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He nagged his mother to get her attention, "Guu, look, look, look!" He pointed over the parade.

"Hai, hai, what do you want me to loo-" She froze when she saw something unexpected, "Oh my god…" She covered her mouth.

Chapter 31-What's happening?

It was late afternoon; Sasuke felt the warm sun coming through the window in his room as it hit his face. He had not yet opened his eyes.

"Ah, my headache!" Sasuke massaged his forehead as a throbbing head-ache emerged in his head, lying on his bed, "What the hell happened to me?" He twitched his brows in annoyance to the pain,"God damn it, I don't remember anything!" He hit beside his bed.


"Huh? Did I hear 'Ow'? Must be my imagination…" Sasuke slowly opened his eyes; saw something big that was cover inside the dark blue blanket.

"What the?" Sasuke narrowed his eyes to take a quick look at big thing once again, "What the heck is this?" He gradually lifts the blanket up.

His eyes were widened and screamed loudly, "AHHH!" Sasuke fell out from his bed when he realized what was that thing was.

The 'thing' covered in blanket was Naruto! As soon as Sasuke had screamed, Naruto woke up.

"AHHH!" Naruto screamed after seeing Sasuke, quickly got off of the bed as well.

They both stared at each other, confusedly. They soon realized that they weren't wearing any clothes expect their boxers.

"What the hell are you doing in my room!?" Sasuke yelled angrily when he stood up.

"How am I supposed to know!? I don't even know how I got into your room!" Naruto was still confused on the current situation.


"W-we didn't do anything, right?" Naruto gulped.

"Uh yeah…" Sasuke answered back as he sat on the bed, "Oh god…I hope so!" He put his hands up to pray, hoping that nothing happen between them last night.

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"What happened to us?" Naruto asked.

"I don't know…I don't remember anything…"

"Me either! All I remember that we were at the festival!"

"Yeah…and then we went to get a drink for Sakura where that idiot Kyo selling …after that, I don't remember…" Sasuke was rubbing his raven hair, trying to remember what happen after that.


"GOD DAMN IT! Why can't we remember anything!? Did something happen to us last night?" Naruto was getting frustrated and rubbing his blonde hair, crazily.

"Yes, something did happen to you guys." A voice answered.

Sasuke and Naruto looked at the person. It was Sakura. She stood beside the door while holding Kakashi around her arms. Kakashi was playing his rattle toy, giggling. Behind her was Kyo who was giving them a 'hi' wave to them.

"Sakura-chan! What do you mean by that? What happened to us?" Naruto wanted to know what happened to them last night.

They walked towards them, "What happened to you guys yesterday? You were so crazy at the parade!" Kyo asked.

"We were at the parade?" Sasuke and Naruto asked at same times, who were quite confused.

Kyo began to laugh while Sakura giggled out loud.

"What? What? What happened?" Naruto asked in confused.

Sasuke stayed quiet, but he was confused as well. He doesn't understand what they are laughing about.

"I don't know to explain this, but all I can tell you that," Kyo was spilling it out between his laughs, "you guys were so wild!" He laughed harder.

"We were wild?" Naruto and Sasuke had confused expression looks on their faces.

"What exactly do you mean 'wild'?" Naruto asked since he doesn't understand what they meant by that.

Kyo was about to say something, but he couldn't since he can't stop laughing about them.

"What the hell do you mean by that!?" Sasuke was starting to get annoyed and pissed at same time.

"Don't worry, you two!" Sakura finally spoke, stopped laughing. She wiped her tears off her eyes with her palm hand, "I got the videotape will explain everything!" She giggled.

"What videotape?" Sasuke raised his eyebrow.

Sakura put Kakashi down and Kakashi sat on the floor, playing his rattle. She took out the tape from her purse that she carried.

"Oh, I got this videotape from Gai-sensei! He had a cam recorder and he was recording the video last night at the parade. I asked him to lend it to me! And He did! So, you guys are going to watch it right now! This is what happened last night." She pushed the videotape inside the VCR and pushed 'play' button.

-Last night-

In the beginning, Gai took video camera out from his bag and began to record it when the parade had started.

