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"Yeah totally cute, she's a knockout. CAN KILL YOU TOO!."

Ranma and Akane
"Till I met you"
A Ranma 1/2 fanfic brought to you by, Chette-chan

Chapter 22: The Amazon Woman

After they exited the Ice cream shop, Ranma suddenly a hot water from the public bath while Akane and Pchan were waiting for him. After that, they resume walking. Akane couldn't stop herself from asking. "Who is she?... Who is that cute girl?" she asked, teasing him.

"Would you stop calling her cute?" Ranma growled. He sighed. "A couple of months ago.. we were passing through her village... Nyuchiehzu, the town of the Amazon Women." he frowned remembering that fateful day. "Pops and I were.. hungry so we ate her prize... and she got angry... then I challenged her, so that if I win the match... The food will be ours... after defeating her... she..." he cringed at that memory, "...kissed my cheek."

Akane turned to him, "So.. she kissed you?"

Ranma glared at her, "I ain't finished yet. It was no ordinary kiss. It was called the Kiss of death."

"Kiss of death?" she blinked.

"Yeah. An amazon rule... Woman of Amazon tribe has so much pride, and loosing to outsider is fate worse than death... that Kiss of death mean that they will hunt you for the rest of your life! They will swear to track you to the ends of the earth and kill you!" he yelled. "and you know what? That's what she did! Everywhere we went to China, she was always there!"

As they arrived at the gates of the Tendos, Akane giggled. "...and now she finally found you in Japan. It was all his fault ne P-chan?" she asked, raising Pchan to her face. While Pchan squealed.

"Your face is too close to him." Ranma grunted.

Akane ignored him, "Well at least the girl who wants to kill you, is cute." she said, as they entered the house.

Ranma rolled his eyes, "This isn't cheerin' me up Akane. You need to do better-" he opened the door and saw Shampoo sipping a tea and he fell right on his butt.

"Ranma! Your father brought you a visitor, Isn't he nice?" Kasumi said, smiling.

Ranma grabbed his panda-father. "Have you gone crazy?!" he whispered.


Ranma gulped. "Ah..."

"Ni hao..." Shampoo narrowed her eyes.

Ranma backed away, "Ah.. yeah.. Ni hao..."

Shampoo started to caress his chest, "...Is man!" she exclaimed.

Ranma nervously smiled, "Uh.. yeah.. too bad that I am not a girl. Sorry about that."

Ryoga entered the Living room, "So you mean, this is the first time she met the male-Ranma?" he asked.

Ranma glared at him, "You think you're really smart, eh p-chan?" he asked.

Ryoga smirked, "Oh, I wouldn't talk that way... if I were you." he said, showing the bucket of cold water.

Ranma gasped. "Ahhh! Be careful with that!"

Ryoga took a step forward, "Be a gentleman Ranma.. she wants to see.. Female Ranma... all the way from China.. so don't disappoint her!" he was about to splash him with cold water, when the bonbori broke the two men.

Shampoo just tried to attack Akane. Akane held the Bonbori on her hands. "Now what?" she yelled.

"Ranma! Where she?" Shampoo glared at Akane.

"I.. I don't know!" Akane exclaimed, trying to push away the bonbori.

"You hide Ranma! You too.. Must die!" Shampoo sway one of her bonbori to Akane and Akane screamed and fell on the floor, avoiding the attack.

Ranma gasped "Akane?" he asked worriedly, seeing Akane in pain; He bailed his fist and clenched his teeth. He glared at Shampoo. "Okay that's it! you've done enough damage!" he kicked the bonbori and it fell on Shampoo's head causing Shampoo to be hit by the bonbori.

"Oh my..." Kasumi said.

Ryoga frowned, "Poor girl.. defeated by male-Ranma this time..."

"It was an accident!" Ranma yelled, knowing the consequences of his winning.

"He is right, don't be so modest now Ranma.. you won." Kasumi said, smiling.

"B-But that would mean..." Ranma shivered.

Akane looked at Ranma's pale face, "... that would mean.. she's going to try to kill.. male Ranma too..." she whispered.

But Ranma heard her, his face became even more paler. "W-Wait!" he yelled, seeing Shampoo waking up. "W-Wait a minute! It's not true! I didn't win!" he backed away from her, while Shampoo approaching him. "It was an accident! You didn't lose!"

Ryoga smirked, "Be a man... and take your kiss of death." he said, pushing Ranma to Shampoo.

Something happened, Ranma wasn't killed... actually.. he was kissed.

Akane froze.

