"Beast Boy what do you want?" Raven said, by her room.

"'Raven, um.........diner." Beast Boy said. Then he chuckled.

"Well I'm not coming out." She said.

"Raven you have been in there for seven hours! I know you're Raven and all, but I think it's time you came out! How are you going to the bathroom!" Beast Boy yelled, but so loud that the rest of the team could hear it.

"First of all I have a bathroom in here. And second, I just can't come out. It doesn't have anything to do with anyone. I just feel like sleeping right now." She said. And Beast Boy didn't want to yell at her again, so he just walked away, but before he could hear Raven whispering about something.

"Don't tell anyone, you can't. This doesn't need anyone to know. Beast Boy doesn't need to know, Robin doesn't need to know, Starfire doesn't need to know, and Cyborg doesn't need to know." Raven said talking to herself. "Ouch. It's hurting a lot but I can't tell him, I can't tell Beast Boy or otherwise he'll do something stupid." Beast Boy still was listening. "It was like the time they were in my mind—I can tell Beast Boy didn't liked me after I scolded at him, but my father was taking over, or should I say Trigon. But no one needed to understand my past (Signs) ouch, that still hurts. It has been hurting for years—"

That's all Beast Boy wanted to hear, he quickly turned into a mouse and ran under of Raven's door, he then formed into a human and saw Raven.

There Raven was blocking her doorway, in a white dress, with a white robe on with sleeves, with a white rose in her hair, she was just sitting there, rubbing her head.

"Raven what's the problem?" Beast Boy asked.

"Beast Boy you're here! You can't be here! I don't want anyone to be here!" She said. "Hurry, get out! Please just go!"

"Raven why are wearing a dress, and what was hurting you?" He said.

"I don't have time to explain!" She said. "Just go! Please!"

"No, I have had enough with this crap! Now you tell me why you are wearing that dress, and saying something about stuff hurting you!"

"Beast Boy—"

"No, Raven!" He said she looked at him in the eyes.

"Fine," She said. "A long time ago, when I was little, about 5-years- old my mother and I were living on my home planet Azarath, I have lived there all my life. It was April 10th, and I had just finished another day of school but as I was coming home I saw that my grandmother.............."


"Was no longer living on the living room floor. (Sniffs) But anyway later that night Trigon came to our fair planet." She said.

"You mean your father?"

"Yes, and what he did was no fatherly. He wrecked cities, and killed a lot of people demons and humans. He made people suffered, just so he could make them answer one questioned, 'Where is my daughter Raven?'. Some people didn't know what he was talking about, then he came to our fair town, he scarped people off of their feet to asked that question, and some people were so kind enough not to answer, for my protection, but some just wanted their safety so they told. And he came, my mother tried to protect me but Trigon killed her. I said 'Were you the one who killed grandmamma,' and he said 'No, you did!' and I said 'what?' and he said 'Your powers child, were you at all thinking of your grandmother as you came home?' and I was, thinking of how she was going to have her birthday soon, and I killed her by thinking of her. So I said 'well you are the murderer'
"And he said 'but my child, you are my daughter. So Raven, my dear, daddy has been searching for you far and wide, I wanted to be with you, after your mother kidnapped you'. I just simply said 'Mama didn't kidnapped me, but you are going to, you ugly bas-ter!' he just said 'How dare you talked to your father that way.' So I ran, and ran. And when I came to a dead end, he went after me so for the first time or second time I used my powers.
"I used my powers, I flew up in the air, and blasted him. Oh sure I was still practicing but I was beating him. I was closing my eyes the whole time though. But I heard him screaming and I opened them and there he was, almost defeated. But he used his last breaths to tell me this 'You are good my child, please come to my side, and your daddy will teach you a trick or two....' I said 'no! I love mama.' And he just said 'Fine! You haved defeated me! But I will be back little Ravey, and you will get visits from me, but on April 10th, on your 15th year, you must beware, I am going to take back what is mine your powers and soul! On April 10th of your 15th year, you will die with a painful death if you fight me, but a painless death if you don't. Be prepared! By April 10th of your 15th year your powers will be complete for me!' and then he vanished.........." She ended.

"So what you are saying Raven is that Trigon, is going to come in at anytime and is going to kill you?" Beast Boy asked. She just nodded.

"I am the reason why my grandmamma is dead!" She said, "I killed my own grandmother!" She yelled. She started to cry. "It's not my fault it's these stupid powers, but everyone still points the finger at me."