The parade was marching the road while the dancers and entertainers, showing everyone a good times. All the villagers include the Third Hokage and all of the shinobi were here to watch the parade. They were having good times until the music stops.

"What's going on?" One of the villagers asked.

"Is the parade is over?" A man asked other people.

"No way! It's barely starts!"

"Mommy, why did they stop the music?" The little boy asked, holding his mother's hand.

"I have no idea, honey!" A mother doesn't know what's going on either.

"What is going on?" The third Hokage asked, one of the Jounin.

"We have no idea, Hokage-sama, but we will go and find out!" The Jounin said.

Sakura was next to near Gai, she was still searching for Naruto and Sasuke, "Where is Sasuke-kun and Naruto?" She looked around.

"Guu, Mama, Onee-chan, Obaasan!" Baby Kakashi shouted loudly.

Kakashi nagged his mother to get her attention, "Guu, look, look, look!" He pointed over the parade.

"Hai, hai, what do you want me to loo-" She froze when she saw something unexpected, "Oh my god…" She covered her mouth.

There were two figures running around the parade. One was a long blonde haired girl that was dressed in fairy and other was short raven haired girl was dressed in pink tutu.

"It's Naruto and Sasuke-kun!" Sakura's jaw dropped, "What are they doing?! And more importantly, what's with that outfit?!"

"Who are they?" Lee asked.

"I have no idea, but they're one crazy people!" Kiba laughed at them, the way they dressed.

"I-it must b-be some w-weird people w-who wanted t-to ruined t-the parade!" Hinata thought and worried that they might be dangerous people.

"Yeah, that can be true, but look at how they dressed! Who would want to dress like that?" Tenten laughed.

"I've for sure that I wouldn't." Neji said, "Whoever they are, they are bunch of idiots…"

"Haha, they dressed silly! I can't stop laughing!" Anko laughed out loud, slapping her boyfriend Genma which gave him painful slap.

"They do look familiar." Shikamaru said to himself, "But it's troublesome to think now."

"I can't believe they don't know who they are…I guess it's because they got some make up and wig on. Maybe that's why they don't know them." Sakura thought, sighing.

The blonde boy was running and jumping around.

"Look at me! I'm fairy and I'm flying!" Naruto jumped several times as his arms flapping like birds.

The villagers were laughing at Naruto's silliness. Sasuke was dancing around like ballet.

Sasuke got near one of the genin, "You there! Wanna dance with me?" He asked a boy with thick eyebrows.

Lee looked around, then he realized that he was asking him, "W-what? Me?" He pointed himself.

"Yes, you! Let's dance together!" Sasuke stuck his hand out, asking him to dance.

"N-no, I don'-whoa!" Without waiting his answer, Sasuke pulled Lee and started dancing in ballet style.

"Oh my god! I can't believe what I'm seeing!I never thought they'll be like this!" Sakura giggled herself.

"Guu, Guu, Obaasan, Onee-chan, hehe!" Baby Kakashi giggled, cheering his grandma and sister.

The people started to laugh even harder than before. Watching two people dancing and fooling around are giving them a great time.

Naruto did a back flapped and landed in front of Hinata, "Hi there!" He greeted.

"U-m…h-hello." Hinata was surprised when Naruto was so close to her face.

"Hey, guess what?" Naruto whispered her ear.

"U-um…w-what?" She asked, shyly.

"I love you!!!" Naruto grabbed her face and kissed her.

Hinata's eye were widen, "OH MY GOD! I got kissed by a girl!" She stood there in shock.

Neji saw the scene, he quickly separate them, "Hey, get your hands off from Hinata-sama! Or else I'll-"

"I love you too!!!" Naruto pulled Neji's collar and kissed him.

Tenten's jaw dropped and was in shock to see her boyfriend got kissed by a girl. Of course, she doesn't know that Neji got kissed by a guy.

This time, Neji is even more in stun, "AAAAAHHHH! GET OFF OF ME!" He pushed Naruto and he fell down.

Naruto got up and continued to dance away.

"AAAAHHHHHH!!!" Neji ran.

"Hey Neji, where are you going?!" Gai yelled, watching Neji ran, however he didn't answer him.