It was a long kiss.

Akane started to get angry.

Ranma was too shocked to even respond.

When Akane couldn't stand anymore... she picked up a bonbori and threw it to Ranma, making the kiss end.

Shampoo glared at Akane.

Akane glared at Ranma.

Ranma looked at Akane, then at Shampoo.. then back at Akane...

Akane and Ranma's eyes met, Akane growled and left the room.

"What is all the noise here?!" Soun yelled as he opened the door.

Kasumi started to panic, "I don't understand father... but this girl.. is Ranma's girlfriend from China and-"

Ranma gasped, "You're wrong-"

Soun yelled, "Girlfriend?!"

Genma in Panda form, shook his head and said in his board that he doesn't know anything about this.

Ranma yelled, "What do you mean, you don't know! Tell the truth!"

Shampoo giggled, "Wo ai ni.." she whispered, hugging Ranma.

"Let go-"

"Wo ai ni.. means.. it's you that I love?" Kasumi asked,

"RANMAAAAAA!" Soun yelled.

Ranma gaped, "Mr. Tendo! She has never see me as a guy before!"

"Sounded credible to me." Ryoga whispered.

"Will you cut the crap!" Ranma yelled at Ryoga.

"Still you two seem to be very close." Soun said, looking at Ranma.

"Mr. Tendo! Don't tell me that you see me that way too?" Ranma asked,

Soun leaned forward to him, "I can't see it any other way." he said, pointing out how Shampoo nuzzling like a kitten to Ranma.

The door opened. Everyone looked at the angry Akane. "Ranma. I am more concern of your engagement to my sister! So you cannot marry her!" she yelled, and then left the room again.

Nabiki entered the room and smirked, "I don't care if Ranma likes Shampoo."

"Oh hello Nabiki, welcome home." Kasumi said, smiling.

Then Shampoo showed to them the book of the amazon tribal law. Soun grabbed the book and started reading it. He gasped.

"What did it said?" Ranma asked.

Soun threw the book, "You know perfectly well.. I can't read Chinese."

Ranma leaned closer to him, "Well then, why didn't you say so in the first place?"

Soun nodded, "You're right on that."

"The laws of the amazon tribe law... in the event that an amazon is defeated by an outsider, and if that outsider is a woman... give the kiss of death and kill without delay. however, if that outsider is a man...mmm...interesting..." she smirked.

"What?" Ranma and Soun chorused.

"...she must marry him."

"Eh?" Ranma asked,

"Airen!" Shampoo giggled.

"T-That's a joke! no way!" Ranma exclaimed. "You can't read Chinese either!" he added.

Nabiki smirked, "Of course, I can't read Chinese."

"Then you were joking." Ranma growled.

"No. I don't joke." Nabiki smiled sweetly, "There's a translation here." she said, showing them the back of the book.

"Ahh! Did I miss that completely!" Soun said, snapping his fingers.

Akane sat at the back of the Dojo and frowned. At times like this, she wanted to vent and pour out all her anger while punching anything. But she can't do martial arts anymore. It was surprisingly for her that she was able to hold that heavy bonbori and prevent it from hitting her.

Then she remembered the kiss.

Clenching her fist, she couldn't stop hurting from that picture. It was the first time she saw a long kiss and it was Ranma's. She knew she doesn't have the right to interfere because she wasn't the fiancee. But seeing Shampoo and Ranma together, made her heart ache.

She remembered the times, they were together. Being her brother. Protecting her. Caring for her. Even at the last Valentines day game... he knew her too well. This is without a doubt saying that she was really special to Ranma.

Then... everything just shattered.. because of that Kiss.

I wonder if Ranma felt something in that Kiss? Ahh stop it Akane, you have no right.. you're not even the fiancee... plus why do you feel pain? Didn't you want people to leave you alone before? She lectured herself. She remembered how cold she was with Ranma when they first met, but Ranma just broke all the walls between them.. and now... and even she wants to deny her feelings, seeing that Kiss... she realized that she has feelings for her sister's fiancee. "Ranma no Baka..." She shook her head and was about to stand up when she heard Ranma's voice. She carefully, peeked and saw Ranma talking to Shampoo. She silently listened to their conversation.

"Okay Shampoo listen to me. That amazon rule, kill the girls and marry the guys rules are outdated... plus you are in Japan, so just forget it okay?"

"Rules?" Akane asked,

"In other words.. she's trying to catch herself a husband Akane." Kasumi smiled.

