I don't notice too many of these on the internet, so I decided to take a swing at it. I'll write this one in a different format than the other one (crazy final fantasy sci-fi soap opera) I find the other type works better for humorous stories. Well anyways…enjoy guys! Read and review!

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Amber-brown eyes gazed out onto the Bevelle palace courtyard through a second story window. It was alright, he could stare all he wanted to here, this was his place, only he was allowed. Up the stone walkway skipped a perky blonde, hardly dressed, he had thought. He had never agreed with how little clothing Rikku had worn. His old friend, Paine, followed her. She had recently, thanks to the rest of the Gullwings began to open up to people. He watched as she sent a smile and a small wave up to the window she was almost certain he had seated himself at. It was his only place to himself after all. With the two of them , as always, was high summoner Yuna, or now she preferred Former-high summoner. She was enveloped in the arms of a tall man with sandy hair. Tidus, he had heard his name before. The dream of the fayth that had assisted Lady Yuna in her fight against Sin. That was three years ago. He had returned to her last year after she had defeated Shuyin and vegnagun.

The sandy haired man, had turned and motioned to someone he could not see behind the scarlet wall. A golden-haired girl ran to catch up. Now he saw her, and recognized her at once. Kerra. Kerra was an unusual girl. She had just come to Spira following the defeat of vegnagun. Gippal had found her, washed up on the shores of Besaid island while visiting Rikku. Why, no one ever knew. Come to think of it, no one knew much of her. She was reluctant to speak of anything pertaining to her past. It made her all the more mysterious. He found her intriguing, though he could not exactly pinpoint what it was about her that made it so…

He heard a knock at the door of his chamber, it echoed throughout, knocking him from any attempt to put solution to the puzzle. "Come in" he croaked. He had not realized it had been a while since he had last spoken. "My lord Baralai, your guests have arrived…" He smiled at this statement. As if all the people of this temple didn't suspect that he was at his little window and he had watched them stroll across the courtyard long before Paine's hand had knocked on the palace gate.

It was not Kerra's first time in Bevelle. She recalled how they had thrown her out last time. Deeming her unworthy to stand in a hall so important. So she was a little…unpolished. Yuna didn't ever seem to mind. She had said before that even Tidus acted this way when he had first come to Spira. Back at home, they would never…no, she shook her head. She couldn't think about home now, she would never get there, not again. The door swung open, as fast as such a heavy door could, forcing a gust of pleasantly cool air out upon her and her friends. Her feet echoed as they tapped lightly on the marble ground. A pleasant scent Kerra could not quite get a handle on drifted weightlessly on the air. Wait. It was stronger now. She tried to stifle a groan unsuccessfully. "I'm so glad you could all come…" a soft, but masculine voice echoed. "Baralai, it was such short notice." Yuna jested "next time you decide to throw a dinner party, you might have to give us more notice." Laughter erupted through the room. "I apologize for the inconvenience, does the former high summoner have more pressing business?" the humor in his voice was richly evident. His lips slowly curved into a smile. "After all…it is my duty to a friend to give a dinner to celebrate the engagement of a friend, is it not?" Yuna blushed. Her and Tidus had been engaged for only a week. Kerra could clearly read on her face the look of wonder of how Baralai had found out so soon. However, it had been said that if anything had happened to anyone prominent, Baralai knew. He motioned to a couple of monks who took the liberty to open the heavy darkwood doors to the dining hall. Tidus took the initiative to escort his fiancé to her seat, Rikku quickly skipping after. Paine, shaking her head, proceeded to follow. That left herself and Baralai. This was, to say the least, awkward. Baralai and herself had never gotten along in public. Her extreme distrust of Yevon and politicians had assured that from the beginning, and her rough and uncourtly behavior did not secure good feelings on his side. "Shall you go in, or will you stand out here all day?" His smile had gone and he would not look her in the eyes. He never did, and she never did understand why. "Forgive me" she almost cringed at the sharp edge of her own words. "I did not mean to make your highness wait…"