Rings and Medallions

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Chapter One

The first thing that told Harry that the golden pirate age was at an end, was seeing Dumbledore and Arthur Weasley happily sitting in the Faithful Bride, dressed as pirates, drinking rum, singing horribly off-key and not being shot for it. Of course, the fact the last thing might have had something to do with the fact that Captain 'Mad' Jack Sparrow was sitting at their table singing along, and drinking enough rum for a company of redcoats, but Harry wasn't totally sure about it.

The second thing which pointed towards the end of piracy, was the fact that the redcoats and the royal navy had seemingly put every resource they had into capturing and hanging every single pirate that sailed the seven seas – and actually being quite successful about it which surprised everyone. Norrington was put in charge of the entire operation, and within two months time the good Commodore had eliminated five rather famous pirate ships, and was supposedly this far from capturing another two.

The third thing that told Harry – and all other pirates – that their age was over, was Captain Jack Sparrow retiring from the pirate-profession, settling down on some small island and proceeding to take care of his three- year-old son that a certain Scarlet had dumped at him out of the blue, informing him that the lad's name was James and that Jack was the father, before she stalked off to find some customer or other. This had happened on the same night that Dumbledore and Mr Weasley had visited the Faithful Bride for the first time. And thusly began the Potter-line.

The fourth and last thing that told Harry that his time as a pirate was over and done with, was his knowledge of history. He remembered vaguely from muggle-school that the pirate age was over just about now, and he had no intention to change history. So, after following Jack and James to the man's chosen island, Harry had gone back to the present (making sure to bring Dumbledore and Mr Weasley with him) and proceeded to do a number of small jobs for numerous people. One week he could be giving witches and wizards a crash-course in handling a ship as a favour to Bootstrap, next week he could be at Hogwarts substituting in mostly Defence Against the Dark Arts for Remus. A week after that he could be found in one of the dragon reservations working with Charlie Weasley, or somewhere deep inside a pyramid working with Bill Weasley to open some tomb or other.

Actually, that's where he currently was.

"Be careful Harry," Bill said and gave the green-eyed ex-pirate an extra bottle of water, before taking one himself. "The Egyptian wizards weren't stupid, and it will take us days – perhaps weeks – before we reach the tomb itself. We need to get through all the passages of the pyramid, disable all the traps and pitfalls, and make a map of the place and the curses used so that we have at least an inkling of what we're getting ourselves into when we start tackling the tomb itself."

Harry nodded and made sure that his bandana was wrapped tightly, before putting the bottle of water in a small leather satchel. "Bill, I know you're just worried for me, but there's no need. I'm a pirate, remember? And don't worry, I'll be careful." Harry had quickly lost his pirate-accent after returning to his own time, as very few people there understood the terms and abbreviations, but he could fall back into the accent quicker than you could say pirate if he was pissed off about something, or if he was teaching a new batch of sailors for Bootstrap.

The oldest Weasley son sighed. "I know Harry, but mom would've had my head if I let anything happen to you." Bill accepted the torch from another Gringotts employee, and together the two men set off towards the newly discovered tomb. "If it hadn't been for the fact that our best curse- breaker ended up in St. Mungos a week ago, we wouldn't be asking you to do this. Clearing a path through a pyramid is dangerous business."

The Boy Who Lived just shrugged and grinned. "Nothing to worry 'bout mate, life was getting a bit boring. I mean, there's only so long you can keep your patience with teaching people how to sail a ship – not to mention that said people seem to have two left feet and no brains at all. I don't understand how Jack and the crew of the Black Pearl put up with me."

"So, how's Ron taking to the life at sea?"

"Pretty good actually," Harry replied and entered the pyramid first. He was the one who had to disable most of the traps as Bill was the one who carried the torch. "Surprisingly enough even Tonks is having a good time, and she hasn't knocked anything over since that first time."

"Well, you nearly did keelhaul her." Bill chuckled.

"She deserved it," the green-eyed man insisted. "She blew a hole in my ship with that- DUCK!!!!" the two of them threw themselves to the floor as several something's went flying over their heads and embedded themselves with a THUNK in the ground behind them. "Oi, that was close." Harry said and stared at the forest of spears.

"They came from there," the red-head pointed to holes in the wall at the end of the corridor. He did a quick sketch of the wall, and they went on again. "So, how long can you stay here this time?"

"Not long unfortunately. Dumbledore's called me to Hogwarts for some reason or other."

"Alright, the new curse-breaker from Gringotts should arrive tomorrow anyway."

