to get the chance of exercising free will, I suggest you do your best to make me happy."

"Hey, wait a minute. Are you telling me that there are more of us running around?" The blonde male asked incredulously.

"Well of course there are! Honestly! How can one fan fic have both the full-grown character and their chibi version? I ask you! Yugioh Fans Inc. fulfills order after order for character requests. I heard from one author that he accidentally killed Yuugi once, and had to order a new one."

The male with spiky hair directly opposite her flashed crimson in his eyes, suddenly snarling. "That's horrid!"

Silver Lily nodded her head. "I agreed. I sobbed for nearly two days. But then I smiled when his replacement came. But anyway…back to business."

"Hey," the blonde, dusky-skinned male next to her whispered. "How can I get in on all of this power that you have?"

The woman hissed. "Oh, hush up, Malik. You stay silent or it'll be back to the shadow realm for you."

Malik scowled.

"Now," Silver Lily began again. "There are some rules that I want all of you to know, and I'm going to outline your basic role in most to all of my fictions. Bakura," she turned her intent blue eyes over to the boy with soft brown eyes and soft white hair. "Yami no Bakura, you have some new civil liberties that will be granted to you."

Those soft brown eyes suddenly turned a sinister shade of ice blue, his hair suddenly turning wilder. "Indeed," he inquired.

"Indeed," she drawled. "Firstly, you will have the ability to acquire a separate body whenever you so choose."

"What!?" Nearly every person at the table jumped up. "You can't do that!" The blonde male screeched.

"Relax, Jou," Silver Lily replied. "There's also restrictions to go along with his new liberties."

"Damn," Yami no Bakura muttered, crossing his arms.

"First restriction," Silver Lily continued, "is that you cannot hurt Ryou in any fashion. If you do, it will only hurt you. The two of you are linked entirely and completely, so any pain he feels, you feel. Sometimes ten fold."

Bakura winced.

"Plus," she added, "if you don't behave, the Pharaoh has permission to chase your ass into the shadow realm whenever he so chooses."

The male with spiked hair grinned.

"Malik," she stated next. "You have the same liberties and restrictions as Yami no Bakura. Your darker side can manifest whenever he so chooses."

"You can't," the woman with calm purple eyes and long black hair replied vehemently. "We've tried so hard to lock him up!"

Silver Lily waved her hand. "Don't worry. I'll keep a tight hold on him. Yami no Yuugi, the same goes for you with the manifestation into your own body. Except for the fact that you are granted all of your memories of your past self, you have supreme control over the shadow realm, and…all who oppose you shall fall."

"Hey," Yami No Bakura barked. "What happened to his restrictions?"

Silver Lily shrugged. "Well…I like the Bastard!Yami and if he ever hurt Yuugi, it would be death. But I know that won't ever happen, mainly because he'd have to answer to me, so he has supreme power. End of story."

A tall male with red-brown hair snarled viciously. "This isn't right. I won't stand for it!"

"Relax," Silver Lily replied. "You'll also be granted some magical abilities when the mood so hits me. However, we have another subject to discuss. Sexuality. It is a central premise of nearly every good story. And to begin with, we'll start out with Ryou and his beloved yami Bakura."

Addressed dark being snarled in reply. "What?"

"As you are a supporting character, you will not be paired very often, however, when you are, your eternal mate, whether or not you choose to accept it, is Ryou."

Every eye at the table grew wide. The women turned green. The male with long white hair and slimy brown eyes laughed. Jou snickered as silently as he could, and Malik was rolling on the floor with howls of laughter that could have been mistaken for pain.

"I'll kill you," Bakura hissed.

Silver Lily grinned. "Just try it." Her silver blue eyes sparkled with the knowledge that she could flatten him instantly. "Trust me, pumpkin. You'll get used to it." She looked down at her sheet. "Now, Jou. You're a supporting character as well, but you'll have at the most two different people that you're ever paired up with. The first one is Mai," she paused, and the blonde gave a huge cry of joy, pumping a fist in the air. The mentioned blonde woman with purple eyes simply shrugged. "And the second is Seto."

If she thought earlier that Bakura was angry, it was nothing compared with the steam that was now shooting out of the CEO's ears. "Madame authoress," Yuugi asked nervously, "are you sure that's a good idea?"

Seto cracked his fists.

"If Seto knows what's good for his company, his Blue Eyes White Dragons, and his little brother, he does. And don't feel too angry. In one fiction you get to bite and claw Jou, putting many bruise marks all over him."

Jou cracked his knuckles as well. Silver Lily ignored their growing tempers. "Malik," she replied. "You're already in love with yourself, and you'll only ever be paired up with your darker side if he even shows up in a fic, so I shouldn't have any fuss with you."

Malik was still rolling on the floor with laughter.

"Shadi and Isis, you two are only back up characters and support, so you won't ever have any pairs." Two collective sighs of relief.