Akane looked and saw her two sisters behind her. "Oh.. you two...say Nabiki.. are you okay with this?"

Nabiki smiled, "Yeah. Besides... you don't really think he's got the guts to cheat... do you?"

Akane shrugged and looked at Ranma and Shampoo again.

"So now you understand Shampoo?" Ranma asked, Shampoo giggled, nodded and put her arms around him. "Ugh... you didn't listen to a word I said!"

"Wo da.. Airen..." Shampoo whispered, making Ranma blushed.

"Wo da Airen.. it means..my beloved Husband." Nabiki said, looking at a dictionary.

Akane growled.

"Look here Shampoo! There's no way I'm datin' you! nor even marryin' you! So just forget-" he paused and blinked, seeing Shampoo smile. Lost for words, he blushed more.

Which made Akane even furious than before.

"Oh my.. he forgot what he was about to say..." Kasumi said,

"Wo Ai Ni!" Shampoo yelled,

"It means I love... you.. Akane." Nabiki smirked, enjoying Akane's reaction.

"Will you stop?" Akane yelled, and left her two sisters.

"W-Well.. N-Nobody.. should ma-marry cause of rules.. you know so.. I mean we should.. uh.. get to know each other ma-maybe-"

Soun and Genma the Panda sighed, looking at Ranma and Shampoo. They approached them.

"Take a good look at yourself son, its pathetic." Soun whispered.

And so finally it was night...

Ranma was sitting on the roof. Deep in thoughts, "Its funny... she's been trying to kill me all this time... So I've never noticed that Shampoo really is kinda cute..." he remembered Shampoo's smile. "Men.. if only Akane.. were that nice-" he paused when he felt cold water splashed on him. Instantly turning him into a girl. "Wha-"

"Heh." Ryoga said.

She turned to him, "What did you do that for?" she yelled.

Ryoga shook his head, playing the bucket on his hand. "You know... watching Akane get jealous over a jerk like you.. really makes me sick!" he yelled, as he threw the bucket on him.

"What?" Ranma (girl) gasped and avoided the bucket which cause her to fall. "You jerk! If Akane's jealous then that would mean-"

"Me? Jealous? Never." Akane asked, Ranma (girl) gaped at her. "I don't care one a bit! I wasn't the one who is engaged to you or anything, so you get to know her all you want!" she yelled, and left her.

"W-Wait Akane-" Ranma (girl) was about to follow her, when Akane threw a big stone on her. "Hey! Don't carry out big rocks like that-" she shrieked as the boulder tore into two, seeing the Bonbori. "ACK!"

"Ranma! I Kill!" Shampoo yelled.

"No!" Ranma (girl) yelled as she begun to run, while Shampoo chasing her and attacking her.

Soun sighed, "As a boy... she wants him... as a girl.. she wants him dead." their eyes widened as they see the two of them approaching. "Gaaaah!" they avoided the two of them, and both cause ruckus around the house. Soun cried seeing the table breaking into pieces.

"Oh my.. It's true that they really do need to get to know each other better now, don't they?" Kasumi asked.

"Nabiki! Stop your fiance at once!" Soun cried.

Nabiki frowned, "I don't want-" she paused and smiled evilly. "For you daddy..."

Ranma (girl) landed on a bush and hide herself. "Man. This is crazy- ack!" she felt hot water on her head and the changes in her body.

"That's hot!" he yelled, then he saw Nabiki smirking.

"Gimme 2000 yen and we'll call it even. I just saved your life my beloved husband." Nabiki said, smiling.

Ranma groaned, "I don't believe this! I am outta here!" he jumped and felt cold water splashed on him again.

"RYOGA!" Ranma (girl) grabbed him. "What's your problem?!"


Ranma (girl) screamed and hide behind the bushes again, there she met Nabiki once again. "Nabiki!" she quietly went to her. "Hurry the hot water!"

"With Tax, your total is 5000 yen." Nabiki said, smiling.

"Shouldn't that be 4000 yen?" Ranma (girl) asked, frowning.

"Do you want it, or don't you?" Nabiki asked, pouring the hot water on the ground.

"Ahhh! Okay! Okay! Hurry it up! I'll give it to you later! Don't waste the water!" she yelled.

When he felt shampoo was about to attacked, He stood up, "W-Wait! It's me!"

Shampoo blinked, "Ahhh Airen!" she giggled and was about to embrace him.

But he jumped higher to avoid her, "Hugging? That's even worse!" he yelled, but then again, another cold water splashed on him and became girl again. "Ryoga! Are you teaming with her?" she yelled furiously.

