This story is inspired by aShEs5's the Lonely Veiled one Thank you. I don't own anyone.

Behind the Mask lays Beauty

She was born to the rich, but hidden from the poor, she was hidden from all. She was hidden behind a mask. A lie and a veil. She wore clothes that made her seem fat, pouchy, not filled in the right places, but the wrong places. She had always worn the veil since at birth. She had never left the palace. Her mother hated her, as well as her older sister. They were envious. For some God known reason, you couldn't tell she was their child. You couldn't even tell she was an elf. Her parents had gray-green eyes, as did her sister. Her father, more loving then her mother, and Kagome's favorite, had long white hair, complete with gray beard. He was the King of the East. Her mother, scornful, she much loved Kikyou, Kagome's older sister more than her. She had a scowl always on her face, her hair pitch black and straight. Her sister, face of terror, not so bad looking, but you would find more beauty in a tree, then her. Her hair was pitch black also; she was tall, and very mean and resentful to Kagome. Now Kagome, for some heaven known reason ended up as beautiful as a sunset. Her eyes a deep sky blue. Filled with warmth. No one knew this of course, except her mother, father, and sister. She wasn't even allowed to show her best friend, her wrinkleless, smiling face. Her complexion was clear, and her skins a healthy, creamy, pale. But she was always hidden, hidden from the world. It was all because her father was away so much. She only ever got a semi-good dress, covering her whole body, but still baggy, was when royalty visited. She still always had a veil. The only thing not hidden or modified was her hair. Her hair was a dark brown. It shined like the sun and had waves like the sea. Her mother's and sister's hair was dull and straight. As hard as her mother and servants tried, Kagome's hair was always wavy. But the one thing that made everyone confused was why she had wings. They were often hidden in her saggy clothes. But they were amazing. Her room had a high ceiling where she would fly and sit on the chandlers, crying. Her white, silver lined wings, lowered in shame. If anyone ever saw her like she really was, they would get her confused with a sad, fallen angel.

Her only friend was Sango. Sango was a year older than her. She was allowed outside the walls. But not inside Kagome's veil. She had brown eyes, and long brown hair. She was very kind to Kagome, and one of the King's favorites of the whole village. She was the only one besides her father that thought she wasn't ugly. Rumors went around. Rumors that she was so ugly her parents hid her face. She often cried at night, thinking how everyone thought she was hideous and no one ever bothered to get to know her.

"You sent for me father." Prince Sesshomaru said.

"Yes, I also sent for your brother to." King Inutashio said. A female voice giggled in the distance.

"Please excuse me, father." The king nodded. Sesshomaru had a half-brother named Inuyasha. They were quite different. Sesshomaru was calm, quite; his brother was arrogant and seductive. The only thing they had in common was their father, their white hair, and golden sunned eyes. Sesshomaru was more handsome then Inuyasha, and often attracted more women which was the exact thing he wanted to avoid. Women constantly threw themselves at his feet, claming to love him and would be able to bring him pleasure. He hated how they were all dimwitted, petty, and selfish, wanting only his money or body. Women were not worth it in his mind. His brother was still handsome, but had to flirt and seduce in order to get to the women. He often did flirt with the maids, bedding the ridding of the wenches. That where he was at the moment, with the newest maid. His brother grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to their father, ignoring his protest.

" sons, we will be staying at the Kingdom in the east for as few days. They also have to daughters. Kikyou, the oldest, and Kagome, the youngest. We are soon to go into war with our enemies; the lord of the South and North. The elves will be a great alliance. In order to make an alliance, you Sesshomaru will have to wed one of the daughters. The Queen strongly suggested the eldest one, as to why I have no clue. Their youngest daughter remains hidden by a silver veil. I have heard many a rumor of her being so hideous that she must be hidden as not to scare away anyone. But these are rumors, so I don't know if to believe it. Anyway, we leave tomorrow, so prepare. Tomorrow, they throw a ball at our arrival."


Kagome flew to the floor and covering her wings. She re adjusted her wings before letting the person in. It was her father's fitter.

"I have come to take your measurement my lady, orders from the King." The maid said with her head bowed.

"Go ahead." Kagome replied in a façade of her voice. The girl took her measurements before leaving. 'Poor girl' she thought 'having to hide her face' as the girl left Sango arrived inside of Kagome's room. "Tell me Sango; tell me what it's like on the outside. Outside of the veil, outside of the palace?"

"Well, it great. There's this one boy, he's a major pervert but he really is great. He's kind, and smart, and funny, and wise, and so cute!" Sango said as Kagome listened. She always listened. It's not like she had anything to say, but she did enjoy listened, hearing what it would be like to have something to talk about. It thrilled her. 'One day, I will have something to talk about. One day I will see the outside, the outside of this palace, outside of this lie, outside of this mask.'