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A small child, no older than the age of five, sat outside in the rain waiting for his 'father' to arrive home. He heard a car pull up in the driveway. The small figure didn't even flinch for he knew if he were to move and his father saw he would be severely punished. He heard a crowd of people enter the room. This made the hopes drop for the child. He knew that his father had brought home a prostitute and some friends. 'I'll never get to go inside now.' The small child thought sadly. Then unexpectedly the door slams open.

"Brat!" Yugi didn't move. He knew he wasn't supposed to unless he was given permission. "Get your ass in here!" Yugi quickly got up and entered the room. He could tell his father was drunk. Booze and smoke lingered in the air.

"Hey cutie." A woman said seductively. Yugi shiverd under the gaze of the prostitute. "I'll give you 500yen for him." The woman said looking at my father. His father grins.

Yugi's P.O.V

'What's going on? What is she talking about...for me?' I saw my father grin. 'I hate that grin. It holds greed. That can't be good.'

"Hmmm... You drive a hard bargain but sure." 'Now I'm really confused is he selling me?' Then he turned to me and grinned. No explanation just his greedy grin. I followed her...we went to her house...she held me down...she stripped me...she stole my innocence...ever since that day my father used me for money. Not caring he said he finally found a good use for me. From that day I never talked, never said a word. I became mute hiding the terrible and painful truth. Holding it in...just trying to hold on...

4 years later...

Yugi's P.O.V

'Today is my birthday...I think...I have a hard time remembering anything since that horrible day.' I am dressed in a black, tight leather shirt and pants. My shirt only went half way down my stomach and my pants were down low on my waist. I was wearing a black, also leather, dog collar and on the tag was my new 'name'. Slick was engraved in the golden metal. My father had taken everything from him his childhood, feeling safe, his name, innocence, and much more.

I followed my father into one of the normal clubs. This was just about daily routine for me. I was a prostitute and very popular, on account I was still young. Nine to be exact. My father directed me to a table.

"Lets see who the luck prostitute is today? Do you see anyone you like Slick?" I look around but didn't say a word. "Ya well I like that guy over there. He looks rich." I look at the guy he was pointing to. A big muscular men about 7 feet tall. I swallowed nervously. I saw my father walk over to him and talk to him. The man looks at me. I notice something different in his eyes. 'Something is different about this one...' My thoughts were interrupted when I notice the man and my dad walk over to me. "You ready to go Slick?" I just looked away. "He don't talk just screams and moans. If you know what I mean." My father said while nudging him. Then man took my hand and leads me to his car. I whimper slightly.

"Shhh...calm down. I'm not going to hurt you." The man says gently. "I'm really a cop and I'm going to take you to the police station where you'll be safe." I look up at the man. He notices a little spark in my lifeless eyes. He smiles gently and pats my head. He took off his tight shirt and quickly put on a work shirt and buttons it up. He reaches across me and I tense slightly. He notices. "Hey I'm not going to hurt you I'm just going to put your seat belt on ok?" He was waiting for a response so I relaxed. He took that as a yes and clicked my seat belt on. Then we were off to the station.

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