"Ranma! I Kill!" Shampoo yelled, as she started attacking again.

"Somebody help me!" Ranma (girl) screamed in the night.

"Well Saotome... With you and your son in this house...there's never.. a dull moment. I'm so glad you're here... " Soun said, while crying.

Kasumi looked at Nabiki counting money, then at Akane who was sitting quietly in the corner. She frowned. "Akane, are you okay? You've very quiet." she asked.

The truth is that, ever since she carried that big boulder to throw at Ranma, she felt her body ache with pain, but she wouldn't say anything to her family or else.. She stood up, "I am going now to my room."

"Are you sure you're okay? You look a little pale." Kasumi asked, looking worried at her. That caught the attention of the family so they all turned to Akane.

She wasn't okay, far from it, but she didn't really want to tell her family because she knew that if they know, the situation would make it worse and not better. "I'm fine.." she said, carefully she went out of the room. She paused downstairs and took a deep breath. She used a lot of energy ever since that Amazon Woman came earlier "Come on Akane, you became strong right?" She clutched her chest. Her heart was racing and she was breathing heavily, "No please not now..." she whispered. She needed to fight the blankness of her mind, she tried to fight the pain. She took the first step, then the second, but after the third, she suddenly collapsed.

Ranma took a deep breath outside the Tendos gate. He was lucky that he found a place where he can buy a temporary sleeping gas and after he used it to Shampoo, he was free for the meantime. "Man.. that was scar-"


Ranma gasped and hurriedly entered the house, "What happe-" his eyes widen, seeing Akane laying on the floor unconsciously. As fast as he can, he reached out to her and carried her towards her bed. The family entered her room and they started talking to each other.

"What made Akane collapsed like that?"
"Maybe because the house was in chaos?"
"Too much excitement I think?"

Ranma growled at them, "Will you all shut up?"

Everyone fell silent.

"Akane needs to rest, so.. don't make any noise." Ranma said, Kasumi entered the room and gave Ranma a bowl of water and a cloth, then both Kasumi and him started taking care of the unconscious Akane. Nabiki pushed the two fathers away from the room, leaving Kasumi and Ranma alone with Akane. Ranma put the wet cloth on Akane's forehead, but his eyes caught Kasumi's worried face. "Oneechan.. don't worry, she'll be fine."

Kasumi startled and looked at Ranma, "Oh my, I am sorry.. it's just that.. I remembered my mother... the first time... she became weak was like this also.. she collapsed one day and she couldn't stand up anymore."

Ranma froze. He felt as if his heart stop as well. "N-No Oneechan... she'll be fine..."

"I wonder what happen? She was strong earlier..."

"Yeah she even threw a boulder at me." Ranma whispered,

"What did you say?" Kasumi asked, a panic in her face.

"S-She.. threw.. a boulder at me?" he asked, "Is that it?"

"Oh my..." Kasumi sighed, "She used a lot of her strength ever since Shampoo came..."

"I am sorry... it was all my fault.." Ranma looked down. "If it wasn't for me-"

"It's okay Ranma, just don't make her too excited." Kasumi interrupted.

Akane stirred. She opened her eyes and felt pain.


Someone was leaning over her, leaning into her field of vision. "Akane.. are you okay? How are you feeling?"

She remembered now. She collapsed.

"Are you okay? Do you need anything?"

The person leaning over her, she realized was Ranma. It hurt just to breathe so she didn't dare to move, but she tried nodding her head. But it was a mistake, Just the slight movement intensified the pain and felt a wave of nausea wash over her. She must have looked as bad as she felt because Ranma reached at the floor and grabbed a small green bowl.

"Kasumi said, you might vomit-"

His voice was interrupted just as Akane sat down, turned her head wincing in pain carved through her chest and vomited into the bowl. She felt Ranma caress her back, as if he is trying to help her. After several minutes passed, she'd finished and Ranma took away the bowl, then Ranma helped her to lay on the bed again.

"Do you need anything?"

Stay. She wanted to say... but does she have the right to even say that? Hesitantly, she shook her head carefully.

"I'll be here.. if you need-"

She shook her head. "G-Go.." she whispered.

"But Akane-"

"I'm fine." she said, looking down.

Ranma picked the bowl and looked at her, "Are you still mad at me?" he asked. Akane didn't move. "I knew it was wrong for me to bring Shampoo into our lives, but you know perfectly well that you shouldn't carry a boulder like you just did earlier." Ranma took a deep breath, he didn't want to get angry at her right now. "I.. know.. I deserved to be hit by you, for some reason... even I don't understand our situation..."