"Then I'll stay here 'til t'morrow, savvy?"



The Raven landed smoothly in the Hogwarts lake, and Harry grinned at all the cheering children.

"Drop the anchor, ye bloody cads! Lower the lon'boats!" he yelled and the crew hurried to do his bidding.

There was a SPLASH, followed by the giant squid's threatening tentacle hitting at them, before a female voice yelled, "Anchor dropped, Cap'n!"

"Good work, luv, now get te the boats!" Harry yelled back to the young woman. Jacqueline had really turned into a wonderful young woman of 18, and she had numerous suitors. The only thing was that she scared most of them away with her pirate-language and attitude.

Dumbledore himself stood at shore waiting for the longboats to arrive. He was dressed as usually in insanely coloured, glittering robes, and his blue eyes were sparkling like stars. "Welcome to Hogwarts once again, Harry. I trust you had a wonderful journey?"

Harry jumped out of the boat and shook the old Headmaster's hand. "As good as can be expected, Albus. We had to drop something off at Gringotts, otherwise we would have been here earlier."

"Well, come on then, dinner should be served in a few jiffies." Dumbledore led on back to the school. "And after that I'm afraid I need to talk to you, Harry."

"What about? I haven't done anything illegal lately... well, nothing that you need to know about."

"No, no, this has nothing to do with that. It's just a favour I have to ask you."

An eyebrow was raised. "Will it piss Fudge off?"


"Count me in!" Harry grinned evilly. Anything that pissed Fudge off was worth doing. The Minister hadn't given up on trying to control Harry and Bootstrap, nor had he given up on trying to get them to join the Ministry in one way or another. Not that it had worked, and by now there was a war going on between Harry and Fudge. A war which the Daily Prophet, and thereby the Wizarding world, followed eagerly.

Harry's thoughts were cut off by the shout of his name and then a black something throwing itself at him sending him skidding a few feet on the floor. He blinked and looked down at whatever it was that had knocked him over, and grinned. "Why, Ana, had no idea ye missed me this bad."

Anamaria grinned and got off him. "I miss you no matter what, ye bloody scallywag!" she declared then hugged him again. "Wonderful to see you again, Green-Eyes. How's it going?" she asked as they headed for the Head table and sat down. Anamaria sat down beside Snape and Harry beside her again, which placed Dumbledore on Harry's left side – a frightening combination indeed.

"I'm doing well, Ron's finally taken over as my First Mate since Thomas quit, and everything else is just honky dory."

"And Jack, have you visited him lately?" the black woman asked.

"I was there last week. Jack is doing fine, has even taken up a job at the local bookstore." Harry grinned at the mental image of 'Mad' Jack Sparrow dressed normally, with glasses, and selling boring books to even more boring people. "I tried to take a picture, but there were too many customers around."

Dumbledore chuckled from Harry's side. "And what about young James?"

"A happy, healthy, hyperactive child," Harry's green eyes twinkled. "He really is Jack's son. Gets the local kids into more trouble than you'd think possible."

"What about the Black Pearl?" Draco asked from further down the table. "If Norrington sees that ship in the bay..."

"Norrington's as blind as a bat without glasses. The man's a redcoat, not the seventh wonder. Besides, Jack's much smarter than that." Tonks grinned and sat down on Snape's other side. "Hello Sevvy!"

The Potion Master raised an eyebrow. "One more word out of you, Ms Tonks, and you'll find yourself as the newest ingredient in my latest potion."

"Comprende." The metamorphmagus saluted then turned back to the conversation. "Tell 'em what Jack did, Harry."

Harry's grin widened. "Jack transfigured the Pearl into a perfectly fine house for himself and James to live in."

"Excuse me?!" Hermione exclaimed from beside Draco.

Tonks nodded. "Yep, he did it! Norrington can search all he wants, the Pearl is no longer sailing the seven seas!"

"Insane pirates." Snape mumbled.

"Why, thank you Severus! I believe that's the first nice thing you have ever said about me."

"Shut it, Potter."

"It's Potter-Sparrow, I'll have you know."

"Someone shoot me and relieve me of this insanity." The Slytherin Head of House growled, and a second later half the crew from the Raven had drawn their pistols and were aiming at him.

Dumbledore apparently saw this as a perfectly fine end to dinner and stood up. "Harry, please come with me to my office."

Harry nodded and followed the old mage with a grin. "Oh, and Jack, don't wait up for me." He said to the girl.

"Savvy!" Jacqueline grinned and went right back to pointing her gun at Snape.

