Crystalline pyreflies circled ahead in the realm of the fayth as they congregated in discussion of a matter of importance. Each one of them, in their fayth form, sat on the ground amongst the beautiful flowers of the farplane glen. The fayth of Shiva was the first to speak.

"So it is finished then..." She said. "The boundary has been mended, and never again will Seymour Guado threaten the mortal realm." Ifrit spoke next "Praetor Baralai also steps down as praetor, leaving the position to the loyal servant Shelinda." He smiled as he addressed his fellow fayth in the circle. "All is well in Spira. It is truly finished."

"No..." The fayth familiar to Tidus, the fayth of Bahamut, spoke in a hushed tone which held force and wisdom despite his young apperance. "There is another matter to discuss." He looked up from the ground at his peers through the multi colored hood. "The guardian's spirit does not rest. The man will not let go of her. And she in response refuses to completely fade."

"She clings to mortal life?" Inquired Ixion. "But why?"

"It was not supposed to be this man..." Answered Bahamut. "The Lady Yuna was supposed to be the summoner of Aquestia. She was not supposed to fall in love. The bond between their hearts is now unbreakable, and for that reason, Kerra will never fade, not completely."

"But she cannot exist forever in that void." Anima's fayth now spoke. "One cannot stay forever in the chasm between existance and oblivion."

"Exactly." Bahamut spoke. "And since she refuses to fade..." a loving smile now crossed his face.

"We have no choice but to let her exist..."


You knew I wouldn't make Baralai live without her!

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