For the sake of my beloved

By Youkai Youko

A/n: Digimon Fronter belongs to Toe. I only own Korimemon Ok, this is has been a long time I don't write a digimon story. Please, I want to know your opinion about the story, ok?

Azgard, a land where is made of cold, ice and the snow. Its one of the rare places where beast digimon and human didn't fight and one of the safest place from Lucemon's tyranny because its in another realm where the only way to enter it is through from the Midgard portal aka through from the Northern lights

Most of the digimon in there belongs to the water element or ice elment. The snowy lands is ruled by Korimemon- a mega level digimon. Many digimon think she's a goodness of snow and ice because there's rumors that Korimemon has a ice heard because of great power of freezing.

Korimemon loved her people of Azgard but there someone in a special place on Korimemon's heart; and this one was foreigner. Ancient Garurumon was his name.

"So, the final battle finally come." Said Korimemon avoiding to look in Ancient Garurumon

"Yeah, the other Ancient warriors are also ready for the battle. And there's a chance to not come back." Said Ancient Garurumon to Korimemon

Before Ancient Garurumon could say something, Korimemon hugs him as tears were rolling down in her face.

"Its is not fair, why the things could be still peaceful like before Lucemon went nuts?" said Korimemon. Then Ancient Garurumon looked at her eyes.

"I came here to heal my wounds, Korimemon, but my destiny wasn't being loved a digimon. I will be always grateful for your care and for your love. Im alsways wear this ring with your jewel tear, my angel of snow"

"Please, don't leave me."

"We, the ancient warriors, we battle for the sake for the ones we love. I will fight for you, Korimemon and for my digimon in the digital world. Even my body dies, I will return to you as a spirit. See you soon, my Angel of snow." After that, Ancient Garurumon jumped hight, in the direction of the northern lights. Korimemon watched as he disappears in the horizon.

Many years had passed, thought the Azgards kept its peace, in her palace, Korimemon was still waiting for her loved one return. Many digimon suggested to forget about Ancient Garurumon and he wold never return to Azgard. But Korimemon was still keeping her hope to see her loved one. One day, when she was walking in the wood, Korimemon pulled out her diamond made sword and appointed in the direction of the trees.

"Whoever you are, come out! I know you're there." Said Korimemon

To her surprise, come out a human digimon equipped with light blue armor with sort of white bodysuit underneath. His left arm became equipped with a small arm cannon and his face became wolf-like in appearance with a slight human distinction. It was Wolfmon of light.

"I told you my spirit would come back to you." Said Wolfmon as he showed the ring in finger.

"Ancient Garurumon!!" Korimemon run to him and she hugs him.

"I am now Wolfmon, Angel of snow"

Then, the lovers after many centuries being apart, are now together. They were kising under the shine of the northern lights as the wolves digimon were howling.

The End.