After Hyperspace A/N: This one starts right after Hyperspace II.

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"Everyone get down!"...

Just when they thought everything was lost the tulip and her crew blasted out of hyperspace.

"Car. Where are we?" Percy asked the AI program.

"I do believe we are two days travel from Mars IO."

"Do we have enough fuel to get there." Marcus asked.

"Yes we do." Carvagio responded.

Rudalpho straightened his shirt. "Than I guess I can have that drink now." He stated blankly and left the room.

"Wait for me." Percy said hurrying after him.

Marcus who was still staring out the window suddenly realized that he was standing between two people who were staring at each other intently. "Ok." He said uncomfortably. "Doctor. I'll show you to your quarters." He and the Doctor left the room leaving Travis and Callie, still staring at each other.

"Travis." Callie said. "You're staring again." She looked away from his probing eyes. "It's making me uncomfortable."

"I'm sorry." He said looking away. "I didn't mean... I...You were... We need to talk." He looked back at her. He was so glad to have her back even if it meant he might never find his father. Callie was worth it.

"We are talking." She said sarcastically. "What's up with you. Lately you've been... weird."

"We need to talk somewhere more private." He said leaving the room and heading for his quarters. Callie gave him a questioning look and followed.

"Car. Privacy mode please." Travis said as the door to his quarters closed behind him and Callie.

"Ok Travis. What is this all about." She looked pissed. "What's up."

"Your never gonna believe this," He said. "But you died."

"What?" She said reaching over to feel his forehead. "Do you feel alright?" She was confused how could she have died. She was standing there and she didn't remember her death. "Because I think I might remember something important like that."

"You don't remember because I went back and changed it." He said. Callie was right he did sound crazy. "When you and I went to get the Doctor. You got shot."

"No I didn't." She said stubbornly.

"I know you didn't this time but You did before. Then later on there must have been some kind of programming in the shot or something because your heart disintegrated." He choked on his words and swallowed hard. "I watched you die Callie." He paused for a moment before continuing. "Marcus and I got back the doctor and she helped us get to hyperspace."

"We went back to find Danté. I know. "Callie interrupted.

"No. Not in my reality." Travis said. "By activating the second gene I was able to go back in time and stop you from getting shot."

"How did you activate the second gene?" She asked.

"I had to learn to control my emotions." He said. "The Doctor helped me by showing me memories and she let me talk to you even though you were dead."

"Really? What did I say?" Callie sat down on Travis's bed. She was dumbstruck she knew somehow that he was telling the truth, but it still sounded as if he had fallen and hit his head to hard.

"You asked me to fight for you, but first you..." He looked at her. He couldn't believe that he was telling her this. "A little while ago you told me something about yourself and you wanted to know more about me. Well there is something I would like to tell you and it will either be obvious or I'm making a complete fool of my self." He sat down next to her. "You asked me if I loved you and I said yes."

There was an uncomfortable silence and Callie started. "I don-"Travis put a finger over her mouth.

"Shhh." He said. "You don't have to say anything." TBC...