Chapter Seven

Judgement Day

I smiled as I lit the poor villagers aflame. I summoned lightning from the sky to strike who ever attempted to move. As Nemesis's refugees froze in place due to fear of being shocked by lightning, Nemesis tried to save them by picking them up and placing them into his village that was protected by the near-invincible shield, I however slew those he missed. There was a small girl, no older than the age of 6, crying for her mother that laid before her nothing more than a burnt carcass that was still smoking from the hellfire that I brought down upon the mortals. Her screams fed my power, the sound was intoxicating to my mind, I however couldn't take the obnoxious screech anymore, I picked her up with my godly hand, and began to squeeze the life out of her tiny body.


Paragon: You know for the embodiment of evil you sure do care about your people…

Nemesis rushed toward me in a attempt to stop my torturing of the little girl, who was still screaming on the top of her tiny lungs. I threw a Megablast straight at him, he fell back and hit the ground. I squeezed the girl tighter, I could hear her ribs cave in and crush her lungs, her scream fell silent. I then ignited her with a fireball, and launched her straight into Nemesis's last village. Apparently the body went through the shield. I grinned and said…

Paragon: Nemesis, you truly are pathetic, I was expecting something more from you.

Nemesis got up and flew up into the air. Apparently he wasn't beaten yet.


When he said that, Megablast's rained down unto my position. I dodged a few of them until one hit me and knocked me to the ground. Nemesis waved some sort of Gesture and before I knew it, fire, lightning, megablasts all fell upon me. I could feel my power drain, however I was not down yet, I am so close to victory. I raised up before he could do anymore damage. I raised my hands to deflect the blasts right back to Nemesis. This caught him off guard and knocked him right out of the sky. I realized that even with my new powers, this couldn't drag on forever, we were both equal in miracle power.

Paragon: Enough!

While nemesis was down, I immediately threw dozens of fireballs toward the protected town. The effort was in vain, for the fire flew off the shield. I can tell that this town had high belief in Nemesis. This pissed me off, for I didn't know how to destroy this shield, and Nemesis would eventually get back up from his fall. I then thought, my creature! I summoned Shadow to the edge of my boundary, I commanded him to help me desecrate the shield. Good thing I taught him many miracles for offensive tactics. He constantly shot off many bolts of lightning as I shot megablasts at the shield. Nemesis shot up from the ground to only see his "almighty" shield slowly fade to nothing.

Nemesis: NO!

In that instant, the shield miraculously exploded, this caused a chain reaction and set the whole town aflame. As the fire spread from abode to abode, Nemesis's power slowly faded, I could see in his orange eyes that for once, he felt the loss of power. This is when it all came full circle. I then summoned a new miracle out of instinct, a large blue circle of fire surrounded the town, the land shook within that circle. The land became molten, as if a eruption were to take place. A massive red pillar of fire flew up into the sky, covering the area of the circle. Nemesis watched in awe as this new miracle ravaged his last village. As the pillar of light disbanded, an explosion, similar to a megablast, only much larger in scale, destroyed anything within the circle. Apparently the force of the circle withstood this blast. What remained of the blast appeared as a cloud…as the shape of a mushroom. I could tell that without this circle to contain the explosion, the whole island could of vaporized. As the cloud and circle of energy disappeared, nothing was left of the village, just a massive crater to where it once was. Nemesis…who was shocked of what I had done, flew toward the volcano near his temple, which was now exposed.

Nemesis: I am…truly impressed Paragon, But I am not beaten yet.

Nemesis's creature walked below it's masters feet.

Paragon: What are you up to?

Nemesis: Like I said I have not be beaten yet. You call that a creature? It's hardly worthy of the name. THIS is a creature, and I will make it the opposite of yours.

Nemesis's pure hearted Gorilla began to chant, the a fog appeared around it, I could see it's body change. It was once a gorilla, but now it was a lion. I was shocked

Paragon: What sorcery is this!

Nemesis: Just a trick I learned when I first combined the three creeds. Now let us rest up and observe whos creature is more dominant. After the outcome is determined, You and I will fight. I had no choice, I had to play by these rules, for Nemesis and I were both tired.

Nemesis: What do you say, my excellent adversary?

Paragon: I guess I have no choice.


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