"Anzu, I must admit, I've never been a large fan of you." Anzu sighed audibly, glad to be in the clear with the whole subject. "You'll only ever show up briefly. Honda, same for you. There's only one fic you ever get paired up in, and that's with Shizuka." Honda suddenly donned a huge grin, but Jou didn't seem too happy about that either.

"Seto, there are two other people that will ever be apart of your love interest/life, and one such person is an original character. You'll meet her later, and her part is highly insignificant. Hence why she's not here. The other is Yuugi, but Yuugi always refuses you."

"Thank God for some miracles," he muttered. "You better not have paired Mokuba with anyone."

Silver Lily scowled. "Heavens, no! Too young! Far too young."

"Hey!" the preteen shot back.

"Pegasus, you too are only a supporting character, and the only one you'll ever find solace with is Cecilia. You'll see her every now and again. I've been informed that she's on back order." Slimy eyes gleamed.

"You know, this isn't even fair. Why does Yuugi get all of the perks, and we get dumped on?" another male who had previously not spoken up inquired.

"Well, Otogi, I'm glad you asked. Oh, and don't worry about yourself. I hardly ever use you in a fiction. But Yami and Yuugi, on the other hand," she snapped her eyes on to Yuugi at the opposite end of the room. "All of my fictions are either centered around or talk a lot about you and your darker side, Yuugi. You two are the main characters. You're pairing is with each other, and even though I don't write lemons, there will be quite a few heated limes."

Many heads around the room boomed with laughter. Yuugi's face turned beat red until his darker side took over, brandishing large canines at Silver Lily. "How about I use that Bastard quality you mentioned earlier?"

The woman smirked, a hint of insanity sparkling in her eyes that made even Malik quiet down. "I'm a very versatile writer, Yami no Yuugi. Comedy, Romance, Drama, and lots and lots of angst." She turned her head to the side very slowly. "You do remember what your own blood tastes like, don't you? Or perhaps you need a subtle reminder?" She raised her hand as if to snap her fingers, and it was clearly visible that the pharaoh was warring with himself whether or not to allow her to continue. "And remember, Yuugi can feel it much more than you if I so choose it to happen."

Yami no Yuugi swallowed, but glared as he sat down without another word.

"Good," she cooed, "now, back on to business." She looked down at her sheet. "If any of you choose to stay for the shooting, I want to do scene 65 of When It's No Longer Cliche. I left Sugoroku out of this little briefing because he too is out on back order. The only people I will need is Yuugi and Yami, so everyone else is free to leave if they want to."

Isis, Shadi, Mai, Anzu, Hanasaki, Shizuka, Mokuba, and Honda stood up immediately. "There's a recreation room down the hall and to the left. And don't even bother trying to escape, either. If you think Malik's darker side is crazy, just wait until you meet mine. He's floating around here somewhere, and he's got a tight hold on the place. Everyone who wishes to watch, Yami, and Yuugi, stage 12 is where we're set up today."

Bakura smirked. "Just those two? Oh, I can imagine. They're going to play suck-y face. I have to be there to watch."

Seto nodded. "And I always thought revenge was a dish best served cold."

Jou patted his friend on the back. "It'll be okay, man. You can take a hot shower to get clean at the end of the day."

The teen sighed. "I'll need it. I think that Yami will, too.


Silver Lily sat behind the camera, making sure that it was centered just right. "All right, places everyone."

Yuugi reluctantly walked over to the closet, sitting down just inside of it. Yami walked over too, bending down in front of him. There were some snickers off to the side, but one glare from Yami hushed them up quickly.

"All right, you two. The better you do to begin with, the less times we have to do retakes. Yami, don't just bend there in front of him, get on him!" More sniggering from somewhere in the shadows off stage.

Yami looked at Yuugi pointedly. "You'll forgive me for this, won't you?"

"Of course!" Yuugi replied. "You'll forgive me, right?"

The dark spirit nodded. Slowly, surely, he settled himself on top of Yuugi, the two of them now entirely on each other on the floor.

"Now remember, you two, no dialogue for now. We'll film that later. Just action for today. Make it steamy. We want the readers to feel this!" The woman snarled when more people began to laugh. "If you don't shut up back there, I'll make you all mute!"

Immediate silence.

"Good. Now, are we all ready? Lights!" Immediately, the lighting over them changed into something a bit softer. "Action!"

Yami looked at Yuugi sadly. "I'm really sorry,"

"I know!"

Yami put a tentative hand on Yuugi's neck, lowering his head almost painfully slowly towards Yuugi's. The authoress began tapping her fingers on her knee expectantly. "Don't make us cry with boredom," Silver Lily warned.

Lips touched. More whispers of laughter started, but stopped since the laughers knew what was best for them. Slowly, surely, the two kissing grew more confident, turning the kiss into something that actually looked enjoyable.

"Good," Silver Lily stated approvingly. "Let's get some tongue action in there, Yami. Play the dominant part."

