Dark Inheritance By Brother Angelon

Chapter 0 'Prologue'

AN: I don't own any of Ranma ½ as that work belongs purely to its writer and creator who I have a great deal of respect for. I will claim the rights to any characters I myself create and use for this story.

The forging of a tempered sword begins by first beating out the impurities from the metal to be used. This process breaks the metal over and over again, but leaves behind a pure metal.
It is only then that the real process of creation can begin.

The wind blew into a small clearing bringing with it the first tastes of fall and the even colder winter to follow. A dirty well used tent and crackling camp fire was all that stood against the coming chill. Wrappers from various opened containers lay scattered all over the camp with a larger mound half covering an old manual with faded writing. 'Neko-ken ...session rit...'. Laying nearby a large man dressed in a stained gi can be seen sleeping. But even in his drunken stupor the muffled cries for help would cause a twitch in the large man.

"Ahh, get off me! FATHER..someone..please....Help meeee!"

Pitiful cries for help from a young boy continued to be heard from beneath the metal doors covering what could only be a pit of some kind dug into the hard earth. Yowls and hisses along with the fierce sounds of a fierce battle pierced the doors from below. These sounds only caused the sleeping man nearby to rollover and mumble curses about how unlucky he was to have a weakling for a child.

The cries for help were heard... but not by anyone in this realm of reality.

However in a realm that can only be imagined in those moments of fear induced nightmares, creatures forgotten ages ago listen and watch. Some would try to move into the shimmering plane of light that seemed to float 2 feet above the barren and lifeless ground. Yowls would be the only noise made when entrance into the portal was denied by some unknown force.

The portal grew larger as the fear inside the child grew with every passing minute. Soon it would no longer refuse entry to those of this reality. Many drooled at the thought of once again traveling to the human world after eons of banishment.

A roar rumbled over the growing crowd freezing everyone in place as the portal winked larger as if in answer to the terrible power approaching.

With a feline grace, the giant figure moved towards the portal even as the numerous smaller figures opened up a path and knelt down in supplication. With one more large roar the portal opened up larger enough for even the giant 7 foot tall figure to enter. The screams of a child could be heard as the terror finally begins to overpower his fragile mind.

"So, after all these years another portal has finally opened into the mortal world. AND YOU WEAK FOOLS WOULD RUIN OUR CHANCE TO ESCAPE BY ENTERING THAT CHILD" The booming voice carried across the blasted lands causing all that heard it to drop down to there bellies in fear.

Looking back at the trembling child, who was even now still fighting back against the numerous cats tearing at his body in hunger. "Yes...this child shows great potential, even now overwhelmed with terror he continues to fight back. He will grow stronger with time and then we will all be able to prowl free of this dead realm once more."

With those words the giant red furred figure entered halfway into the portal.

It had been hours since Ranma had been tossed into the pit to begin training in the Neko-ken by his father. Covered in fish paste and wrapped in fish sausages his small frame had been tossed into the darkness of the pit where the kitties he had caught were put 3 days ago.

The first moments of the training were filled with pain as the kitties clawed at the sausages leaving bloody cuts through his training gi. Soon the food was all gone and the starved animals decided the boy smelled more like food than anything else and continued to attack. The numerous bites and scratches mounted up over time as chibi-Ranma started to fight back against the horde of ravenous cats. Screaming for help first from his popa, then moma. Ranma soon questions about why he was being allowed to hurt so much drifted into his young mind.

Hours went by as the cats continued to maul the small boy, the screams had died down after the first hour and now only muffled whimpers could be heard from below the furry mound of feline flesh that was covering the small 6 year old child.

Looking around for the first time after unknown hours of pain chibi-ranma found himself standing in a dark room illuminated by a beam of light from above. The sounds of the kitties no longer filled his ears, but the injuries from his battle were still bleeding and the growing cold that had been growing since being tossed in the pit continued.

"Do you wish to live young one?" A voice silky smooth voice all but purred from the darkness surrounding the light.

Taking up a defensive stand that had been beaten into him chibi-ranma stood on weak legs but still ready to fight. "W...Who are you"

A figure could be seen moving in the darkness, but it never came near enough to the light to be seen. "I am Tachi-ouja the creator of the Neko- ken, and the only one who can teach it. The torment you have suffered was a test to see if you were worthy to meet me."

"However, you are not strong enough yet to learn my techniques boy."

Chibi-ranma stood up straight and even though the wounds were severe puffed up his little chest in pride. "I'm going to be the best, teach me your techniques."

A smile that would have caused even the bravest of men to run in fear spread across Tachi-ouja's face. "Do you accept me as your master then young warrior, will you step into the darkness so that you can gain my power?"

Not even thinking about what the price behind the question, chibi-ranma stepped into the darkness.

"Yes I agree to accept you as my master". Screams soon followed chibi- ranma's entrance into the darkness.

Outside the pit Genma wakes up to the sounds of the metal door exploding from some terrible force. Looking towards the pit he realizes that maybe the Neko-ken was a bad idea as the bloody form of his son hisses at him on all fours as if he was a giant ally cat and Genma was a mere mouse.