Dumbledore was waiting for Harry by the doors to the Great Hall, and together they made their way up to the Headmaster's office. After giving the password to the gargoyle ('Fever Fudge'), the two of them went up the spiral staircase and placed themselves comfortably in soft chairs by the fireplace. Fawkes trilled and landed on the table between them, kidnapped one of the cookies Dumbledore had ordered and gulped it down before flying back to his perch.

"I think my phoenix has been corrupted by you pirates," Dumbledore commented in amusement.

"Yes, we do tend to have that effect on people," Harry replied with a perfectly straight face. "Seriously Albus, what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Ah, yes, we'll come to that in a minute but first I must ask you: sherbet lemon?"


Harry didn't return to the Raven until the graveyard watch was well into their, well, watch.

Ron was the one currently on duty and he grinned when he saw the golden eagle land on the deck and transform into his best friend and captain. "So, Green-Eyes, what did Dumbledore want?"

It was then that he noticed that Harry seemed totally out of it, muttering something Ron couldn't catch and shaking his head every few seconds. The pirate went past the red-head with a distracted 'hello' and headed to his cabin after nearly colliding with the mast.

"That isn't good, is it?" Ron asked Jacqueline who had come up from the galley after stealing a midnight snack.

The young woman shook her head. "No, it's not. Last time something like that happened Norrington captured Harry and Jack five minutes later." The two of them watched with slight worry as the door to the captain's cabin banged shut.

Harry sighed and shook his head again as he paced his cabin for the tenth time. There was no use thinking about it, that would only lead to a headache. Damn Dumbledore for making sure that Harry wouldn't have a good night's rest. The Headmaster was the devil incarnate, the Boy Who Lived was sure of it, what with his twinkling eyes, and totally insane ideas...

Deciding to prove Dumbledore wrong, Harry collapsed on his bed and closed his eyes. He was going to get a good night's sleep even if it killed him! And surprisingly enough he was fast asleep ten minutes later.

Take that Dumbledore!

-.:.:.:.:.:.-.- .:.:.:.:.:.-

Harry looked out over the ocean and smiled. It had always calmed him to look at he sea.

He was standing on a cliff, and the ocean stretched on until the horizon. A beautiful and calming sight.

It didn't last long.

Something began moving underneath the waves of the sea, something huge, and a second alter a crowned head appeared through the waves. It was followed by a body which was scaled like a fish's. The enormous man had armour on and in one hand he held a three-forked spear. And he looked straight at Harry who gulped.

"H-hello?" Harry tried hoping the man was up for a chat until Harry could wake up. "And, uh, who- who might you be?"

"Do not fear me, Captain Potter-Sparrow of the Raven," the man replied in a booming voice. "I have come to you for help."

"Oh?" Well, at least the man didn't want to eat him. Harry sat down on the edge of the cliff and started paying attention. This dream was too life- like to be just a normal dream.

"I am Ulmo, Valar of the Sea," the huge man said. "In your world I am known mostly as Poseidon, but in other worlds I have other names."

"A god!" Harry couldn't keep himself from gasping in awe. "Jumping jellyfish, a god!"

Ulmo smiled slightly. "The world that I currently represent is Arda, and it is more different from your Earth than you can imagine."

Harry gathered his courage and asked, "So, what seems to be the problem?"

"An evil force has heard of the cursed Aztec-medallions that you guard, and has called them from this world into Arda and has given them to his servants in hope of winning the oncoming war. I am asking you to go and collect the medallions before it is too late."

Harry shook his head. There was nothing to think about, he had to go. "How can we get to Arda?" he asked Ulmo.

"Your ring, young Captain. I have changed it slightly, the diamond will now function to bring you to and fro in time with the same passwords as before, while the emerald will serve to open portals to Arda. To open a portal to this world just say 'Arda', and to open a portal to your world just say 'Earth'.

You will not be alone in this, the elves of this world already know that you are coming, and they will meet you in the Grey Havens. Lord Elrond of Rivendell and Lady Galadriel of Lothlórien, along with the wizard Gandalf the Grey, will help you out to the best of their abilities."

"How soon do you need us?"

"As soon as you can come. I bid you farewell, and good luck." With that Ulmo retreated to the sea.

-.:.:.:.:.:.-.- .:.:.:.:.:.-

Harry sat up suddenly in his cabin and looked around. It was dawn and the sun was just peeking over the mountains in the distance.

"Well, there's no time to waste." The green-eyed man muttered to himself and jumped into action.

Another adventure awaited.


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