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Sesshoumaru has no memory when the Inu-crew finds him. They discover that Naraku has sought out a demoness that can control memories and dreams. A Holy Man tells them of a "Shinju" that Sesshoumaru possesses. It has been hidden away and Naraku needs the information from Sesshoumaru's memories to find it. They learn that the Shinju is a gem that is ten times more powerful than the Shikon Jewel and they must stop Naraku from getting it. Kagome must use her undeveloped priestess powers to protect Sesshoumaru and take him to meet with a Priestess who can give him more information regarding the Shinju. The rest must find Naraku and the demoness and get Sesshoumaru's memories released.

However, along the way the demoness begins playing with their minds. Using their memories to cause nightmares that put their very lives in danger. (I've post part of this to another site, and people loved the dream sequences) She also begins sending Sesshoumaru's childhood memories to him in his dreams, making him relive horrible abuse and sadness. Kagome comforts Sesshomaru and quickly learns that she herself holds great powers that she never knew about.



A thousand years ago, demons ruled the Great Western Lands. Humans were outnumbered and often whole villages where wiped out. Until one day when a brave man, Bishamon Yamamoto, pulled together a great army of men to fight off the demons and take back their lands. After nearly a decade of these deadly wars, the demons and humans found themselves in a dead lock. Yamamoto fought along side his men, never faltering. One day a serious battle took place. A powerful demon threatened Yamamoto's very village, and the lives of his dear friends and family.

The army fought fiercely and in the end stopped the demon before innocent blood of women and children was claimed. However, Yamamoto suffered a fatal wound. On his death bed he summoned the powerful Priestess Hoshiko to his side. He begged her for the power to live on and so that he could see his lands free of demons. The great priestess knew that his heart was pure, his intentions true. She granted him life, with one stipulation. He himself would have to take on demon blood. She gave to him a beautiful shinju or pearl. A shinju of which could contain the very soul of a demon in its purest form. A gem so powerful that in the wrong hands it could cause great destruction. But when held by a demon pure of heart the beautiful shinju would radiate a magnificent power that could protect all of the lands and the people in them.

Bishamon Yamamoto accepted the gem and took on his demon form. For the rest of his life he ruled as the Great Demon Lord of the Western Lands, protecting the humans living there. Demons no longer wreaked havoc. Generation after generation accepted the shinju and the responsibility of protecting the lands, until one demon was corrupted by it. The demon often went by the name Lord Inutaisho or "Leader of the Dogs". He decided that humans need not be protected. He slaughtered humans for sheer gratification and even took pleasure in torturing his own first born son.

Eventually Lord Inutaisho's mate was killed. He later found himself entranced by a young human woman. He eventually took her as his new mate and had a child borne of both his demon blood and her human blood. He treated his human mate and half-demon son with respect and even kindness. He did not abuse his second son, as he had the first. His children grew to hate each other, and would spend their lives in bitter battle. Before his death he forged two swords for his sons. One sword with the ability to kill one hundred demons with only one swing. This sword could not be used by a demon. The second sword could save lives and was intended for his son that would inherit the title and duty of Lord of the Western Lands.