Akane carefully looked at him.

"Demo..." Ranma growled, remembering how he saw her lying on the floor like that. "You can just hit me with a brick or with a stick, or a small stone. But a boulder?" he shook his head, "What the hell are you thinking, you Idiot!" he couldn't stop himself from getting angry at her.

Akane's eyes widen.

"Next time, please... do think about yourself." Ranma said, and with that he left the room.

She wanted to call out to him, but she felt dizzy all of the sudden and decided to just close her eyes.

Akane opened her eyes and felt normal. The pain that she felt before just vanished. She remembered Ranma, and she wanted to thank him for taking care of her. Hurriedly, she went to the shower, changed her clothes to school and went to the living room. She looked around and didn't find Ranma.

"Akane thank goodness you're okay. Um.. can you go and wake up Ranma?" she asked, smiling.

Akane nodded, "I will neechan." she said, smiling. She went upstairs and knocked at Ranma and Genma's room. She frowned and noticed that it wasn't lock. She opened the door. "Ranma? I am coming in-" she stopped and saw Shampoo sleeping beside Ranma. Her thankfulness and happiness just flew outside the window. She clenched her fist and went to the bathroom to get a cold water. After that, she threw the cold water to them.

"ACK! THAT'S COLD!" Ranma (girl) screamed, then she saw Akane. "Jeez Akane! Whaddya do that for?" she asked, Akane just looked away and then left the room angrily. "W-What did I do?" she asked, then she felt hands on her face.

"Wo da.. Airen.."

Ranma (girl) gasped, "S-Shampoo! What are you doing here?"

Akane sat on the floor and started eating breakfast, it was only her and Kasumi now.

"Is Ranma awake?" Kasumi asked, Akane didn't say anything she just continuously eat.

"Ahh Come on! It's too early for this!" Ranma (girl) screamed.

"Girl-type Ranma! I Kill!" Shampoo yelled.

Kasumi blinked, "Oh my... Shampoo's here.. would you join us for breakfast?" she asked, sweetly.

Then a few seconds, they hear Ranma in male form saying, "I'm really getting tired of this!"

"Boy-type Ranma! You I love!" Shampoo giggled.

"LEAVE ME ALONE! GET AWAY FROM ME!" Ranma yelled, as he and shampoo running around the table and an angry Akane.

"Okay that's it. I have enough!" Akane yelled.

Ranma nodded, "Yes. That's right Shampoo! Behave yourself. You heard Akane, so leave me alone." he run towards outside but Shampoo jumped in front of him and hugged him tightly. "W-Wait-ack" he felt something hit his head, it was the rice cooker.

"Its your own fault! I tried to ignore you but that's even worst!" Akane yelled at them.

Shampoo glared at her, "What you do this!"

"You're too loud in the morning!" Akane retorted.

"We have fun! You no interfere." Shampoo said.

"Fine! Have fun OUTSIDE!" Akane yelled.

"We Outside?" Shampoo blinked, making Akane blushed in embarrassment. "Why you so jealous?"

Akane felt her cheeks became even more warm, "I AM NOT JEALOUS!" she looked at the clock, "Ugh, I have no time for this. I am late for school." she grabbed her bag and started to run towards school. But of course, she wasn't surprised when Ranma caught up with her.

"I told you! Shampoo didn't ask if she could climb into my bed!" Ranma yelled at her. "It's not like I asked her to sleep with me or something."

Akane clenched her teeth, "Don't waste your breath, I couldn't care less how disgusting you are in the morning!"

"Boy! once you made up your mind about something huh?" Ranma jumped down and now he was running beside her.

"Why do you have to be such a pervert? I guess you and shampoo really deserves each other..." she said, panting.

Right, and you have the nerve to say that to me? Ranma rolled his eyes, "You're the one who sleeps with the little piggy."

Akane glared at him, "What's P-chan got to do with this?! You're an idiot. Jealous of a little pig."

Ranma bailing his fist, then he put his fingers to his mouth and started making face. "Ahh! Who'd be jealous of you?!"

Akane snapped out, "That's right! We were not engaged in the first place. I am not your fiance so I couldn't care less!" she yelled, then she started hitting Ranma with her bag but Ranma kept avoiding it, while clenched his fist. "I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! Be with shampoo for all I care! I hate you!"

To be continued..

Chette: ooh.. Akane hates you Ranma.
Ranma: Kawaiikune-
Akane: Baka.