Cause and Effect

Raven lay on her bed in her room, huddled under her blankets, reminiscing about the past. So much had happened, and so much should have happened. She was able to use her powers again, but they weren't as powerful as they had once been. She had to concentrate even more than normal to unleash her energy. Raven didn't mind too much though, it was nice change that had taken over for once.

Starfire, Cyborg, and Robin had come home a couple days ago to find Raven and Beast Boy asleep in each other's arms in her room. Since then, she had avoided everyone, afraid to hear what they wanted to say to her; whether it be about her father or about Beast Boy. She let out a sigh thinking about Beast Boy. What she felt for him went against everything that she had ever been taught. How could she let go of all those years of teachings and obeying? How could she let go of the feelings she had as if they were nothing?

She pulled her blanket up over her head blushing at the thought of the green boy. She tried to calm down her emotions, and succeeded in concealing them enough to wear only her blanket exploded, but it did so creating little red and pink fireworks that seemed to take on the shapes of hearts. Raven reached out to touch them but they were gone as soon as she had tried to.

Three knocks were heard on her door followed by silence on both sides of the doors. Raven wanted them to just go away and leave her alone. Three more impatient knocks followed.

"Raven?" It was Beast Boy's voice. "Raven, I know you're in there, you haven't come out in two days! What are you hiding from?"

Raven stood up from her bed, only wearing her leotard. She walked slowly to her door and ran her hand along the thick metal separating the two of them. She leaned closer to the door and put her ear against it, just so she could hear his voice better.

"It's okay, really, it is. All of, we know the whole truth now. Please come out. I miss you."

Raven did not open the door, but instead pressed her body towards it and tried to speak.

"I… I…"

She at last opened the door, picking herself off of it. She looked at the boy who had so captured her heart, and made her feel things she was never meant to feel. The two teenagers just looked into each others eyes for a while, before Raven flung herself into Beast Boy arms, causing them both to fall to the ground. He wrapped his arms around the girl, and dragged them both to lean against the wall.

She looked up at him.

"No… this will never work, we can't…"

Beast Boy put his finger to her lips to quiet her.

"Yes we can, and we'll make it work."

A single tear fell from Raven's eye that Beast Boy wiped away. They looked into each other's eyes again, but Raven looked down at the ground, blushing from the surging feelings, and trying to keep her emotions in line. Beast Boy used his hand very gently to lift her chin up so she was looking up at him. He leaned forward to kiss one of his closest friends and she did too. Their lips touched, then parted, their tongues dancing with each other and having an amazing time that they had never thought possible.

Raven heard more of the tiny exploding sound. She couldn't see them, but more of the little heart fireworks were exploding from the light bulbs that lit up the hallway. The hallway became dim, lit only by the amazing fireworks that Raven and Beast Boy were making.

The other three titans walked into the hallway and watched in amazement at their two kissing friends, as if they were watching a romantic movie. Robin grabbed the hand of Starfire and pulled her into an embrace. Cyborg stood standing still, his expression showing a goofy smile, and his eyes revealing something of a 'finally' expression.

The fireworks continued into the night, as Raven and Beast Boy learned to accept each other's differences and love them more for it.

"Beast Boy… I love you so much."

"I love you too, Raven."

Love is an ocean of emotions entirely surrounded by expenses. - Lord Dewar


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Beast Boy walked straight up to Raven and made faces at her.

"Hellooo!? Why don't you ever notice me?"

He tapped the red gem on her ajna chakra and was instantly sucked up in a vortex of purple light.