Shattered Illusions

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Potter characters, not being paid, just having a little fun with my take in the world and adding my own little bit of flair to it.

Authors note: This story does not have a beta. So be forewarned. Take a seat and sit back and I hope you enjoy the ride. The Fay are a creation of my own design, please be patient while they get explained along the way.

Summary: Severitus Challenge: Summer before 6th year started off with a bang as well as some unexpected news. Can Snape deal with everything he has to? Illusions shatter around three kids, and Severus has to learn to pick up the pieces.


Chapter 1

A Tangled Web of Lies

It was the first day of summer vacation, Hermione had just walked into the door with her parents and her little sister. What she wasn't expecting was the site that greeted her in the front room. Black hooded figures with white masks. Death Eaters.

Hermione tried to draw her wand, but was slowed down by the spell that hit her which sent her flying backwards, knocking her down, into her parents. Athena screamed at the top of her lungs as one of the death eaters grabbed her. Hermione cast the stupefying spell at the Death Eater that grabbed her sister. The Death Eater froze up and fell backward allowing Athena to break free when she was let go. Athena darted around the corner heading back outside still screaming at the top of her lungs. As she did, things started flying at the Death Eaters hitting them in the head as she went.

Hermione had to grin, even if it was only short lived, her sister was a witch as well. Her father went after them and so did her mother. Hermione was scared for their well-being, but that was the least of her worries as one of the Death Eaters started sending spells her way. Hermione rolled and then scampered up on all fours. Hermione found that her parents seemed to be holding their own for the moment and went outside after Athena. She saw Athena running and diving under a bush on the side of the house as a Death Eater was chasing her and the bushes came alive and started holding the Death Eater at bay.

My little sister is fighting them better than I am, Hermione thought as she took off towards the bushes sending a stupefying spell towards the Death Eater behind her back. This time it found its mark again and Hermione sent a full body-binding spell at the one at the bush and the man fell down.

Working her way to the bush she was tackled from the side and everything went black as her head hit one of the garden stones.

Her eyes flittered open, but the pain was excruciating.

"Hermione?" She heard the scared little voice.

"Athena?" She tried opening her eyes again, but everything hurt too much.

"Move aside." The male voice said.

"What is that?" Athena asked.

"It'll help her headache, not to mention heal the cut that is on the side of her head." He told the little girl.

Hermione felt the hand on the back of her head as the pain shot out like daggers driving them to the remote parts of her head. She felt something cold being placed at her lips.

"Drink, Miss Granger."

The liquid went down cool, and Hermione felt the tingling of the healing potion. Her eyes slowly opened and focused for the first time. His onyx eyes greeted her first, and then her focus became clearer. His sallow skin, black hair, hooked nose.

"Professor Snape?"

"Just lay still." He turned and looked at Athena, "Hand me that rag."

Athena gave him the rag she had been holding and Snape turned back to Hermione as he placed it on the side of her head. Hermione squeezed her eyes shut as the pain shot through her head again. The door burst open.

"How is she?"

"She'll live, Headmaster."

Headmaster Dumbledore looked down at Hermione, the twinkle in his eyes dull at seeing her lying there.

"Was your position compromised?"

Hermione opened her eyes again. She saw Athena looking back and forth between the two. She saw the look on Professor Snape's face that she had never seen before, failure, as well as relief.

"Yes, they saw me take both of them. I had to fire spells at Narcissa after she tackled Miss Granger to the ground." He looked down, "I'm sorry I failed you."

"Nonsense, it had to happen sometime. We'll figure something out. But you aren't safe here. Is she well enough to be moved?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yes," Snape stood then bent down and scooped Hermione in is arms.

Her head was a little better, but not by much, she didn't want to touch anything, but couldn't help it when he turned and she had to grab onto his neck.

"I'm not going to drop you, silly girl." He spat out. He looked down at Athena then back up to Dumbledore, "What are we going to do about this?"

"It's time that the truth be told Severus." Headmaster Dumbledore said.

"Then you better send someone after Mr. Potter, I will only want to tell this once." She felt Snape moving and then heard him whisper to the Headmaster. Hermione couldn't make anything out of his words, just a deep timber as he spoke. She felt something pressed into her hand and then felt another on hers and then everything went black again.


Harry had just walked through the door at Privet Drive after he mowed the lawn. They hadn't let him rest for a second as soon as he had come back. He was drenched in sweat as he headed up to his room.

Sitting on his bed was Nymphadora Tonks. Harry looked back down the stairs and then shut his bedroom door quickly. He moved to his trunk in the room and sat down on it giving Tonks a questioning look as she sat on the bed.

"Wotcher, Harry." Tonks said, grinning from ear to ear.

"What are you doing here?" He asked her quietly as possible. Not believing his own eyes.

"I'm here to take you to the safe place."

Harry stared at her, "How do I know you are really Tonks?" He eyed her hair suspiciously. It was brown, it looked normal, not at all like she really looked when she first came to pick him up with the guard.

"What do you want me to do to prove it?" Tonks asked him smiling.

"Change your hair to the color it was when you came to get me last year." Harry crossed his arms and stuck out his chest.

This netted him a laugh from Tonks, who then changed her hair to the violet it had been last year. Harry let out a sigh of relief, he had been on edge as soon as he came into his room seeing her. No one had said anything to him about being picked up so soon.

"I don't want to go back to Grimmauld Place." Harry told her as he stood and then moved over to the chair at the desk in the room and then turned it around and sat down opposite of her.

He hadn't had that good of a summer so far. His Aunt and Uncle had started laying in on him the second he got home. This didn't have a down side, at least to Harry it didn't, he didn't want to think about Sirius, and staying busy helped him to not think about Sirius. Even Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia didn't even have to ask him to weed. They had made a small list of things, but Harry had done extra just to keep his mind off the events that had happened at the Ministry of Magic.

