Dark Inheritance

By Brother Angelon

Chapter 5 'Rivals or Prey'

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Hidden deeply inside every human is an animal waiting to claw its way out.

The first rays of morning crawled over the horizon as the inhabitants of Nerima slept without an idea to the changes that had happened yesterday. The seeds of this change being sown long ago, but only now beginning to germinate.

Fear drove him over the roofs, as scenes of carnage continued to flash into his minds eye. One of Akane lying at his feet, blood bubbling up out of her mouth because of the three wounds in her chest. Fear evident in her eyes as she realized that her punching dummy had finally grown a spin and retaliated with deadly force.

Or the scenes of carnage, where bodies lay strewn about as if a tornado had fallen from the sky, only to land smack dab in the middle of the Tendo Dojo sending bodies flying in all directions.

But what was worse was the fact that all of the images brought only joy and a giddy sense of satisfaction at seeing every one of them suffering finally.

The desire to turn around and make those images a reality continued to grow stronger in intensity. Ranma came to a stop in one of the many abandoned lots scattered about as if left for the many martial artists to use for their many battles.

There was someone watching him, an enemy who felt they could take this moment to make the hunter the hunted. Spinning around 360 degrees as his senses expanded beyond the human range, the sound of soft breathing drifted to the hunter's ears as the smell of oil and spice filled his nostrils.

"RANMA PREPAIR TO DIE!" Screamed the myopic fool as he jumped out from his hiding place. Shoving his robed arms forward as dozens of chains shot out like a cannon fired them, many of which are equipped with razor sharp spear tips.

The pigtailed hunter lazily watched the chains approach, they seemingly moving in slow motion to his new enhanced perceptions.

Mouse almost laughed out loud as his most hated enemy, the enslaver of his precious Shampoo stood still watching his attack as if mesmerized by the hurtling iron death. That laugh did break out as the attack exploded the ground around Ranma causing a large cloud of dirt to billow up around the most likely riddled body of his foe.

"HAHAHA, so your tricks have finally failed you Saotome and now I can claim Shampoo as has always been my right." Mouse crowed in triumph like the blind fool he was.

But before he could break into round two of his self congratulations, some great force pulled down on the chains still attacked to his arms. The force so great it yanked him off his feet and straight into the cloud of dust.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Was all Mouse got out before he was lost into the swirling dust and earth.

The meaty sounds of flesh slamming into flesh along with screams and yowls filled the lots as the battered body of Mouse was tossed out of the cloud and into a wall. A large bruise was already beginning to form from the force of the blow that had sent him flying backwards.

A loud explosion of Black/Blue Ki disbursed the dust cloud to show Ranma standing inside a small crater, littered with the remains of the many chains Mouse had used in his initial attack.

Ranma's face was twisted in rage as he bit down in an attempt to keep from screaming at the blind fool. This caused his new fangs to bite deeply into his lower lip. The blood that was dribbling out of his self inflicted wounds gave him an entirely unnatural feral look.

"I want nothing to do with Shampoo, or you MOUSE!" Ranma growled out as he fought for control over his rage and desire to see the blind-duck roasting over a fire for his dinner.

Wondering how Saotome had gotten so strong, Mouse staggered up onto his legs as they wobbled and threatened to send him right back down. "W what sort of trick are you using now Ranma, I know you have been seeing my Shampoo and plan on taking her away from me", screamed Mouse as he convinced himself that he was in the right.

Drawing out two curved swords Mouse once more charged Ranma in an attempted to slice the womanizing pervert into small pieces.

Back at the Tendo Dojo, Akane was in a state of complete shock as she could only stare at the remains of her Mallet. The fact that the only part left was the handle and a small piece above her hand had her almost shaking in fear of what might have happened had Ranma's attack hit a bit lower.

Soun had broken out into a crying fit as he wailed about how now the schools would never been joined as Genma bemoaned how he had such an ungrateful, useless son of a boy.

Nabiki however had been watching Ranma all morning trying to figure out what was different today. She was sure that the jock had been growling at Shampoo when she wrapped herself around his arm like an octopus. But it was the look of anger he had when he looked at her little sister before he opened his mouth to show of two very sharp looking fangs.

Wait a minute. FANGS! When did Saotome ever have fangs, or for that matter a backbone. Something weirder than normal was going on and she was not one to be left out of the loop. The last time she allowed that to happen, Akane had been hurt when she had ruined her wedding to Ranma after their return from China. It had taken her little sister hours to stop crying about how everyone had conspired to destroy the most important day of her life.

It was no surprise to Nabiki then that the eternally lost boy Ryoga would appear just as Akane started to cry. Akane was just beginning to realize that she might have finally lost Ranma for good, and the cold that was seeping into her heart as the realization that it might all be her fault didn't help.

"Excuse me but do you know the way to the Tendo Dojo, Ryoga asked automatically as he was wondering around on automatic cruise control while dreaming about how wonderful a life with Akane would be if only that idiot Ranma was out of the way. It came as a huge surprise as said girl latched onto to him while crying and muttering Ranma's name.

Ryoga held the sobbing girl in his arms as he realized he was in the Tendo Dojo and that Ranma had caused the most important girl in his life to cry once again. Anger at the one who had caused his life to be hell overflowed the small wall that called itself his reason.

"RANMA HOW DARE YOU MAKE AKANE CRY! I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU PAY!" Screamed Ryoga as he pulled himself free of Akane and charged off in a random direction… Akane dropped down to both knees as one of the few males she considered a friend just swore to hurt the one person she cared most about.

"R Ryoga you don't understand…" Akane tried to say, but it was already too late as the eternally lost boy had already crashed through the surrounding wall and was heading deeper into Nerima.

Realizing that Ryoga might ruin any chance she might have of making up with Ranma Akane staggered to her feet and rushed out after the dust cloud marking the trail of Ryoga's rampage.