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Always Watching, Always Waiting

I'm Not Who They Think I Am...


Setting: Yuki's room, everything set in a precise order except for a binder of pictures. The binder is open, pictures scattered across Yuki's bed. Yuki is sitting crosslegged, head in hands. He has just set down one picture apart from the rest; a picture of himself, smiling.


Yuki's POV

People call me Prince Charming, but they have no idea how wrong they are. Don't they realize I act this way just to gain their trust? I'm not really such a nice person. I'm doing it for my own egotistical reasons, not for them. If only I wasn't so selfish... I'm not like Kyo. He has a genuine spark that would make people like him if he would just shed his confusion about people. He could have a normal life, and cast out the Sohma name. I envy him.

Tohru. I love her so much, that even one moment away from her drags me back into this stagnant abyss of self pity and sorrow. Kyo always sneers at me when I'm like this, making me feel like even more of a worthless rat. I don't let my feelings show through often;
especially in front of him. I don't know why he does this to me at those times, though... perhaps something is permeating through, despite my attempts. I certainly don't need false sympathy from him. So we have our daily tussle, and we go separate ways. I have no one I can talk to, no one I can trust. Only one person, and that person is her.

I don't want to press my troubles upon her; to darken her outlook on life rivals stabbing her. They would both kill her, eventually. I couldn't do that to her. So I keep them bottled up inside, never letting anyone know that something was wrong. The only thing I could even begin to show her was how much I care for her, show her tenderness and tentative love.

I'm glad I made the choice to bring her to my garden, she brightens at the mere mention of going there. I've planted strawberries for her; I can't wait to see her face when they mature. She's the reason I decided to keep tending my garden; without her, it would have been ugly and overgrown. Tohru brings a smile to my face, her calming presence, her addictive personality. I wish I could drop my horrible facade in front of her, but I can't expose her to the corrupt human.... whom I really am.

"Lo! Brother!" I hear, coming from across the hall. Rolling my eyes, I decide not to reply. "Yukiiii!" he calls, desperately. I resume shuffling my photo book together. In a minute or two, I hear my door burst open, and my brother barges in. "My dear little brother, why didn't you answer me? I was looking for you!"

Closing the book with a loud snap, I turn to face him. "Get out of my room," I say, evenly. Ignoring me, Ayame sits on my bed anyways, and throws his arms around me. A vein pulses on my neck, and I throw his arms off of me.

"Ayame! Do that again, and you're a dead man," I threaten, hoping that he'll finally get the point through his walnut sized brain. Sighing, I watch as tears roll down his cheeks.

"Gure! Yuki hates me!" he wails, and buries his head into his knees, pale hair covering his face. But as suddenly as it began, he perks up, and starts talking again. "I know you didn't mean to!" he cries. "I forgive you, dear brother. It's my own fault for not realizing you were teasing me. Talk to me, brother! Tell me what's on your mind!" he says extravagantly, throwing one arm to the side and very nearly beaming me in the head.

I roll my eyes yet again, and attempt to get up, when an idea hits me. "Did... you ever feel like you wanted to do something, but couldn't, because everyone would feel like you changed drastically?" I ask, curiously. I fix my eyes on him as he takes a deep breath.

"I knew you wanted to know more about me... I knew it! It is my job to repair this rift between us, and I shall tell you all about the illustrious me when I was younger. Of course I wanted to do something! In fact, during my high school years, I wanted to breed a sea horse. Everyone thought I was strange, and began to avoid me, seeing as I wanted to crossbreed it with a bunny. But I showed them! After 3 days of research, I managed to do it. So, just do it! Nike agrees with me! I'm so happy to be helping my little brother. Oh! There was this other time when-"

I slipped off the bed. I should have known it was hopeless; going to Ayame for advice. But what else could I have done? There was no one else... A soft voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Yuki? I'm sorry... I got a bit carried away. Come to your big brother, and tell him all about your problems. I promise I'll listen to whatever you say. Just.. give me a chance?" Ayame said, so sincerely that I just had to believe him, even if it was against my better judgement. I smiled gently, and returned to the bed. Given time, I could work this problem out, and maybe even learn to accept my brother. Just maybe.



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