"We aren't going there." Tonks reassured him.

"Then where are we going?" Harry knitted his brow in confusion, "The Burrow? Hogwarts?"

"Nope, try Rome. Let's pack your stuff, we've got to get there quickly, the Fidelius Charm is being performed and well, it can't be done until you are there too."

Tonks stood and then with a flick of her wand started putting things in his trunk. Harry dove under his bed and pulled things out, even with the threat the guard had given his Aunt and Uncle, Harry hadn't want to take any chances. But he didn't think his summer at the Dursley's would be this short ever.

"Can you tell me what's going on, Tonks?"

"There has been an attack, and you aren't safe here anymore. I can't explain things to you because I'm not fully aware of everything myself."

The clothes didn't quite fold right as they were pushed down inside the trunk.

"How are we getting there?" Harry asked.


Tonks finished up the trunk and looked as Harry started backing towards the door, "I don't like those."

"Harry, you proved who I was. I'm not taking you some place where it isn't safe, besides, I'll be with you for the rest of the summer as well. And I'll be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts this next year. Now come on, we can't keep them waiting any longer."

"Who is them?" Harry asked.

"Hermione, Athena and Severus, and Dumbledore. Let's go."

Tonks shrunk the trunk and put it in her pocket and then let Hedwig out of her cage. "She'll find you," she shrunk the owl cage then grabbed Harry's wrist.

Harry felt the familiar tug of being portkeyed. The ground was rushing up to meet his face and the hand holding his wrist he noticed was pulling him down that way.

"Let go!" He shouted at Tonks, but was too late as he sprawled unceremoniously all over her.

He heard the groan and turned his head to see Professor Snape leaning on the wall glaring at the pair of them sprawled out on the floor.


Harry jerked his hand away from Tonks, grasp. He stood up and glared at his Potions Professor. He saw Dumbledore's eyes twinkle as he looked at Tonks on the floor.

"I trust there were no problems, Tonks."

"None, Headmaster." Tonks told him as she stood up and grabbed Harry's shoulder to get her balance.

"Splendid. Now that everyone is here, I'll place the Fidelius Charm." Headmaster Dumbledore said. "And then be on my way."

Harry looked at Dumbledore then over to Professor Snape. "This isn't going to work, I can't stay with him." Harry pointed towards Snape.

"Watch your tongue you insolent brat!" Snape snarled out.

"Harry, you will stay with him, as well as Hermione and Athena. Tonks will be here also, it is vital you stay here." Headmaster Dumbledore told him.

Harry could hear the authority that exuded from the Headmaster. He knew he meant it, but Harry was so confused. "Why? I'm safe at the Dursley's you said that yourself. Why do I have to stay with him?"

"You'll do as you're told," Snape said as he moved off the wall. "I'll not have you question the Headmaster in that manner. You'll learn some respect this summer and you'll learn it well."

That statement only ruffled Harry further and grated on his nerves coming from this particular teacher.

"Or what?" Harry glared right back at Snape.

Tonks was looking back and forth at the both of them, then went and sat down on the couch with Hermione and Athena.

"Well, here two seconds and they are already at each other's throat." She said and looked at Hermione, "How are you doing now?"

Hermione looked at Tonks. "My head is better, but I don't understand why we are here with Professor Snape either."

Severus moved until he was directly in front of Harry, "I'll make sure you learn your manners."

"I don't have to mind you, you're not my father." Harry bowed his back up.

Severus got a smirk on his face. "Yes, I am. As well as theirs also." Severus said pointing to Hermione and Athena.

Harry turned and looked at them. This was preposterous, he couldn't see any resemblance to Snape at all much less himself. "What are you talking about? We don't look anything like you?"

"There is no way you are my father, Athena isn't yours as well." Hermione interjected, "I saw mother carry her."

Severus turned and looked at Hermione, "Of course you saw her carrier her, considering your adoptive father is a squib and couldn't have children of his own. He was impotent, I donated my sperm so you would have a sibling growing up."

Hermione sat back and then just looked at him, "But we don't look anything like you."

Severus threw his hands up in the air. "Charms! Even you can't be that stupid, Miss Granger."

"Severus, this isn't helping matters, don't yell at them." Albus said. "I advise you to sit down and talk to them rationally." He waved his wand said a few words and then Apparated out.

"Rationally, it was all your blasted idea." Severus told the thin air where the Headmaster had once stood.

"There is no fucking way I'm a Snape." Hermione jumped up off the couch.

"Yeah, I agree." Harry said. After all, Hermione was the thinker between the both of them and she had put in some good questions. The only thing he could think of this time was at least he wasn't alone in all of this.

Severus spun on the two. "You both will hold your tongues." He looked over to Hermione, "As far as you, I don't ever want to hear another swear word out of your mouth."

"You're a bastard, you fucking useless…" Hermione was getting red from anger as several trinkets just exploded that were on the mantle. "I hate you." She stormed out of the room with Harry hot on her heels.

Severus looked down at Athena who was sitting on the couch, with her eyes wide just looking at him. Tonks was doing the same thing. Both seemed to be in shock. Severus shook his head.

"I hate my life, my twins absolutely hate me."

Athena moved off the couch and came and stood in front of him, "Are you really my father?"

He looked down at the soon to be eleven year old, "Yes, I am."

She knitted her brow in concentration. "You weren't mean at that house, why did you become mean now?"

"You don't understand." Severus growled out a sigh, "Why don't you go find your sister and brother, see if you can talk some sense into them."

She looked up at him, "I can try, but Hermione knows-it-all, she isn't going to listen to me. Don't say I didn't warn you." She walked out of the room but didn't hear the chuckle that had followed her out.