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The Bright Side of Marriage By: Shinri

Part 2

Draco's blood turned cold. Three heirs. So that's what Neville wanted. For him to be his broodmare. He bit his inside cheek to keep from yelling out his anger. Was this really his future? To lie down and spread his legs for Neville to try and knock him up. He looked blankly at Neville and for a moment he thought he saw an apologetic look on his face, but when he looked again he saw nothing but a calculating gaze being directed at his father.

Lucius pondered this for a moment. So he wanted Draco for his blood. To strengthen the Longbottom line. Maybe this could be to his advantage as well. With Draco now going to be married off to Longbottom, he has lost his heir. If Draco was going to reproduce, then maybe he could get one of the offspring to be his heir. He opened his mouth to tell Longbottom but was stopped before he could speak by Longbottom's voice.

Neville had seen the look on Lucius' face and had an idea of what he was thinking. He was quick to let him know. He made sure his words were commanding. "If you are thinking you are getting one of our children to raise yourself, then you are delusional. You are to have no part in any of our children's lives and you are never to see Draco, unless he wants you too. Make that clause number three."

Lucius glared at him. "How dare you speak to me like this."

Neville pulled off his robes showing his large muscles, He had gone into herbology since his magic wasn't that strong. He had been doing work since 6th year at Hogwarts when he became a teacher's assistant to Madam Sprout. The past two months had been spent creating his own magical plant business. So far it had been a great success, and the side effect was that he had lost most of his fat and had turned it into muscles. He usually didn't use the fact that he was strong to his advantage, but with Lucius not having a wand due to it being confiscated for a year as part of his punishment, he knew that Lucius could do him no harm. He flexed his muscles and grinned at Lucius.

"I will talk to you how I like. And you had better agree to that second term, or I will leave right now." He crossed his arms and waited for his response.

Lucius was torn between grabbing his secret wand that he had hidden in his sleeve and taking the time in Azkaban, or conceding to the second term. It all came down to one thing. He knew no other would bid as high. With the amount he would receive he would not need to worry about money in his life time. The thought of the galleons was enough. He nodded his head. "Fine, I will agree to the third term. Is there anything else?"

Neville shot a quick glance at Draco before turning back to Lucius. "That is all." He took the parchment when Lucius had handed it to him and quickly signed the contract. He handed it back. He saw Lucius get ready to sign on behalf of Draco, but he stopped him. "No, once that is signed the magic will bind me and your son forever. I want him to sign it."

Draco had been watching his father and Neville go back and forth. He was surprised when Neville had removed his robes to show off his muscles. Draco never knew that robes could hide so much. It took him a moment to force his gaze away from his chest. It made Draco a little self conscious. Although he was slender and petite, he really didn't have much muscle. He had always relied more on his magic. He started to feel his body get aroused, but quickly stopped his train of thoughts. But he still not happy about the children. Sure, he wanted children one day. But he didn't like it to be a stipulation like that. He had to try one last time to talk his father out of this. "Father, please don't make me do this."

Lucius felt his temper raising. "You will do this." He brought his hand up to slap his son, but he was barely and inch away from Draco's face when his hand was stopped in a vice like grip. He followed the hand holding his to its owner.

Neville had used perfect reflexes to stop Lucius from striking Draco. "You will not lay a hand on him." After a moment he let the hand go, and turned to Draco. "Will you sign it?"

Draco didn't know what to make of it. Nothing was going as he had expected. He had never had anyone protect him like Neville just did. He looked at the parchment and quill in his hand. Neville had given him the decision. For once his life was in his own hands. He bit his outer lip, the only sign of his inner turmoil. After a moment he quickly signed his name to the contract. Almost immediately it shot out of his hands and the contract starting pulsing a bright white light. About a minute after it started, two white strands of light shot out of it and wrapped themselves around both him and his now husband. They both felt a warmth in their hearts as the magic bound them. After a moment the light dissipated. He was a Malfoy no longer. Now he was Draco Longbottom.

Once the light had dissipated Neville was ready to take Draco and go home. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a Wizarding Money Order and handed it over to Lucius. "Your payment, as promised."

Lucius looked down at the paper greedily. A new start for him. He started to walk towards the door, but stopped before he went through. He turned to look at Neville. "I placed constricting bracelets on his wrist before the auction. You can use them as you please. They may be necessary to consummate your marriage." With that said he went out the door, not even one last look at his son.

