Echoes: A Blue Gender Fan Fic



Silence…so presumably understood by the human mind, yet so far from such in the reaches of cold, dark space. The enveloping shadows and ever present abyss which not even the brightest illumination could penetrate, captured all noise and effortlessly, yet almost ominously, sucked it all into an echoless…silence.

Above…there was nothing. Any human mind that had endured all the trials of the past fourteen years did not even venture to ponder the dynamism of such a massive…absence, such as the outer space that surrounded them unconditionally.

Below; Earth…From such a distance it looked so still and so calm…yet, the pain and feeling of doom left there, forsaken, was so unfathomable and so terrible to even offer a thought to, that most forced themselves to forget those precious memories that had been so viciously raped of their divinity and broken into a dream of darkness and despair.

A way out? Pondered countless times, yet, lately forgotten in the reality of it all…There was none. Earth; the home that they had all taken for granted and now longed for so profoundly…had been ravaged and pillaged of it's once brilliant luster and invaded by a swarm so unlikely…so, impossible; The Blue.

Fourteen years since that fatal accident…a mere biological mistake became, in fourteen years time, the breaking of all civilization on the planet…They were a mutated race; self reproducing, self evolving. Everyday growing stronger, everyday growing more hated and less feared. No one was ever quite sure how they were created…but, so far into their coming, no one cared anymore.

A repulsive race of biologically mutating monsters…they multiplied so quickly, and no matter how quickly they were to die, they would never cease their veracious crusade against humanity…and no one knew why.

But, of course, that mattered little before long…The Blue were uncontrollably. They murdered thousands…millions…billions…without bias. They hewed the so proudly erected urban world that humans had created, and, those that could escape were confined to a depressing barge in space, called Second Earth.

Locke was one of the tortured and deprived civilians that were evacuated so long ago to the bleak future that endless space provided…He was taken from his home at the age of four, leaving behind all memory, all the love of a family and friends, and often he thought and wondered on the stories told by the older evacuees; the stories of home and the old Earth that was now confined to nothing but longing wishes and tales.

But, that past was lost and no one wished to crush their hearts even more by recalling it…so they didn't.

Locke had no life to go back to. Not a friend in the world, and no family to come home to, either. Instead he fell to occupying his time by enrolling in the military academy on Second Earth, and, since the age of thirteen, he had resorted to honing and expanding his abilities and skills in the favor of the military…the most prized and needing of the organizations sanctioned on Second Earth.

And it was then, five years later, on his eighteenth birthday, that Locke was enrolled on his first assignment…

"Here are the grounds…The Alpha and Bravo Tactical Assault Teams are pinned down in Sector 204...that's on the edge of the Sahara Desert…they were originally deployed to set up a defensive perimeter in the area, which houses a sleeper cryogenic facility. Once they had deemed the area clear, the Sleeper Recovery Team was to be sent to evacuate the last sleepers in the area…that was scheduled for two days ago.

We lost contact with the Charlie Tactical Team, which was deployed at the same time in conjunction with the Alpha and Bravo teams, that same day. Since the Charlie Team has gone missing, a swarm of Blue has been inheriting the area, and the other two teams are having a hell of a time keeping them at bay…And, that's where you come in.

Your orders are clear…you are assigned to be placed in the area via aerial drop. You will clear and secure the southern flank, apparently where the Blue have been coming from. Once you have driven out the Blue, you will establish communication with teams Alpha and Bravo…then you will give the go ahead for us to send in the Sleeper Recovery Team.

You will be extracted via drop ship after the sleepers have been evacuated…Move out immediately."

General Warner handed a small envelope to the team leader; Captain Tom Brookshire, then offered a distracted salute, dismissing the small band of soldiers.

Locke was by far the youngest and most underestimated member of the Team, and was known for having his head in the clouds…in fact, he had to struggle to pull himself out of thought of the upcoming mission. Sure, he had mastered all the training courses and simulations that the military had to offer…but, the thrill of actually blowing away the Blue, face to face, was something he could not wait for…no matter how feared they may have been.

"C'mon, kid…" Captain Tom gave the boy a passing nudge as he left the briefing room at the end of the line of soldiers, yawning calmly…almost idly…at the circumstances of the mission. Tom was a worn and versed soldier of the Second Earth army…a few gray hairs accented his crudely shaven jaw, and his bald head wasn't even visible under the old bandana he wore constantly. Few soldiers could amount to Tom, and most either envied him or marveled at him.

Locke was guilty of both.

"Oh…right." Locke rubbed his face to bring himself back to reality, filing in behind the four other members of the Delta Team…This was it.