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The weather was beginning to chill this time of year and the gang was head further north in search of a jewel shard rumor they had herd from a traveler they had come by a few days before. According to the man there was a small village to the north up in the mountains that was having some trouble with normally demons they would not worry about.

:……Fight up in the Mountains……:

"Inuyasha! SIT!" screamed Kagome as she notched her arrow readying it for attack. There enemy was a salamander demon who had six jewel shard fragments lodged allover its body. It had been ready to strike when she had sat Inuyasha forcing him to the ground.

The demon had surprisingly got the better of Sango and Miroku had been at her side in a flash ready to suck the demon into the wind tunnel no longer caring about the jewel shards it had. It was then that Inuyasha had intervened and told Miroku to leave with Sango to tend to her wounds. There wasn't much of an argument between the two and Miroku left with out more than three words, Sango held tight to him.

As of right now Kagome had two of her scared arrows flying over Inuyasha's had toward the demon. They hit there target and she fired another which purified the monster into nothing but ash. Inuyasha had sat up and insisted that he had it under control while Kagome retrieved the shard pieces. She had got as far as picking up the third shard when she had dropped to her knees.

She could feel Inuyasha at her side but she couldn't hear anything he was saying if he was talking at all. Her entire world went black when he picked her up to cradle her.

……:The Next Day……:

Kagome awoke like she did every morning and was greeted with the worried looks form all her friends leaning over her. What ever had happened she seemed fine, or at least hoped she was...

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