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Chapter 16 - Boom

The following month flew by for Summer in a flash of band practice and schoolwork. School of Rock had finally found its groove with its two new members, and the slow process of selecting songs for the Christmas dance had finally begun.

Kale turned out to be an amazing vocalist. His only problem, it seemed, was his attitude that the band wasn't serious. Katie had yelled at him numerous times at practices to "smarten the hell up" when he'd go off on insignificant rants or refuse to turn off his cell phone during jam time. Summer sensed an implication that since Kale was a couple of years older, he didn't have to try as hard. She found it quite taxing, while Marta found it endearing.

Freddy and Marta were still together. It seemed to a be a silent agreement between the two that they wouldn't mention their fight ever again, and just resume life as normal. Things weren't the same, though, everyone had noticed. The couple was always a lot stiffer when they talked to each other, and there was no longer the endless cuddling there used to be.

Marta had finally admitted to Summer that she thought Kale was gorgeous, which, of course, came as no surprise to the band's guitarist, but she also said that she had promised herself that she would stay with Freddy.

Summer had always been sure that the couple staying together was the way to go, but just by the way the two acted around each other, and the hateful glares Freddy was always shooting at Kale, gave Summer the idea that maybe something should happen.

So, before anyone knew it, Halloween had arrived, and it was high time to start getting ready for Katie's party.

Summer came out of the bathroom, towel in her hair, and pulled her costume out of the closet. She and Zack had decided a couple weeks ago that they'd go to the music-themed Halloween party as a couple. They didn't, however, want to dress as something overdone, like dead kings and queens, so they pooled their ideas and had finally come up with the perfect solution: The Osbournes.

Summer smiled as she looked down at her leather blazer and long red skirt. She smiled as she pulled her short wig off of her mannequin head. She smiled as she slipped on the numerous rings and bracelets and the single necklace she would be wearing.

She laughed hysterically when she looked into the mirror and realized how much she didn't look like Sharon Osbourne.

Summer shrugged to herself as she got up off of her chair, and quickly made her way downstairs, without tripping over her skirt, to wait for Marta.


"Hey guys! We've been waiting," exclaimed Katie in a happy tone as she opened the door for the pair. Dressed as what could only be a mangled Christina Aguilera (Very creative, Summer thought hotly), the co-hostess of the party gave Marta and Summer's costumes the once-over. A look of recognition came across her face. "Well, Shar, your hubby's already here," she addressed Summer with a grin. As she took in Marta's rendition of Courtney Love (inflatable lips and all), though, the grin vanished. "Your… boyfriend is inside, Marta."

"Thanks Katie!" said Summer in anticipation before Marta could say anything about Katie's vindictive tone. As they stepped into the house, Summer took in the elaborate decorations.

"Holy crap," Marta said simply.

In essence, there wasn't a square foot of wall that wasn't covered in some sort of Halloween garb. The music was thumping, and it felt as though the bass was cutting right through Summer. To her slight disappointment, it sounded as though the play list was going to be heavily rock dominated.

"I'm going to go look for Zack, want to come?" Summer asked Marta, who was still taking in the decorations.

Marta turned to Summer, obviously thinking the offer through. "Nah… I should go find Freddy…"

Summer frowned, but didn't say anything as her friend walked away. It was getting harder and harder to swallow Marta's strained attempts at keeping her relationship intact, and she had a feeling Marta felt the same.

Summer watched Marta's retreating back disappear before setting off to find her own boyfriend. It's going to be pretty hard if I can't even see two feet in front of me. It seemed to her as though Kale had invited the whole state of New York to the party. Summer jostled in and out of bodies much taller than her. After skittering around the dancing teens (and receiving two invitations to "get her groove on") for five minutes, she found a couple of her shorter, younger friends.

"Hey guys," Summer said as she approached Marta and Freddy, who had donned a sweater vest and toque to look like Kurt Cobain. "Where is everyone?"

"Well, Lawrence isn't coming," Freddy started, "Katie's up front opening the door, and Ozzy's over at the food table."

Summer smiled both at the mentioning of Zack, and at Marta's hand being held possessively by Freddy. She looked to her left, and sure enough, a boy in a long wig and all black clothing was filling a plate with a little bit of everything. "I'll see you guys in a bit," she said as she carefully stepped around even more people to get to Zack.

She didn't even have to be quiet as she snuck up on him, the music was so loud. Nevertheless, Summer tiptoed behind Zack, slipping her hands around his temporarily glasses-covered eyes.

Zack gave a start, dropping his plate onto the table. Summer couldn't help but laugh, and as she did so, she felt him relax.

