Forever and a Half


"Damn locker! Why I outta…" Joey Wheeler growled, kicking ineffectively at his locker.

"Poor, defenseless puppy. You look like you need help," a voice stated, coming from around 2 feet away.

"Yeah? Well I know it ain't gonna come from you, so why ya standin there gapin like a dead fish?"

Seto Kaiba chuckled, and walked toward him. "Dead fish gape? Wheeler, you're even more of a half-wit than I thought." He sighed mockingly.

"Kaiba! Why ya still here? Don't you have some huge company to run in your spare time?" Joey growled, angrily. For good measure, he aimed another kick at his stubborn locker.

Seto smirked at him. "Yes, reject, but for right now I have another errand I need to run."

Joey tossed his head, and turned away. "Tell someone who cares."

"How do you know it doesn't involve you?" Seto said, amused.

"W- What're ya talkin bout? Kaiba! Stop messin with me. I ain't gonna fall for it, ya know," Joey said, half irritably, half hurt.

"Mutt. Come." Seto ordered.

Joey found himself taking a half step toward the tall brunet, but stopped as he realized what he was doing. "Why should I listen ta you? Who the hell do you think ya are? Orderin me around like dat…" the blonde snarled.

The CEO inhaled deeply, and steeled himself for the words he would utter next. "Wheeler, you are my errand," he said. He watched as his words slowly took effect on the mutt.

"Kaiba, you serious?" Joey asked, estatic yet suspicious. "Whaddaya mean by dat?" he asked.

"Do I have to explain to this?" Seto said sardonically. "Look, puppy. I love you. Now are you going to come with me, or not? I have an appointment in 20 minutes, and I'm short on time," he monotoned, but his eyes said differently.

"Seto, you love me?" Joey asked, in a daze.

"Yes, I do. What do you want me to do, say it in some stupid romantic way?"

"Yes," came the unexpected reply. The brunet rolled his eyes, and sighed once again.

"I'll love you forever and a half." he deadpanned. "Happy now, mutt?"

Joey grinned at Seto. "Forever and a half." he agreed, cheerfully. "An stop callin me mutt!" Seto just snorted, and the two walked toward the end of the hall, hand in hand, locker ancient history.


A/N: Just some 400 word drabble. Yes! It is real! Ok. Well, thanks to my lovely beta reader, Aftertaste of a Razorblade, for beta-ing for me! I had ::doesn't even bother to count:: maybe... 2000 mistakes? hehe... Ok! So that brings us to our quick grammar lesson.

Quick Grammar Lesson:

1) There are commas after the ending part of a dialogue, if you are still writing the sentence. (Not a good definition, BUT we have examples.
EX: "W-What're ya talkin bout? Kaiba! Stop messin with me. I ain't gonna fall for it, ya know," Joey said, half irritably, half hurt. (That way is CORRECT! The way I first did it was I had a period after "know", the last word of dialogue.)

2) Brunettes are girls, brunets are guys! I never knew that before, I thought it was brunette for any dark haired person.

3) Whenever there's a new speaker, you need to start a new paragraph. Again, I had no idea that a person had to do that, so my dialogue is all clumped together in the fics that I did when I didn't have a beta. Come to think of it, there's probably a whole bunch of mistakes in THOSE ones, too...

4) PWP does not mean "Plot without plot" as I originally thought it meant. It means something else entirely. That wasn't grammar, but it's good to know.

5) Keep to one name during narraration! I find that extremely hard to do.

OK! I think that was actually longer than my fic... u.u how sad. Bye!