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Raven closed her eyes so she could forget about what had happened earlier that day. In her mind she wouldn't have to think about it or relive it any more then she had to. She began her normal chant.

            Azarath, metrion, zinthos. Azarath, metrion, zinthos.

            The room grew even quieter as her words echoed throughout.

            Azarath, metrion, zinthos. Azarath, metrion, zinthos.

            The floor beneath her gradually melted away and her body unwound from the tense state it had been. A wind started blowing her deep blue cape and short deep purple hair away from her face. The gem on her brow chakra felt warm as it started to glow red.

            A thought hit her. How could the wind be blowing if she was indoors in her room meditating? She quickly opened her eyes and dark hit her eyes with such an intensity it was almost as if it were the brightest light. Raven became aware that she was upside down, and as soon as she did, she started falling down into open space.

            "Azarath, metrion, zinthos!" she shouted, in an attempt to fly. "My… powers! Aren't working?"

            She could not fly or levitate to save herself, and as she kept falling, she wondered what it would feel like when she finally hit the ground. She didn't find out.

            "Raven!" a voice said right as she landed on the back of a dinosaur. A big, flying, green dinosaur.

            "Beast boy? Where are we?" Raven asked while rubbing her head, as if trying to look confused.

            He didn't answer until they finally found ground. He landed gracefully, and transformed back into his normal green self, but not before letting out a ferocious shriek. He shook his head violently a couple times, as if shaking water out of his ears.

            "I should be asking you that same question! I just woke up and the Tower was gone!"

            Beast Boy noticed his almost fearless friend shaking underneath her hood. He walked closer to her and pulled it down. He looked straight into her eyes and Raven's knees went weak.

            "Don't worry. There's nothing to be afraid of."

            "I am not afraid."

            He pointed his finger at her, almost as if he was scolding her.

            "Ah ah ah, remember the last time you didn't admit you were scared?"

            Raven didn't say anything. She remembered it all too well, but wasn't going to give Beast Boy the satisfaction of knowing that embarrassed her. So she pulled her hood up.

            She looked around. They were on a large island that seemed to be in the middle of space. Different colored stars were burning all around them, the brightest ones glowing a red. They looked so close she could almost touch them.

            "Look Raven. I can touch the stars!" Beast Boy beat her to it. He had pulled down one of the red stars in the sky and brought it down. He handed it to her. "I give thee, milady, a gift to show my undying affection for you."

            Excuse me? He has got to be joking. Sure enough though… Beast Boy drew closer and closer to her, until he was inches away from her face. He drew down her hood once more and leaned closer.

            "Did you ever think, love is an emotion you don't have to hide from?"

            He kissed her. Or rather… he was kissing her. He brought his arms around her and on to the back of her head, stroking her hair. Once Raven was over the shock of the moment, she actually started enjoying his kiss and found herself kissing him back. Of course, Newton's law noted that was possible before she even tried to.

            Nothing exploded. No one died. Maybe she could express love?

            Maybe not.

            She opened her eyes and noticed Beast Boy's green skin start to bubble, and his jump suit started to melt away revealing… nothing. His entire body was gone, only his head remained, still bubbling and growing hotter and hotter with the more passion she felt inside her. She pulled away from him and saw his skin melting away into the ground. She screamed.

            The other Titans rushed to her aid, and surrounded her in a circle. She stumbled backwards from the Beast Boy puddle, and tripped. Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg all started melting away too. They joined with the Beast Boy puddle and started bubbling again.

            She pushed her way on the ground backwards trying to get away faster, but the puddle was forming into something, something big, something terrifying, faster and faster. It was not quadruple the size of her. It glowed with a red cacoon, and soon… the cacoon cracked, about to reveal its true form.

            Raven screamed again, louder this time.


            Raven awoke in a sweat still screaming. She looked around and realized she was in her own bed, in her own room. That what she had seen was a dream. Or a nightmare. Of course a nightmare. Actually enjoying a kiss from Beast Boy definitely told her it was a nightmare.

            An eerie feeling still lingered in her room. It wasn't the first time she had had this dream. Each night for the past week, she had the dream. It became longer and longer with the night, showing her more and more. Was this actually a premonition?

            No. Of course not. Raven thought to herself. Me, with Beast Boy. I'd rather eat his awful tofu then ever…

            She didn't need to finish her thought, it had worked itself fine enough unfinished. She rolled over onto her side and pulled on her blankets. She closed her eyes again getting ready for a couple more hours of sleep.

            Just as she was starting to drift to sleep, she felt someone tug on the end of her blankets and footsteps running in the hall. If she had not been so sleepy, she would have looked down below her bed, but she did not. She looked toward her door and watched it open. Bright light filled the room as a silhouette came into view. It bolted into her room and reached out a hand toward her.


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