I love you to the bones

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Hermione looked a Harry and Echo's faces, they looked so happy, so much happiness caused by taking a bite out of a biscuit.

"So…" Hermione said, grinning, "Ok, yes… I ate a goddamn biscuit. And I didn't do it for you" She pointed to Echo, "Or you" She pointed to Harry, "I did it for myself." She sighed, "For me."

Echo kissed her forehead, and Harry gave her hand a squeeze.

"Good." Said Echo, "At least you recognize you have a problem, and that you have to want to sort yourself out."

"Yeah, and just remember me, Echo, Ron, everyone. We'll be here for you every step of the way." Harry said, Hermione gave his hand a squeeze.

"You both mean a lot to me. And Echo, keep to your side of the bargain and I'll keep to mine"

"What bargain?" Harry asked,

"Echo is stopping drugs, if I stop with my anorexia." Hermione said, taking a sip of tea.

"That won't be easy" Harry said,

"I know. But it needs to be done, for both of us"

"Yeah" Said Hermione agreeing with Echo.

"Is that your third biscuit?" Harry asked her,

"No, second." She said smiling. "Not gonna have a third though, got to take this a step at a time."

"We understand." Echo said,

"Mmm" Harry took a sip of tea and leant back against the bedpost. "Put Silverstein on."

"You like Silverstein?" Echo asked,

"Yep." Harry said,

"Ok." Hermione went over and put it on, "Never knew you liked Silverstein?"

"Yeah, well I don't blast my music out on full ALL the time, do I?"

Hermione whistled innocently,

Echo laughed, "You should go wash that off now 'Mione," he said, "Should be done by now, your hair wasn't that dry"

"Okay. Don't you two argue when I'm gone."

"OK professor granger." Echo said in a sing-song voice.

Hermione walked into the bathroom and turned on the taps to the bath, she got undressed and then went through to Harry's room with a towel wrapped around her. Harry walked in just as she bent over to pick up his CD player. He stared for a second that seemed longer than it actually was,

"Ahem" He coughed, Hermione recoiled quickly,

"Sorry, borrowing your CD player."

"It's fine" Harry said, "I'm just getting my CDs"

"Ok" Hermione left the room and walked into the bathroom, she placed the CD player down and then went through to her room, she grabbed a CD, and then felt some hands on her waist,

"Mmmm, sexy" Echo said, and pushed her around, and planted a kiss on her lips, Hermione raised her free hand and wrapped it around his neck pulling him closer to her body. He ravished her body with his hands, and she pulled away and stared at him closely, he put his hands on her hips and she wrapped hers around his neck.

"I love you" She said,

"I love you too" Echo said and planted a sweet, tender kiss on her lips, "Now go wash the gunk off your hair" He said and the two laughed she pranced into the bathroom and locked both doors.

Hermione slipped The Spill Canvas in the CD player and slipped her body into the warm water. She washed the gunk out of her hair pretty sharpish, and gave herself a thoroughly good clean. Hermione kept topping up the water to keep it warm.

About twenty minutes there was a knock on the door,

"Mia, it's Echo" Echo shouted through the door, Hermione got out of the bath wrapped a small towel around herself, gave her hair a quick shake and walked over to the door she opened it a smidgen,

"What's up?" She asked,

"Well Harry's gone to quidditch practice. So I thought you know we could get clean together?" He arched an eyebrow quirkily.

"Okay then" Hermione said and opened the door, Echo snuck in and smiled at her, he locked the door. Hermione got in the tub, and Echo undressed and Hermione wolf-whistled jokingly, and hummed the theme from the full-monty.

Echo slipped into the bath and started playing with the taps, flows of white bubbles that smelt of vanilla started gushing out of one. And then a lilac mist floated in and out of the mounds of white bubbles the two were nearly buried under.

"Ok lets stop playing with the taps now before we suffocate in some freak bubblebath accident" Hermione said, and Echo laughed,

"Ok" He said and smiled sheepishly.

Hermione made her way over to him, and he wrapped his hands around her waist, she played with his hair in his finger and they stared at each other for a few moments. Then Echo reached forward and kissed her on the lips, gently first then getting stronger and stronger. Hermione ran her hands up his chest, and his hands massaged her breasts. She moaned gently into the kiss, he ran his hand down her body and slipped a digit inside her, and then another. He pumped his fingers in and out of her, and she threw her head back moaning, and intermittently murmuring his name. He could feel her throbbing and he pulled his fingers out and gently massaged her clit, she kissed his neck occasionally nipping at the skin. He pulled her legs up by her thighs and she wrapped them around his body, he slowly pushed himself into her and she moaned. He started to go in her fast and she clutched onto his back, he grunted slightly. She looked at him he looked so pretty when he was trying. She moaned loudly, he was hitting just the right spot, he went in faster and Hermione, moaned his name as he released inside her. He pulled himself out and kissed her forehead. She smiled and rested her head in the crook of his neck.

He smiled and lifted her chin up and kissed her gently on the lips,

"I love you so fucking much" He said,

"I love you too" Hermione replied, and smiled. She got out of the bath and wrapped a towel around her body and one around her hair, Echo followed suit except he just towel dried his hair and then hung the towel back up. The two got dressed and Hermione checked the time,

"We'll have to go for dinner now" She said,

"Alright," Echo replied and took her hand and the two went down to dinner, they entered to great hall and Echo sat with Hermione, they were soon joined by Harry. The three sat talking animatedly all dinner, and Hermione ate some beef, potatoes, a load of vegetable and even had some gravy.


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