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"Fine but it'll have to be a short break." She followed him out of engineering.

When their break was finished they were checking COM's and Percy pressed a few buttons on her PDA.

"That should just about do it." Percy said when she finished.

"That it should." Marcus said as Percy started putting her tools and gadgets back into her bag. He was leaning against the wall next to her. "You did a great job."

"So did you." Percy said.

"But you did most off it." Marcus argued.

"No I didn't." She shot back.

"Um… Yes you did, you always do." He said starting to take an angry tone.

"What are you talking about. Why do you have to make everything into an argument." She shook her head.

"No I don't." He protested. They were both yelling now.

"Yes you do." She glared at him. "God. If I knew coming back would mean I just end up spending all my time fighting with you. I wouldn't have co-

Just then the ship shook sending Percy up against the wall, hitting her head hard. The shaking stopped and Percy stood up putting her hand to her head. There was a little bit of blood where she had hit it.

"Are you OK Percy." He asked concerned. He instantly forgot the argument they were in the middle of. Marcus reached out to touch her head where it was bleeding.

She pushed his hand away "I'm fine really." She looked at him with an icy glare. "Car what is going on?"

"It seems to me that an electromagnetic pulse of some sort has hit us." The AI responded in his usual official tone.

"Ok we're on our way to the bridge. Where are Travis and Callie?" Marcus asked as he and Percy headed to the Bridge. On the way there, the ship shook again sending them both sprawling to the ground.

"Travis and Callie are not aboard the Tulip at the moment." Caravadgeio answered as Marcus stood up. Percy was still on the floor. She started to get up slowly.

"Maybe not quite as fine as you thought eh Percy." Marcus said while helping her up.

When Percy was standing she pushed Marcus away. She hated having people help her. "What do you mean Travis and Callie aren't aboard? "She asked. Her head was spinning and she was about to fall over but she still managed to keep going. Her and Marcus started walking again towards the bridge.

"Well a few hours ago." Car was telling them as they went. "They were in Travis's room and now they are not."

"This is not making any sense" Marcus said. "We'll deal with that later though. What is this electromagnetic pulse that is hitting us?"

"I do not know. Although I do know that if and when it hits again the Tulip could be left without any computer systems whatsoever."

"And this means?" Rudalpho came running up behind them as they reached the bridge.

"That everything will shut down." Marcus said.

"And the only thing working will be life support." Percy finished.

"There is a way to fix it right?" Rudalpho said nervously.

"Well I could start rerouting things." Percy walked over to the main controls and pressed a few buttons.

"So they can work off of charged up energy, but that would also limit our time for life support. Considering that both would be running off of secondary power-sources." Marcus added. While walking over to help her. "Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"I can reroute power from other systems. The power is still there even if the computers don't work. The computers just direct it in the right direction." She started pressing buttons wildly. Then stopped. "Can you work on it from here Marcus? I need to do some rewiring." He nodded and before she could exit the bridge. He said plainly.

"Oh and Percy, Be careful."

"I'll try." With that she left running off down the corridor.

Rudalpho shrugged. "I guess you guys have got it under control so I'll just get myself a drink." He left.


Travis blinked awake. Callie's head was on his shoulder still. They had sat down and he guessed that they had just fallen asleep. He looked at his watch and realized that they had been gone from the tulip for hours.

"Callie wake up." He nudged her. She started to stir.

"Hmm. What?" she mumbled.

"We've been gone for hours." He told her. She sat up. He stood up and helped her up as well. "We should go back now." He smiled at her and put his hand on her cheek again. They were back on the tulip once again.


Percy furiously pulled off a panel covering some wires and started pulling on the ones that she needed to reroute. She had to get this to work because the next pulse could hit any minute and she really didn't want to lose the Tulip not to mention her friends that all lived aboard. Except Travis and Callie who had mysteriously disappeared. And if she was going to suffocate to death, she would have to tell Marcus how she felt. She couldn't do that though; she wasn't ready yet.

When she finished with that set of wires, she stood up and ran down the corridor to another panel concealing more wires. Her head still throbbed from the first pulse but she had to go on. Everyone was counting on her.

"Marcus," she said loudly while pulling at more wires. "How's it going on your end?" she finished at this panel and stood up.

Marcus' voice came through the Com system. "I'm trying my best and not getting anywhere. But what ever you're doing seems to be doing wonders. Most of the auxiliary systems seem to be rerouted." Percy sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Try accessing the Key program route files. Maybe you can do something that way." She was at the engine room now pulling on wires. Before she could suggest something else, a wire by her shoulder sparked burning her arm. She gasped in pain.

"What is it. What's wrong." She could hear his worried voice.

"It's only a spark don't worry." She retorted.

"I thought I told you to be careful." He said.

"Yes well I tried." She connected two wires and the lights flickered.

"Obviously you didn't try hard enough." His voice was getting a little angry. That's when Rudalpho's voice intervened.

"Why are you two always bickering like sodden siblings. I feel like I'm bloody babysitting." He said.

"Because bickering is fun." Percy and Marcus said simultaneously.

The ship jolted violently sending everyone to the ground. And everything went black.

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