Yami pulled away a little to begin to taste Yuugi's lips, and just when a little pink was visible Yuugi's hand at the back of Yami's head pushed Yami's mouth closer to his again, now very visibly sparring with him. "Gives a whole new meaning to being tongue tied," someone whispered next to Silver Lily. She had to suppress her own chuckles.

One of the males on the stage moaned.

"Excellent work," Silver Lily said appreciatively. "Great! That's all I needed for now. Some heavier stuff will come later. We'll ease the two of you into this stuff. Great work today guys."

The two on stage were still kissing.

"Yami…Yuugi…we're done now. You can go and get some coffee and donuts if you want in the lounge."

Yuugi arched his back, pushing his hips further into the body on top of him. Yami moaned, easing his hand up Yuugi's shirt, and then down into an unseen area in Yuugi's pants.

"Hmm…right then. How about some alone time, huh?" The authoress jumped off the chair behind of the camera. The little light on top kept flashing, but Silver Lily ignored it.

"Hey," Malik whispered. "Aren't you going to turn that off?"

The woman grinned. "Do you have any idea how much this stuff goes for on Adult Fan Fiction? And besides, I may never post it…but I have my own private collection." She smirked.

Malik was actually left speechless in one of the first times he could ever remember.

Everyone else left the room quickly, leaving the two on stage still there, glued to each other. Silver Lily nudged Bakura in the side. "I knew they'd warm up to it quickly. Just wait until your turn."

The dark spirit snarled. "I look forward to it."


Every head in the over-sized lounge looked up when the door opened, two people stumbling in. Yuugi was attempting to flatten his hair that was in unusual disarray, and Yami had a look that was a cross between smug, satisfied, and sheepish.

"Eh, you two all right?" Jou asked them.

Yuugi blushed.

"Never better," Yami replied.

Anzu looked up at Yami with forlorn eyes, wiping another tear from her face.

Yuugi sat down, and Yami had tried to make a point to sit the next seat over, for the sake of everyone starring, but stumbled and landed on Yuugi when the door to the lounge burst open yet again.

This time, a person entered that they didn't recognize. It was a tall male with light brown skin and long brown hair. Narrowed green eyes looked around at everyone, scanning the room meticulously. The man snarled, revealing a set of canines a vampire could be jealous of. "Has anyone seen my hikari, Silver Lily? Something came for her."

"Yeah, uh, I think she said something about getting sushi," Malik spoke up, hiding the attractive set of knives he found in the kitchen underneath of the couch cushion.

The man scowled. "She'd better not get that damned salmon skin again! I hate that one!" He looked at the couch that Malik was sitting at, and seemed to get angrier. "Don't you take my knives! Those are ivory handles, damn it!" He held out his hand, and the blades flew through the air and back into his grasp. Malik moaned sadly. "And next time," the man warned threateningly, "you'll find one lodged in your leg, and the rest of them cutting all of your hair off!"

Anzu gasped. Yuugi hid behind Yami, and Malik held on to his hair, hoping to protect it in some way.

Green eyes looked back behind him for a moment. "You guys can hold on to these for the moment. I sure as hell don't want them." He shoved two things into the room.

Mai looked up for the first time since Yuugi and Yami walked back into the room as the sound of something small and weak began to cry. "Don' leaf, Jade-kuuun!" Something wailed.

Jade snarled. "Don't you call me kun! That's samma to you!"

Mai and Isis were the first ones to pick up the two chibis that had just been pushed into the room. Jade slammed the door shut.

"Is that me? …Small?" Yuugi looked at the tiny toddlers in the women's arms. "And you, Yami!"

Indeed, two small children of Yami and Yuugi sat in Mai and Isis's arms, sniffling at their harsh treatment from the last person previously in the lounge. "Where did they come from," Yami asked.

"My chibis! They came!" Silver Lily ran into the room, shoved the box of sushi into Ryou's hands, and rushed over to the whimpering toddlers. She plucked chibi Yuugi from Mai's arms, holding him close. "Oh, I can't believe they came so quickly! I wish I were here to get them sooner."

"Your yami was horrible to them," Isis told her.

Silver Lily's eyes darkened. "God, he's such a grump. I'll have to get some sense knocked into him before I let them run around."

"Just what do you need the chibis for," Mai asked curiously.

"Scene twelve of Talks of the Past. Not to mention they're a blast to have around. Have any of you ever had Yuugi chibi eyes turned on you? It's one weapon no one can resist."

"Want to bet," Bakura hissed.

Silver Lily smirked; turning around just enough to let chibi Yuugi's big purple eyes blink up at the white-haired yami.

One blink…two blinks…three blinks…

It was the first time anyone had ever heard the thief coo.

Yami Yuugi laughed harder than he'd ever laughed before.


Next scene: Number eighteen from The Twelve Days of Christmas. Jou and Seto get it on. Ha, ha. And what happens when the world's greatest thief tries to make an escape? Stay tuned for more.