"Now who on earth could this be?" he wondered aloud.

Summer giggled. "Guess."

"If I must. Hmm…" Zack started to feel Summer's hands, tickling her wrists. He walked his fingers along her arms, up to her elbows, where he pulled on her skin.

"Ew, Zack!" He knew that she hated when he did that.

He just laughed. "I think… I think this is Summer." Summer was about to congratulate him when he continued. "Wait -" He reached around Summer and placed a firm hold on her behind. "Yeah, it's Summer."

Summer shrieked. "Zachary Joseph, you're a pig! Someone could have seen that!"

Zack just smiled at the weak look of frustration on her face. "Take a look at these people, Sum. Grabbing people's bumbums is probably an everyday thing for them."

Summer snorted, but didn't disagree. She took Zack's offending appendage off of her posterior and held his hand in her own. "Having fun so far?"

Zack shrugged. "Meh. It hasn't been much. It was just me, Spaz and Posh until you showed up. Everyone else couldn't care less about us."

"True," Summer agreed as Zack picked up his plate. They made their way over to Marta and Freddy, who, through some miracle, had snagged an empty couch.

No sooner had Summer sat down than Katie came up to join them. "Christ," she said, brushing straw-like blonde and black strands of hair from her eyes. "It's like an endless parade of idiots coming in…" She trailed off, glancing hurriedly at a particularly loud and exuberant group of people.

"Why don't we dance?" Marta asked suddenly.

"Great idea," grinned Freddy, standing up and offering a hand to her. "Would you do me the honour?"

Marta shrugged. "Okay," she said, taking Freddy's hand as they went off to look for an empty spot on the floor.

Katie heard the doorbell ring again. "Fuck! Go away," she cried as she shot up to go get the door.

Zack put his arm around Summer, a clear sign he was slightly wary of what he was about to say. "Marta's being a bit… well, mean to Freddy, don't you think?"

"Mean? She's being a right old bitch!"

Zack laughed in relief. "Yeah, I was playing it down."

"This 'fresh meat' idea is hard for her to handle." Summer sighed. "I can tell she really cares for Freddy, but she told me herself being with someone long-term makes her feel lame."

"Well, she's making Freddy feel lame, that's for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if he's cried a couple times when I think about the conversations we've had."

Summer didn't say anything for a moment, snuggling up to Zack. "Shit." I can't picture Freddy crying. Over a girl, to boot. "Something's got to happen. It's been retarded like this for a month."

Zack nodded in agreement. "We need to get them to…" His voice faltered as he saw the couple of conversation approaching them, Freddy looking low, Marta, bored.

Freddy dropped himself onto the couch, posture forgotten. Marta hesitated to sit down. "I'll… I'll be back."

Summer, on instinct, waited ten seconds before getting up and following Marta, to neither of the boy's disagreement. Zack seemed to understand, while Freddy wasn't even paying attention.

I should be getting paid for this, thought Summer contemptuously, as she was just barely able to keep track of Marta in the thick crowd.

As they reached the other side of the mob, Summer reached way out to grab Marta's shoulder.

Marta blushed as she realized Summer had followed her. "I said I'd be right back," she mumbled.

Summer rolled her eyes. "Cut the crap, Marta, this past month has been unbearable, and tonight's been even worse. What are you doing?"

Marta's form went rigid in defence. "Listen. Tink, I love you, and I'm so glad you're my best friend. But there's something I've got to do, on my own. Please, just trust me?"

Summer sighed in defeat. I have to trust her, she's my best friend. "Fine. Just… Don't hurt anyone, okay?" she asked pleadingly, obviously by "anyone," meaning Freddy.

Marta patted Summer on the shoulder. "Go back to Ozzy, Tink, I'll be back in a bit."

Summer watched her walk away. Quickly, Marta shouted over her shoulder, "I just need an answer!"

Summer was halfway back to the couch when she began to put two and two together. "An answer…?" Answer to what? Stopping in her tracks, Summer realized what Marta was doing. "Twinkle!" she groaned, promptly turning around.


Why is it that when you're in the biggest hurry, there's always the largest traffic jam? Summer though in disgruntlement. Giving up on being polite (…because these people certainly aren't), she began to push her way through the hordes of people. Ridiculous.

After five minutes of searching, Summer hadn't made much progress. Katie and Kale lived with their mom (their dad was dead) in a house that was a fair size. It wasn't, however, large enough for all the people that had been invited that night.

