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Chapter One.

Saturday 4:37 PM

"Do you really think he's trying to avoid you?" asked Phoebe, looking up at her sister.

"Yeah, I mean, after last week...he just admitted that you die in the future. Maybe...maybe he's just not comfortable being around a supposedly dead woman," said Paige.

The sisters were all in the kitchen. Phoebe sat at the table sipping coffee and desperately trying to get a serious head start on her next column. Paige sat next to her, sipping her own drink, trying to comfort her older sister.

The sound of the knife cutting through meat and lettuce stopped on the chopping board. "Yeah, I know, it's just that...I thought that he would want to get closer to me," Piper said dejectedly, eyes downcast, letting the knife fall into the sink, before turning to look at her sisters. "I mean...I...we...Phoebe and I, of all people, should know what he's going through. We went back in time and visit our own mom. I mean...you know...she died, too."

Hearing this, Phoebe stopped typing furiously on her laptop, took off her glasses, stood up, and went to hug her sister. "Yeah, we did, honey, but...this is different," she said, now holding a very accepting Piper in her arms.

Paige, who didn't know what to say because, at least, she lost her parents at a relatively older age, chimed in. "Yeah, sweetie, I don't know what to say. I...well, I guess we all lost our parents too early in life, but...we...at least...I mean, well, we always had someone there for us."

Piper finally looked up to stare at Paige with a confused look on her face, as Phoebe patted her on her back, having an equally confused face, too.

"Well, you guys, think about it. He hasn't really said that much, but after everything he's told us about the future, does it really seem like we have a lot of say on what went on there?" Paige said, looking on to her sisters with a quiet voice. "I mean, if Wyatt turned evil and Piper died and Leo was a no-show dad, then who's to say that Piper was the only one who died? I mean, we could be dead, too, Phoebe. For all we know, Chris could have spent most of his teenage life, the most important part of a person's life, mind you, alone, scared, scarred, which would explain his neurotic tendencies, and running from the most powerful being, who's a bad guy that just so happens to be his brother. I mean, imagaine. All that time...and he was just...alone."

Piper's eyes glazed, staring at nothing. "That never crossed my mind."

"I know...the thought kind of hit me like that, too. I mean, at least I grew up, to an adult mostly, when my parents died. If I admit it, part of me was kind of ready for them to leave...I mean, not "die" leave, but leave just the same... I was mostly ready for it. Besides, I had my aunts and uncles, even cousins, to talk to afterward, who took me in, who sympathized, who helped... That made things a lot easier."

"Yeah," said Phoebe agreeing. "I mean, we had Grams growing up. I never really knew Mom. She died before I could really remember her. And, yes, I wanted to save her, but...Grams was there, and Prue was there, you were there," she said as she shook Piper playfully on the shoulders, sadly grinning, before receiving a small, exhasuted laugh in return. "I mean, we had people we could turn to, people who could love us. I'd hate to think what I'd do if it was just me by myself..."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," said Piper whose eyes that have been filled with unshed tears finally let loose. "We had people we could trust and take comfort from. Mom did die at an early age, and I do remember some stuff, but...I had you and Prue and Grams, sometimes even Andy, as a support group behind me." Piper stopped to wipe some of her tears away. "I'd hate to imagine what he went through growing up like that. It's just...I wish he knew how he really felt like, you know? If he really loves me?"

"Okay, now you're just being stupid," spoke Paige jokingly and letting out a small laugh of her own.

"Yeah, of course, he loves you. Like he said, he's just...afraid...of getting close again. I mean, after he saves Wyatt, he might have to go back to a future where you aren't there waiting for him. I mean, after all those scars and emotional baggage he carries, who knows how much he went through, not even just when you died, but before, too," said Phoebe.

"You think something was wrong before I died?" Piper said, concerned and surprise.

"Well, yeah. I mean, what the hell? Who knows when Wyatt turned? He could have been hiding and we wouldn't even have known it. Plus, take into consideration, how much he hates Leo..." Phoebe finished.

"Yeah...I guess so," Piper said. "Thanks you guys. You know, for giving me a little perspective."

"Anytime, sweetie," said Phoebe, as she let her self be pulled into a group hug.

"Yeah, you know we'll always be here for you."

"Thanks, you guys."

"Remember," Paige warned, "talk to him, but...don't push. He'll come to you when he's ready."

"Yeah...I know...thanks," Piper said as she started laughing and working her way back to the sink. "Now, come on. I have to finish or we'll be having take out."

Paige and Phoebe laughed and went to sit down, when a loud explosion could be heard coming from the attic. "Jeez, what was that?!" yelled Phoebe, as the house still shook as a result of the explosion.

"Wyatt!" yelled Paige.

"Don't worry about him. I asked Sheila if she could look after him until dinner, when they come over," said Piper, seconds before realization struck. "Oh, my God! Chris! Paige! Hurry! Attic! Attic! Attic!"