"Mommy mommy! Whens daddy coming home?" Three-year-old Ryan asked his mother.

"Soon baby, he had that huge court case he had to work on today." Allie answered. Her son was the spitting image of Noah and everyone knew it, including Lon. There was huge controversy over whether or not Allie was to keep her child. There was no question in her mind that she had wanted Ryan and Lon wasn't too concerned either. Allie's parents however were outraged and blamed Allie for every social mishap in their lives.

Ryan had shaggy blond hair and intense brown eyes just like his father. Noah had never found out about Ryan and Allie never expected him to.

Lon was always amazing to Allie, he had never not been. He always worked and barely ever had time for his family but Ryan took up a lot of Allie's time. She stayed home and looked after Ryan, occasionally painting the odd picture. She's take Ryan to the park with an easel and her paints and watch Ryan play as she painting the beautiful scenery around her.

On this praticular day Allie had spent the morning making Ryan breakfast and then cleaning up after him, then making him lunch and cleaning again. She put him down for his nap shortly after two in the afternoon.

She usually read the newspaper in the morning when she had her breakfast but she had found herself extremely busy and unable to get to it.

Now she sat herself in the sun filled living room and began to read the paper and there it was.... Right in front of her. A picture of Noah. He was standing infront of a magnificant white house. 'A white house with blue shutters.' Allie whispered to herself. She read the small article. It talked about how Noah had always wanted to buy the old plantation but never had the money, then how he had gone to war, then how his father and bought the plantation for his son then died shortly after.

When Allie had finished the article she wiped away tears whe never even knew were there. She ran her hands across the picture, across Noah's picture, then across the house Ryan had been created in.

Allie wiped her eyes once more and came to the conclusion that it wasn't fair to Noah that he didn't know he had a son. She remembered how nice he was with the kids in town when they had been friends during the summer. She had to see him... She had to tell him.

Allie called Lon's parents and asked them if they would look after Ryan for a week. They adored Ryan unlike her own parents and were pleased about spending time with their grandson. After Allie had dropped Ryan off at Lon's parents she quickly drove to Lon's office, hoping he would be there.

She walked in and found her husband writing something at his desk. Allie cleared her throat, making Lon look up. He smiled, then stood up to greet her. "Hey baby, what are you doing here."

"Well, I was reading about this amazing three day art festival in New York City and I was thinking of going and spending some time to myself." Allie lied. She knew there was a festival there, so she thought that it would be a good thing to tell Lon. "I left Ryan with your parents so Im going to leave now ok hon?"

"Sure baby. Have fun, just don't buy too much." He kissed her on the lips and gave her a hug. "I'll miss you."

"Me too." Allie smiled, feeling a tad guilty but relieved that Lon hadnt asked any more questions.

Allie walked out of Lons office, got into her car, took a deep breath, and drove to the place she hadnt been in years and never thought she's go to again.

End Chapter 8.