Summer grunted as she pushed her way into a less crowded hallway. She began stomping her way down, peeking into each room on her way. Just as she was about to turn around and pull her hair out in annoyance, something in one of the last rooms caught her eye. She quickly sidled up to the wall beside the slightly opened door and listened.

"…Yeah, I'm having a lot of fun!" It was Marta.

"Good! I'm glad." And Kale. "Who are you here with?"

"The band, but I ditched them, they're way immature!"


Summer heard Kale laugh. "How about Freddy?"

Summer inwardly prayed to the heavens as she awaited Marta's answer. I trust you, girl, I trust you…

"He's so annoying, totally not the guy I should be with."

MARTA! Summer listened in horror to Marta's shameless flirting, and was even more appalled that Kale was going along with it.

"Hey Tink, whatcha doin'?"

Summer held back a scream as she turned around to face Freddy. Jesus, of all people! My life really is like a bad movie, she thought as she put a finger to her lips, trying to push him back and out of the hallway.

Freddy was persistent, though. "What are you listening… to…"

Shit shit shit shit shit.

Too late.

Freddy stood, transfixed and unaffected by Summer's pushing. He wouldn't stop looking at the open door. Summer couldn't hear any talking. They must've seen Freddy or me.

To Summer's abomination, though, neither Marta nor Kale had seen either of the two eavesdroppers. They both seemed quite comfortable with the situation, kissing intently on the bed in their chosen room.

It was all Summer could do to look at Freddy. He hadn't taken his eyes off of Marta, his mouth slightly open, and an unreadable expression in his eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Freddy," Summer whispered, eyes dropping to the floor. "I followed her to find out where she was going, and this is what I found."

He didn't say anything. He just shook his head.

Movement in the bedroom caught Summer's eye. "Well," said Marta breathlessly, "I guess that solves my problem!"

Freddy finally spoke up. "And mine."

A look of terror swept across Marta's face as she whipped around to see her boyfriend and best friend watching her. She quickly climbed off the bed. "Freddy…"

"Don't 'Freddy' me." He kept staring, his face now blank. "I can't believe this. This was your last chance, Marta. I guess it didn't matter. Good luck with Kale."

Freddy turned to Summer. "Bye Tink." Summer shivered as Freddy gave her a short, but tight hug. She held back gasps and tears when she realized Freddy was wiping his own behind her back.

And with that, Freddy pulled back, and made for the front door, getting lost in the array of people.

Summer turned back to Marta. Her expression suggested she was ready to die. She slowly slid down to the floor, curling up into a ball and crying silently.

Even though she was slightly upset at her friend, Summer went to Marta and sat down with her, rubbing her back.

"I thought I wanted this, I really did. But I don't, Summer, I don't. I didn't want this. This isn't how it's supposed to be," she whispered, not able to raise her voice any louder.

"I know," was Summer's short reply.

"I can't believe I did this. I can't believe it."

"Hun, what can you do? You made a decision. I tried to tell you…"

"I know. You can say it any time now. Where is it? 'I told you so.' I deserve it."

Summer thought longingly about shoving it in her friend's face, the same friend that had just called her "immature," and one of her good friends "annoying." But instead, Summer did what she knew she should. "I think you should tell Kale you made a mistake."

Without saying anything, Marta wiped her tears and rolled out of the ball. "Kale," she said as she got up.

No response.

"Kale," she said with a bit more force. "What aren't you answering me?"

Summer couldn't believe it. "He's asleep."

"WHAT THE HELL?" Marta's eyes widened hysterically. "I don't think so! Wake up, Kale!" She shook him hard, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him every which way.

Slowly, Kale's eyes opened. When he saw the two girls staring at him accusingly, he laughed. "Dude, I am so tanked right now. What just happened?"


Summer entered Marta's room, this time with a box of tissues. Her friend had already changed into her pyjamas and was lying in bed, staring up at the ceiling.

Summer put the tissue box on Marta's bedside table, and lovingly tucked Marta in under the covers, even though it was obvious she wouldn't be sleeping that night. "I'm going to set up my sleeping bag right here, okay, Marta? Right at the end of the bed, so if you need to talk, I'll listen."

Marta nodded, but didn't reply. Summer kissed her forehead, and went to climb into her sleeping bag.

The last couple months had been a whirlwind of emotions. Frustration, Love, Hatred, Stress, Happiness and Pity had marked each and every day of her life for the past while.

Summer turned over and reached into her bag. She found a pen under Marta's bed, and began to write.

Dear Diary,

Well, if the next two months are anything like the past two, I'm in for a hell of a ride. I guess you never know, do you?

See ya, Summer.

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