"I can't believe what's happening! I got kissed by a girl and Tenten saw everything! I'm ashamed and can't stand looking at her right now!" Neji thought frustrated.

"I c-can't believe i-it…I g-got kissed b-by a g-girl…its m-b-my first k-kiss!" Hinata repeated herself, disbelieving.

Sakura shook her head in embarrassed, "I don't believe this…"

-End of the tape—

"And that's how it happened." Sakura grinned at her teammate.

Naruto and Sasuke were speechless. They couldn't believe what they just saw on the tape.

"Oh my god! I can't believe I did that!" Naruto was surprised.

Sasuke stayed quiet and he didn't want to say anything since he was embarrassed.

"Tell me, it didn't happen! Wait! I know it's all a dream, right?" Naruto asked.

No one said anything.

"Right?" He asked again.

Kyo placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder, "No…it's no dream. It's reality." He smiled.

"Noooo….no way!" Naruto couldn't believe it.

"Oohhhh yes way!"


"I can't believe I was dancing with that idiot…" Sasuke covered his face with his hands, humiliated.

"But wait! One thing didn't clear everything." Naruto stopped hitting his head.

"What is it?" Sakura asked.

"How come, we don't remember any of that?"

"Oh, I can explain that. This is how it happened." Kyo began explaining everything

-30 minutes later—

"And that's how it happened. I'm truly sorry." The sliver haired man smiled, hoping them that they would forgive him.


"So, it was your fault that we turned out like that last night!" Naruto pointed at Kyo, angrily.

"Um…yeah. Like I said, I'm sorry. I think I should go!" Kyo hurriedly ran out of the room.

"You are so dead!" Naruto chased after him.

"I'm going to kill you!" Sasuke yelled heatedly and followed along.

"Oh dear, I knew it's going to turn out like this." Sakura sighed, picking up Kakashi and held him.

"Hello? Anybody home? It's the delivery from Ichiraku ramen shop!" A woman shouted from the living room.

"Hai, I'll coming!" Sakura walked out from the room with Kakashi.


Sakura placed the four bowls of ramen on the table while Kakashi sat on the chair, bouncing.

"Good thing, it came on time. Now, let's see, one bowl of pork, other is chicken, beef, and lastly is-hey! They got us the wrong one!" Sakura picked up a bowl of ramen.

Last one was supposed to be a shrimp but instead of shrimp, it was eggplant, "What am I going to do? I guess I'll call them and tell them to replace it." She put the bowl down and walked out the kitchen to make a phone call.

While Kakashi was alone, "Guu, Guu, Guu?" He noticed the eggplant.

He climbed on the table and crawled over there. He stared at it, "Guu, Guu, Guu?" he picked up the eggplant, he smashed it with his hands, and then ate it.

"Guu, Guu, Guu!" Baby Kakashi said, cheerfully and began to eat more.

A minute later, Sakura came back from the calling Ichiraku ramen, "Great…now we have to wait another 20 minutes until it gets here. I can't believe the-huh? Hey, who ate the eggplant?" She noticed the eggplant was missing on the bowl.

Sakura looked around and followed Kakashi was lying on the table.

"WAAAAHHHHH!!!" Baby Kakashi cried while wrapping his stomach around with his hands.

"Oh my god! What's wrong? Are you okay, Sensei?" Sakura lifted Kakashi up and embraced him.

She patted his back to make him stop crying, however it didn't work.

"WAAAAHHHHHH!!!" He cried louder.

"Oh no, don't tell me you ate-ohhh! Your stomach must be hurting! We gotta take you to the hospital!" Sakura rushed and called, "Naruto! Sasuke! Kyo!"

"What, Sakura-chan? Can you see we're busy!" Naruto was choking Kyo while Sasuke was ready to punch Kyo on his stomach.

"We gotta go to the hospital! Sensei isn't feeling well!"

"WHAT?! SENSEI IS NOT FEELING WELL! We gotta get going!" Naruto released Kyo from his choke.

Kyo was catching his air from the choking.

"…I'll deal with you later…" Sasuke mumbled.

The team 7 and Kyo went to the hospital to see a doctor.


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