- During an aversion of an apocalypse/big bad Xander finds an Egyptian themed temple/shrine/cave and in the center an urn (stasis jar) in which a Tok'ra is held.

- Somehow that Tok'ra is freed and melds with Xander -- how does that affect Xander; how the Scoobies?

- SG-1 somehow get informations about either the jar or the place Xander found or about a human with glowing eyes (though that may be either a vampire or Xander)


- Xander finds also some Goa'uld tech he can use (either already before or only after the melding)

- Xander joins SG-1

- NID tries to grab Xander (or a Slayer/Witch of your choice)

- Xander flirting with Sam Carter (or with Dr Fraiser (Janet) or Cassandra Fraiser, if the timeline fits)

- Xander having a successful relationship

- Xander and O'Neill driving General Hammond close to an heart attack with their quips/tactics/plans

- Willow-babble

- Kinsey dies (or loses his power)


Set during Surprise (Season Two)'

Xander ducked under the demon's swing as he desperately tried to get the creature to follow him instead of the small girl he had been chasing. "Come on big boy you swing like an old- Oof!" He grunted as he dove to the side to avoid another swing. "HEY! Why do you guys always let Buffy finish the witty banter before you try to kill HER." He growled as he scrambled under the large gold coffin the creature had come out of.

Looking around he saw the girl run out towards the exit. "That leaves you and me ugly." He said as he pulled the machete up and glared at the demon. "I guess I get to see if this works on you," Xander said and swallowed audibly as the large creature around the coffin toward him.

While the beast approached, Xander cursed the fact he had decided that he could handle this alone. As he prepared to charge, Xander set himself and mentally the last few weeks flashed before his eyes.

-Two weeks earlier-

Xander stood in the library as he heard Buffy and Angel talking about him. It surprised him that it was Angel that was standing up for him.

"Buffy please just listen, some of the longest lasting hunters have been humans, Van-Helsing was a human, Takada was a human, John Smith was... well he was an ass but he was also one hundred percent human." Angel said as Xander dropped to the floor so he could look through the books at the two.

Buffy whirled and looked at Angel with a glare "I Don't care, Xander and Willow can't fight, and Xander's not even any good at research. I don't want him around anymore."

With a nod Angel let the argument rest as Buffy left, with a sigh he stood and followed the slayer out of the library.

Xander couldn't understand.

He had survived being possessed Twice, he had helped to kill an Assassin and saved Buffy's life, he had survived Witches, Praying Mantis teachers, Evil Internet Demons, invisible girls AND his worst nightmare, clowns. How could she say he didn't know how to fight?

With a scowl and a silent promise to show them what he could do he left the library.

Over the next two weeks Buffy started to argue more and more with Xander as he desperately tried to prove he could fight. The ongoing fight between them had almost been settled when they had prepared a surprise party for Buffy.

He had followed Angel and Buffy when they had left in hopes of making her see he was able to help when he noticed the big creature make off with a girl from the school. Cursing internally he wondered if he should call Buffy and Angel back or go for Kendra, Thinking about it a moment he shrugged and followed the creature. How hard can it be?

That had lead him to his current predicament, dropping under the creature's swing he chopped heavily at its knee as he rolled by. Standing up with a smile he turned and the world exploded as the demon landed a heavy punch on his jaw and sent him over the coffin.

He groaned as he landed on a group of the pots, Most of them shattering under his weight and more scattering about the Cave floor. Opening his eyes Xander saw the huge Demon moving towards him with murder in its eyes, groaning again he forced himself to his knee's as the shards of pottery cut into him, he distantly felt the warm trickle of blood down his back where the pots had sliced up his back. "This was my favorite shirt." He grated out as the creature slowly flexed its fist, Xander finally noticed the long claws on each finger.

Waiting until the Demon reached for him Xander brought the Machete up and brought it down in a heavy overhand swing, He smiled as the creature roared in pain or fury as its thumb fell to the floor leaving a thick bluish blood dripping from where the appendage had been. Not wanting to lose the advantage he had, Xander lunged forward with a heavy downward slash that opened the Demon from just under the ribcage to just above the pelvic bone.

Preparing again Xander took a step back to get momentum when the creature backhanded him across the room, Slamming into the largest pot he heard something in his arm crack as he dropped to the floor amidst the clattering of the pot as it tipped and spilled it's contents on the ground.

Xander failed to notice the weird snakelike creature as it pulled itself out of the pot and watched the two combatants with interest.

He was beginning to feel the effects of the blood loss as the Creature picked up a long staff and began to close in on him, dropping under the clumsy swing Xander rolled back and picked up the machete again. The next swing caught him on the leg and dropped him to the ground.

Rolling to avoid the strikes, Xander winced as the stone and pottery cut his clothes and flesh in multiple places. Finally getting back to his feet Xander jumped over another low swing before lunging at the large creature with a heavy stab.

As the demon's eyes widened as Xander's stab caught in between the leather skin and sunk into its neck. Dropping the staff, the creature grabbed Xander's neck and slowly started to squeeze the life out of him.

Xander was getting tunnel vision quickly so he forced the blade deeper into the creature's neck before finally blacking out.

The snake watched the boy go limp as the Unas collapsed in a lifeless heap, thinking about it's odds it moved over and quietly entered the boys mouth, No one was around to see Xander's eyes flare open and glow before he forced the dead corpse away and stiffly sat itself in the coffin.


Xander sat up quickly and looked around the cave in confusion, the glowing light from the coffin illuminated the small room he was in.

Looking down he shuddered as he looked at the shredded shirt he had on.

Getting out of the coffin Xander looked around and shuddered again as he saw the dead body of the demon.

Unas. The word echoed through his mind as Xander spun around in search of the voice. "Who said that? Show yourself." He ordered as he looked through the empty cave.

I would if I could but... you don't have a mirror. The voice stated as Xander spun around again.

"Where are you? Who are you?" He asked confused as he finally noticed the light touch in the back of his mind.

I am inside you, which answers the first part. The second part is slightly more complicated. Xander could almost swear he heard it sigh as it answered. From what I can tell of your mind I am what you would primitively call a Demon' or possession. It answered as Xander sat down again.

"Well great... third times the charm right." He muttered as he tried to think it through. "So you told me What' you are but not Who' you are... how about you answer that one."

Again Xander could hear the voice sigh before it continued I am a Tok'ra. I was Prime Weapons Engineer for Ra himself before I decided to mend the error of my ways. My name is Yerin. The voice stated before Xander doubled up in pain. And if you continue the thought about what bodily fluid it rhymes with I will harm you. The voice grated out as the pain subsided.

"Okay, how do I get you out?" Xander asked.

Simply put... you can't, But if we can get to the Chappa'ai so I can return to my people, they may be able to remove me from your body safely Yerin said as Xander closed his eyes and sighed.

"Where?" he said before a word caught his attention. "And what the hell is a Chap an eye?" he asked.

You do not know the Chappa'ai? Then... where are the system lords? Where is Ra? Yerin asked as Xander just sat in confusion.

"Okay one more time... this time with smaller words please?" Xander asked.

Yerin was confused now and decided to take a rather drastic step. Please forgive me, this may cause some discomfort, he said before searching quickly through Xander's mind for the answers he needed.

Xander closed his eyes as the headache overwhelmed him for a second before it was gone. "What the HELL was that?" Xander growled in confusion as the headache vanished as quickly as it came.

Yerin's response was laced with shock as he tried to imagine how it happened. They're gone, the System lords, Ra, the Goa'uld themselves... are all gone.

Xander sighed as he ran his hands through his hair. This is gonna take a loooong time to get used to,he thought before he felt Yerin's silent agreement.