Riku dreams about paopu fruit, about holding Sora down and forcing it into his mouth, tasting the fruit on his lips as Sora chokes. He dreams he forces Kairi's mouth open and shoves paopu into it, sticky and oily-sweet, licking the juice from her mouth as she gags. He grambs his friends by their hair and grinds their lips together, so they gag and the bits of mashed fruit in their mouths are shared between them.

You wanted to share it, he says, pulling their heads away. I know you did you did you did and now we'll always be together forever and ever and ever aren't you glad?

Dream-Riku is laughing, like he's happy, like he's finally found a way for Sora to be with Kairi forever, for Riku to be with Sora forever, for Riku to be with them forever and never be left out.

When Riku wakes up, his mouth is bitter, and his eyes are grimy with the remains of tears.