"Raven don't cry, don't." Beast Boy said.

"And now, anytime now, Trigon is going to come in and take back my powers and steal my soul, so that's why I am dress like this." She said. "And I didn't want anyone to know, because then they will try to stop my father, but they won't realized how powerful he is, he could kill you just by looking at you in the eye, if you are that weak."

"Raven, what ever is going to happen to you, is going to happen to me." Beast Boy said. He then hugged her. "When Trigon is going to come, you don't have to fight, but I will, I will fight till I can no longer fight anymore, and if he wins, I'll come with you. If you die, I'll die, if you live, I'll live."

"Oh, Beast Boy—" But before she could finished a bright light entered the room from the other side. It took a while to see the figure that was walking in, Trigon.

"My dear child Raven, so good of you to remember." Trigon said.

"Remember? You've been reminding me all week, and then made me run to my room just as I was about to forget what I said to Beast Boy I feel." Raven said.

"Beast Boy?" Trigon said. "Oh, you mean that dear boy I see you admirer in a clever way. Is this him?" Pointing to B.B..

"Don't you dare point the finger at Beast Boy! You have no right!" Raven said. "Anyway I'm ready, I guess. Just do it! I just don't want to live anymore!" Raven said, and then started crying, she kneeled before Trigon. "Just do it."

"Gladly." Trigon said, and took out a sword, with symbols of fire and telling a story about a demon named 'Satan'.

"Wait!" Beast Boy said. "Raven why do you not want to live anymore?"

"Because, you and Terra." She said. Beast Boy made a fate frown. "I've been wanting to kill myself for a long time, right here (Pointing to her head) has been hurting me for years, it is my brain telling me I can not have you. And also Trigon won't let me, he wants to kill me, so he can have my powers and soul, I try to kill myself but whenever I put the knife down my heart it doesn't hurt, but it makes me cry, so I cut myself. I cut myself because it's the only way to end my heartache. But now Trigon has finally come to do the deed. Anytime now father."

"Wait! I can not let you kill your own daughter!" Beast Boy said running to Raven and kneeling in the way. "If you kill her, then you'll have to kill me too. But before you kill I just want to say (Turning to Raven), Raven you think I like Terra? No, I don't have feelings for her, you know why I hang around with her though, because I wanted to make you jealous."

"What?" She said, and looking at Beast Boy.

"I have been trying to get you to be mine for like forever, I know all the times we have been alone on one like the time you healed me, I said thanks, and you said no problem. I remember it clearly, but you never seem to be interested in me. Until I saw Terra, I saw the way you looked at her, so then I said to myself 'Raven doesn't like her, I could use this.' And now I didn't think my plan would backfire." He said.

"Beast Boy! I have been having deep feelings for you since the day you said thanks to me and I said no problem! I just couldn't tell you because; well I'm shy like Starfire and Robin are, and also if we had a relationship who knows what damage I could have done, if I started to, to, to..........."


"To love you," She said, and he looked at her with a smile, but she frowned and whispered. "I could destroy you just by looking at you in the morning."

"But, do you love me?" He said, she didn't speak, just smiled and cried at the same time. "Well I'm not dead yet. So what could it hurt?" He said, and had a tear in his eye.

"Awwwwww, look at this, my daughter's first romance. How touching, I wished I had my camera." Trigon said.

"I have to go now Beast Boy but here (Takes the white rose out from her hair) remember me by (And gives it to him)." She said, and walks toward Trigon.

"Raven?" He cried out in a whisper but she didn't hear it, she just look at him and smiled. Trigon took the sword and cut Ravens throat, but something was wrong, Raven wasn't the one screaming, Trigon was.

"What? What's going on?" He screamed. "No, it can't be! It's just her first romance!" And he yelled, and then started to melt, "You won't get away with this! I will come back, just you wait and see!" And then he vanished.

Raven opened her eyes.

"I can't believe it." She said.

"What?" Beast Boy said, and came running up to her.

"It was said right here on this sword (Holding the sword up) that Satan banish to Hell, and saying that he could had a chance to escape if he had a true love, and states that 'Bad demons with hearts of black fire shall be banished to Hell when dead, but good demons with a heart of roses, and a true by their side, who would risk their life for them, shall not die when murdered or crucified.'" Raven said. "Father didn't think you were my true love, and neither did I." She said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well I'm a demon, I didn't think I would have a true love." She said. Beast Boy smiled and kissed her.