Once Lucius had left the room Neville walked over to stand in front of Draco. He could see Draco's eyes adverted to the ground. But this was not the place to comfort him. He held out his hand to Draco. "Come Draco, it is time we went home." The only response he got was a nod, and after a little hesitation a pale hand was placed in his. Neville gave a little smile before he disapperated, taking Draco with him.

Draco took a deep breath when the ground was under his feet again. His skin tingled from the after effects of apperating. He took a moment to look around the room they had apperated into. It was richly decorated with expensive painting and furniture. The glowing fireplace gave it a homey feeling. It was a weird feeling. He heard a throat clear behind him and turned to see Neville. He saw Neville look down towards his hand, and Draco followed his gaze. Draco quickly shot his hand out of Neville grip, a little embarrassed at having forgotten it. He took a step away from Neville waiting for him to make the first move. He didn't see a bed in this room, so he only assumed that he was about to be dragged off to a bed and was waiting for Neville to lead him. But instead of being dragged off he was shocked to see a wand pointed right at him. Fear gripped him as he realized that he didn't have a wand on him. He was defenseless.

Neville held his wand out and pointed it directly at Draco. "Don't move for a moment." He saw the fear in Draco's eyes, and quickly spoke a spell so as not to scare him much more. "Amovere Ligamen."

Draco braced himself as he saw the spell rush towards him, but instead of pain he felt a small warmth spread through his body and move down to his wrist. He looked down at his wrist to see the bracelets unlatch themselves and fall to the floor. He looked confusedly up to his now husband. "Why?" He couldn't believe that Neville hadn't kept them on to keep control over him.

Neville saw that confusion and disbelief on Draco's face. He kept silent a moment; make sure that anything he said would come out right. "Draco, I would never force anything upon you."

Anger flashed through Draco at the comment. "And demanding that I bare you three heirs is not forcing me?"

Neville knew this issue was going to come up, but it was hoping it would be a little later. "There are some important reasons for that." By the look he saw on his husbands face, he knew that he had better hurry and state those reasons. "The first main reason is that we had to state a child in the contract so that you would be able to reproduce. The white light that came from the contract did that."

Draco had not known that. He thought on it a moment. He had heard about male pregnancy before, but he did not know how it was done. It did sound reasonable that a bond would be needed for it. But it still didn't answer why he had to stipulate three heirs. Just stating that Draco would bare an heir was enough to make him capable to reproduce. "Why three then?"

Neville was glad that Draco was going to at least listen. "That would be the second reason. You see I had to say more than two so that I could put a clause in there that your father could not take any of our children. If we had over two, wizarding law allows your father to pursue custody of one to continue on his line. I am sure you feel as I do, that you would not want any of your children to go through the same childhood as you."

Draco took a step back. He was shocked. How did Neville know about his childhood? Draco placed a blank look onto his face. "I don't know what you are talking about?" He looked away from Neville but quickly looked back when Neville shouted at him.

Neville saw Draco's blank look. "DON'T." He walked over to stand in front of Draco and raised his hand to place it lightly on Draco's cheek. Ignoring the flinch he spoke quietly, but loud enough. "Don't hide yourself from me. I would never hurt you on purpose." He looked into Draco's widening eyes. "I know about your childhood Draco. It wasn't that hard to figure out. All I had to do is just watch how your father reacted during the auction and after. But you don't have to worry about him anymore. Remember that part of the contract was that he was never to see you unless you wanted him to. I don't think he would want to lose all that money over it."

Draco knew that Neville was right. He nodded his head at his husband. "I understand."

Neville doubted that Draco really understood. A lifetime of abuse was not going to make Draco completing trusting. But he promised himself that he would do anything possible to make the rest of Draco's life a good one. Sighing to himself he called out to his head house elf. "Mindy."

Seconds later a house elf appeared in front of Neville. She bowed low in front of him. "You called Master."

Neville gave the house elf a smile. "Yes I did Mindy. I want to introduce you to my husband Draco. His orders are to be responded to as if they were mine."

Mindy shot a look at Draco before nodding her head. "Of course, of course... Mindy is so happy for you, Master. And you also Master Draco. It is a pleasure to meet you it is."

Neville nodded his head. "Mindy is dinner ready."

"Of course, Master. Mindy has it all prepared. You just go and sit at the table and I will bring the food at once." With that said Mindy disappeared with a pop.

Once Mindy was gone Neville walked over to Draco and held out his hand. "Come on, Draco. Let's go get something to eat. I'll answer any more questions you might have." He kept his hand out waiting for Draco to take it. It took a few moments, but he eventually felt Draco's hand in his. Together they walked quietly to the dinning room.


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