Maybe Tomorrow

By: Anti Darth Ani

God, Jude Law is just too cute for his own good… I can't stand having him as my wallpaper because then I tend to just stare as it instead of writing or working on my website. I really am hopeless. And he is really hot.

This title and the pool idea was partially from my trip where I spent some time in a community pool, but it's mostly from the picture of Hayden Christensen fully clothed in a pool of a hotel. He really can't help that he's cute either, can he? Didn't think so.

I'm listening to Blur while I write this chapter and I'm not quite sure why. I've got good news and bad news. The good news first: I'm already in the works of writing a Harry Potter fan-fic and I'm starting a The Italian Job one as I type this. The bad news: I'm afraid this is the last chapter of this fan-fic. I reached a huge writer's block and I just thought I'd kill it off quickly inside of putting it through a bunch of misery, so this is it! I hope to do another Without A Trace fan-fic soon, when I get a story idea and when I have the spare time.

Thanks to all of the wonderful reviewers, readers, and fans who have joined me on this little journey. I hope to hear from you and gain your support on my other fan-fics as well.

P.S. Hope the ending doesn't suck. While I was in the middle of writing it, I had the feeling that I was sort of watching the ending of the first Spider-Man. I dunno, maybe that means I'll be writing a sequel someday…

Samantha began to kick frantically, trying to reach the surface, but even though Martin had released her ankle, she just seemed to sink down further instead of rising. The last of her air bubbles left her mouth and Samantha began to kick harder and harder, but to no avail. She believed she had started to cry, although she wasn't sure because any tears she would have mixed with the water.

Oh God I'm gonna die, she thought. And if I don't, I'm going to kill my parents for never teaching me how to swim. While she thought this, Martin realized something serious was wrong with Samantha. He had to swim away from under her and up to avoid her thrashing legs. Once she saw him, she paused for a minute, but then the kicking continued, even harder. Martin grabbed her around the waist and pulled her up to the surface.

The first thing Samantha did was cough. She had swallowed a great deal of water and it was stressing her lungs greatly. She had a death grip around Martin's neck, afraid if she let go she would never breathe in the wonderful oxygen again. Samantha continued to cough as Martin slowly treaded water, moving slightly in the direction of the shallow end of the pool. He stopped when he could touch the bottom of the pool with his head still above the water.

"Sam," He whispered gently, fighting back he worry that something was wrong with her. He tried to get all of her soaking hair out of her face, but under water it had gone everywhere. Samantha didn't answer him, but just tucked her head into his shoulder while he held her close to him. He still wasn't quite sure what had happened to her, but he knew it wasn't anything good.

"I'm going to kill you, Martin," she whispered softly against his neck. Martin tried to suppress his grin, but it was hard. He knew she was serious, but that made it even funnier because he knew she would never do that to him, even thought she may truly want to. "Can we please get out of this death trap now before I drown? Please?" Samantha asked and Martin could detect a hint of fear wavering in her voice.

Martin could hear the phone ringing on the other side of the door. He fumbled with his keys for a moment, but he finally managed to unlock the door. He barely beat his answering machine to the call as he snatched up the door in his hand, "Fitzgerald," he answered breathlessly.

Samantha closed the door after making her way in and leaned against the wall, a towel hugged around her shoulders. She waited until Martin hung up the phone. She was about to go get changed back into her clothes, but the look on Martin's face when he turned around made her freeze in her tracks.

"Martin," she whispered, knowing something was wrong. He seemed to look as her in a different way than he ever had before, which worried her beyond words. She let the towel slide off her shoulders and fall to the ground and she walked closer to him until she was standing only an inch or two away. "Martin, what's wrong?"

He didn't answer for the longest time. Then finally, "Jamie just called," he whispered. Samantha remembered Jamie from the time she had worked a case with Martin in search of his missing aunt. His aunt, she thought, oh God.

Samantha saw tears in the corner of his eyes. Please don't, she begged. Don't say what I think you're going to say. Then she thought, this really can't be happening to him. Not now. "She died last night," Martin told her hoarsely and he didn't have to name who. Samantha already knew he was talking about his aunt.

She pulled him into a hug, her arms around his neck. He slowly wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him, his forehead resting on her shoulder as he let his tears run freely. She kissed the side of his face below his ear and held on to him, knowing he needed her now more than ever. "I'm here for you, Martin, you know that," she reminded him softly.

Now I know how he feels when I don't open up to him and tell him what's really bothering me, Samantha thought, feeling his weakness and her sorrow for him. I've got to start being more honest with him. "I love you, Martin," she whispered softly.

He didn't say anything back, which hurt Samantha for reasons she didn't know. She had always expected to tell that one person, who she was meant to live the rest of her life with, that she loved him and know that he loved her just as much. But as Martin remained silent, she knew there was nothing she could do about it now.

Martin Fitzgerald woke up to a freezing apartment. He shifted uncomfortably in the bed and then realized that the sheet and comforter were all the way at the end of the bed, not even keeping his feet warm. Knowing he wouldn't he able to go back to sleep, Martin slipped out of bed, pulling the sheet and comforter back up for the figure still sleeping in the bed.

"I love you," he whispered as softly as he could, afraid she might wake up and hear he silent confession. He pushed back a few loose strands of her hair, which covered her beautiful face. His fingertips grazed over her cheek until she slightly stirred, causing him to pull his hand away and turn towards the door that led into the hallway.

He made himself a cup of coffee and slid open the balcony door from the living room to look out over the crowded streets of the city. It was even snowing a little, he realized as a few white flakes fell into his hair and onto his shoulders. He sipped his coffee, trying to forget about all of his problems, all of his fears, and all of his doubts. He had learned a lot of them since a week ago when his cousin had called and informed him about his aunt. He was thrown for an even bigger loop when Samantha had admitted that she loved him.

I just can't seem to be able to tell her, he thought to himself. Sure, he could when he knew she was asleep or daydreaming, but when she wanted to really know, when he knew she was wanting for him to tell her, he just couldn't form the words in his mouth. Maybe he was afraid of what it would mean if he told her, the kind of new responsibility that would drop onto his shoulders. With everything else going on, he didn't think he would be able to handle it. At least not today, he assured himself.

Samantha silently watched Martin out on the balcony. Her fingers rested on the sliding glass door, her breath creating a fog on the glass. She wanted to be able to reach out and tell him everything, but she knew she couldn't until he finally told her his true feelings. Until she knew how he felt about her, Samantha couldn't risk getting hurt even further, for she knew she would be a fool if she said she would be fine if he broke things off. Samantha even knew it would most likely break her heart, and she wasn't ready for that to happen again.

Sliding the door open slowly and quietly, Samantha managed to sneak out onto the balcony undetected. She leaned against the railing next to him, forcing herself to stare straight ahead, even when she felt his eyes casting a glance sideways at her. She wanted to let him know that she was comfortable not knowing anything, at least for now.

Martin silently rested his hand on hers, interlocking his fingers with hers. Only then did Samantha allow herself to steal a glance at him. He grinned softly as her, pulling her closer to wrap his arm around her. She was always there for him, he realized as she rested her head against his chest. Samantha wrapped her left arm around him and he slid his left arm around her shoulders, holding her even closer. They stood there in silence, enjoying the moment, neither one of them wanting to break the peaceful quiet. Martin kissed her forehead before resting his against her hair, vowing to himself that he would tell her how he felt, sooner or later.