TITLE: "Grace – The Other Visitor"

AUTHOR: wishfullthinka

EMAIL: wishfullthinkayahoo.com

CATEGORY: Romance, Angst

SPOILERS: Grace / Legacy


RATING: General

SUMMARY: Events that transpire after someone else visits Sam on the Prometheus.

This is my first fanfiction, yes I'm a newby so please be gentle. My thanks go to GateSeeker2 for her encouragement and inspiration and to all those other brilliant authors out there.

This story picks up from when Colonel O'Neill leaves Sam on the Prometheus in Episode 713 - Grace:

As the Colonel left his words echoed in Sam's ears; "I wouldn't ask you to give up your career….your career….your career." She was so tired; her head was pounding in rhythmic accompaniment to the beat of her heart. What did all this mean? Was she imagining everyone? Was some alien force messing with her mind as Teal'c had suggested? It had happened before, it could happen again! Poor Daniel, how he must have felt when he heard the voice of Machello when nobody else could. When he saw strange figures that nobody else could see… Was the same thing happening to her? She just couldn't think straight. She could sort of understand why SG1 and Jacob had materialised. At least they were part of her life, but what really confused her was the child. