Black and White: Evil vs. Evil

Note I do not own black and white or nemesis but Paragon is my god. Paragon's description: Long black hair, red armor with black spikes, long claws, and his symbol on his forehead.

Shadow's(the creature)description: A very muscular and mostly evil lion with Paragon's symbol on his chest
A glowing light came from the ground after I sent my creature to get the creed that was in the remains of the dead creature guide. As a vortex opened I heard a familiar voice.

"Ah, Paragon, I have been watching your power grow. You and I are the only ones left. You may have the power of two creeds but it's useless without all three. Come I invite you to my realm for a final battle."

I finally got a glimpse of what Nemesis looked like. He had spiky orange armor with long silver hair and glowing orange eyes with his symbol was on his forehead.

"So you finally decide to show yourself, to bad for your ally," I said. "Leyths was pathetic, I would of killed him anyway," Nemesis said

"Fine then, I will come to do battle with you in your land," I answered.

As nemesis fled back into the portal I immediately supplied the vortex with all the supplies I needed to survive. I fed the vortex with scaffolds capable to build wonders. It took me a while but I managed to get all of my disciples into the vortex. I leashed my creature and took him to the portal, and then Blackie appears.

"This is it boss, once we go through there's know turning back," Blackie replied.

"I know," I said.

I jump through the portal and appear in a new land. As I looked around I heard Nemesis's words: "Welcome my adversary..............Welcome to your destiny ....."

The next chapter will begin the conflict with Nemesis.