Run Away Bride

Chapter 1: In the beginning

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Bulma stood fidgeting in front of a long mirror in a beautiful white gown. She felt like a beautiful woman in the gown. She could remember the times when she tried to change the color of her hair to try to better fit in only to fail epically, but with time she had come to realize the her beauty was in the original look she had. The blue of her hair had served her well, men had always been drawn to her first, seeking her out over the average blonde and brunettes, she called herself a bluenette.

The dress was perfect; it was strapless with a sweet heart neck line and embroidered with diamonds and rubies as was tradition on Vegesi. She had insisted on making Vegeta feel like the prince he was on their wedding day. It fit her all the way to her waist and then flared out slightly giving the dress a mermaid look. The train was approximately four foot long and embroidered to match the bodice of the dress. An attendant came and placed a beautiful custom made diamond and ruby tiara on Bulma's, and then added the comb that held the veil.

As she stood there all the thoughts of the coming days were flooding her head. She should have been stressed, what with all a bride traditionally has to do. However, she hired a wedding planner. David had taken care of everything from the, place settings to the fact that the flower girl was sick and the ring boy was afraid of her! All Bulma needed to tend to was buying Vegeta's ring. "I sure hope he didn't forget to go buy my ring." Bulma thought to herself.

With her final fitting finished, she paid the remaining balance on her perfect dress and asked that it be couriered to her house and only released to Bunny Briefs, her mother. The attendant scurried off to make the necessary arrangements and Bulma went into the lush changing room to get out of her dress and back into her street clothes.

Bulma sauntered out of the high end bridal shop towards her favorite car it was a candy apple red Audi R8. She gracefully got into the amazing sports car and headed to the church to speak with the wedding planner about the different aspects of a multi planetary wedding and to make sure everything looked just like she had always dreamed.

The wedding was going to take place in a beautiful church on the outskirts of town. It was large and grand, just like the ceremony area would be on Vegesi. When you walked in the first thing you noticed were the stained glass windows lining the walls all the way up to the most beautiful window behind an alter. The tricky part of having a wedding for two different planets, and not to mention that the man you were marrying was the prince of said planet, was making sure to fit both cultures in seamlessly.

Bulma walked into the church and stood for several minutes, trying to take it all in. David had adorned the massive altar with a cloth depicting the royal seal of Vegesi in Rubies and Onyx. There were white and red roses arranged on black glass pedestals lining the pews. Also in Vegesian tradition there were candles everywhere.

"David!" Bulma called into the church. A few minutes later he appeared from a hidden door to the left of the altar.

"Bulma, my beautiful bride, how are you this evening?" David cooed

"I'm great. David…this is…amazing."

"Yes, it really was a test to make sure both cultures were adequately represented. Then I've had to deal with the royal parents hassling me every few hours about one more detail they forgot about, and why couldn't the wedding just take place there." He smiled

"Yeah, they can be a trip."

"So this is what I've got. How do you feel about it?"

"It' perfect. Really, really perfect."

"Good, now go get ready you have a rehearsal dinner to look stunning for!" David admonished.

"See you."

Bulma walked out of the church and made her way back home. The short drive gave Bulma a minute to reminisce about the way Vegeta proposed…


Flash back

"Vegeta you are so horrible. This is what I've been talking about! You don't have any right to just go around beating people when they do something you don't like! That waiter was just trying to earn a tip, so why was it necessary to make a scene?"

"Because you are MINE!" Vegeta growled and the air around him began to sizzle with power

"Do not ruin my car!" Bulma seethed

"I see very clearly how things are done on this planet. There is no respect for a man's property and I will not allow some other man to hit on you with me around! What I don't understand is how you can be so angry with me, the prince of ALL saiyans, for protecting your honor?" Vegeta finished with a humph.

"First of all, this is a whole new world baby and I AM NOT your property! Secondly, Vegeta you need to learn to be civilized you aren't on Vegesi anymore. We aren't royalty here, and you will be arrested…well they will try to arrest you anyway and it won't look good on us in the future. I need you to be more reasonable. Please" Bulma pleaded her case very skillfully to Vegeta.

"Whatever. Here take this; it will hopefully deter those ingrates."

Vegeta tossed her a small black box as they pulled up into the driveway.

"What's this?" Bulma asked confused

"Open it." Vegeta answered curtly.

Bulma opened the box and there was a 3 carat onxy and white gold band. The setting was a 3 carat diamond surrounded by small rubies. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever been given. Bulma almost cried until Vegeta had to open up his big huge mouth.

"Oh... Kami dry it up it only an engagement ring. From what I understand that's what earthlings do to signify that a woman is taken to be married."

Bulma knew that was Vegeta's way of being sensitive and slipped the ring on her finger, knowing he wouldn't do it for her.

"I Love you too Vegeta"


End Flash Back

When Bulma finally made it home, she quickly stripped her clothes and made her way into the giant bathroom. She turned the hot water on and let a thick layer of steam coat the room. The sensation of the water running over her muscles relaxed her and she began to hum the song they would have to sing at the wedding, another Vegesi tradition although she wasn't as thrilled with this one as she was the rubies all over her dress. Bulma found herself drifting off to a place of complete relaxation until two arms circled around her.

"Agggghhh" Bulma screeched and began to struggle

"Settle down Woman!" Vegeta purred in her ear

Hearing his voice caused Bulma to immediately stop fighting and lean back into her fiancé.

"How was your day?" She asked him coyly while subtly rubbing her body against his

"Hmmm...It was acceptable." Vegeta murmured while peppering her neck with rough kisses. He moved his hands simultaneously up and down. His left hand massaging her breast with a frenzy, while his right hand made its way down to the apex of her thighs. He worked his fingers in between her tightly closed legs and began his search.

"Vegeta… We can't…aren't supposed to until after." Bulma protested weakly

"We can…stupid Earth tradition…" Vegeta growled and attacked her body more fervently

"Ohhhhhh" Bulma managed when Vegeta found her clit and began to warm his fingers with is KI. He massaged her until her legs were shaking and her mind was reeling with all the possibilities to come.

"Yes, like that woman." Vegeta instructed and began to push his weight on her back causing her to bend over. He continued to touch her as he lined himself up and thrust into her. Bulma stretched her arms out in front of her to steady herself against the wall and Vegeta moved his hands to her hips. The two moved in perfect unison, Vegeta setting a grueling pace and Bulma meeting him thrust for thrust. All too soon Bulma felt herself falling over the edge of an abyss, swirling down into the darkness and then thrust into the perfectly complete white light of an amazing orgasm. Vegeta thrust into her a few more times then released himself into her and the two stand shaking and panting with hot water running down their bodies.

"Hmmm…Hello to you to" Bulma teased and was rewarded with a swat to her ass.

"Yes, Hello Woman." Vegeta said as gruffly as ever. "Now get dressed or we will be late."

"Yes dear." Bulma mumbled under her breath

"I like that you are coming around to my way of thinking." Vegeta responded

Damn super hearing!