"Raven you may be a demon outside, but you are a human on the in." He said. She just smiled and hugged him.

'(My happy ending: for Terra side of their breakup) Let's talk this over

It's not like were dead

Was it something I did?

Was it something you said?

Don't leave me hangin'

In a city so dead

Held up so high on such a breakable thread........

You were all the things I felt before and I thought we could be........'

"I love you." She said.

"I love you too." He said.

'You were everything

Everything that I wanted

We were meant to be

Supposed to be

But we lost

All of our memories so close to me just fade away

All this time you were pretending, so much for my happy ending...........'

"(Knock) Raven is everything alright?" Robin asked, outside of the door.

"Yeah, some trouble." She said. "(She turned to Beast Boy) Should I tell them?"

"Nah, lets keep this our little secret, like the 'What happen in your head story'." Beast Boy said.

"But how are you going to tell Terra?" Raven asked.

"I don't know, but I think I should break up with her anyway, she's beginning to be dangerous, to me that is." He said. "(He picked up the white rose Raven gave to him) 'Roses are red and violets are purple shay, and that's how I am going to feel starting today,'"

'............You got your dumb friends, I know what they say

They tell you I'm difficult, but so are they

But they don't know me

Do they even know you

All the things you hide from me

All the sht that you do

You were all the things I felt before and I thought we could be.......'

(Outside, on the rooftop)

"..............So Terra, I'm breaking up with you." Beast Boy said. Terra cried a bit, but then gave him the finger.

'You were everything

Everything that I wanted

We were meant to be

Supposed to be

But we lost

All of our memories so close to me just fade away

All this time you were pretending, so much for my happy ending..........'

(Back inside the tower, Beast Boy hugging Raven, Raven falling asleep into his arms, Titans confused.......and not a knife in sight)

'(Sarcasm from the singer) it's nice to know that you were there

Thanks for acting like you cared

And making me feel like I was the only one

It's nice to know we had it all

Thanks for watching as I fall

And letting me know we were done..........'

(Terra throwing a fit about leaving the Titans, Titans still confused, Terra packing her things, but then sees Cyborg, runs into Cyborgs it love?)

'He were everything

Everything that I wanted

We were meant to be

Supposed to be

But we lost

All of our memories so close to me just fade away

All this time you were pretending, so much for my happy ending..........'

(Robin telling Starfire about how he really feels about her, Starfire seeing a ring in his hands, not a proposal but a promise ring)

'You were everything

Everything that I wanted

We were meant to be

Supposed to be

But we lost

All of our memories so close to me just fade away

All this time you were pretending, so much for my happy ending..........

So much for my happy ending

So much for my happy ending...........'

(The Titans find out about Ravens cutting, when Starfire walks in on Raven while she was taking a bath, a long night for all the Titans, even Terra feels sorry for Raven)

'(No body's home: From Raven's point of view, of her) I couldn't tell you

Why she felt that way

She felt it everyday

And I couldn't help her

I just watched her make

The same mistakes again

What's wrong, what's wrong now?

Too many, too many problems

Don't where she belongs

Where she belongs..............'

(Raven crying into Beast Boy's arms, and singing.....)

"'She wants to go home, but nobodys home

That's where she lies

Broken inside

With no place to go

No place to go

To dry her eyes

Broken inside..............'"

(Raven calms down and goes to the piano, that one she once knew, and played)

"'Open your eyes

and look outside

Find the reason why

You've been rejected

Now you can't find

What you've left behind..........

Be strong, be strong now

Too many, too many problems

Don't know where she belongs

Where she belongs..........'"

(Beast Boy drags her too her room, and puts her on her bed, saying good night, then a one final kiss)

'She wants to go home, but nobodys home

That's where she lies

Broken inside

With no place to go

No place to go

To dry her eyes

Broken inside..............

Her feelings she hides

Her feelings she can't find

She's losing her mind

She's falling behind

She's can't find her place

She's losing her faith

She's falling from grace

She's all over the place........yeah............'

(Raven kisses Beast Boy back.)

"I love you."

"I love you too."

'She wants to go home, but nobodys home

That's where she lies

Broken inside

With no place to go

No place to go

To dry her eyes

Broken inside..............

She's lost inside, lost inside

She's lost inside, lost inside................'

"'.........and that's how I feel everyday.....'" Raven ended. And then they both went to sleep on her bed.