a KH fanfic by MEG
the mouse and the squeenix own all, including my soul.


She is frightened and cold and somewhere in the back of her mind a voice is screaming, high and thin, the voice of a much younger child. Not again no no no please no it's cold and dark mommy daddy grandma everybody where are you I'm alone no no no --

She's too tired and cold and scared to run now, so she leaves her body behind (too heavy, too clumsy, they'll only catch her if she stays in it) and stumbles as fast as she can to the secret place, followed by little hissing voices from the dark around her.

Sora Riku Sora where are you please the raft will break we'll never sail away from here please I'm scared

Not Riku, she remembers, not Riku, Riku has something terrible in his eyes. Riku will not help her. Riku, Riku, she thinks, why? It will eat you alive and you'll never be with us again oh Sora please help him please help me please you're the only one

there was a man she climbed on his lap and he gave her paper and she drew while he wrote endless pages and pages of secrets he told her it was silly to be scared of the dark

She reaches the secret place, the little hissing shadow-things stalking her and waiting for her to fall. She must have the strength to last until he comes, she thinks. He will come. He will he will he will

and he does. He stumbles in looking as cold and scared as she feels -- or anyway, as she had felt because she isn't cold or scared anymore, she is only tired, more tired than she has ever been, even on that day she can't remember. She doesn't have to be strong any more, she thinks. He will keep her in himself, even if she can't tell him she's there, even if she can't explain that she's hiding in him.

"Sora," she says, and falls into his light.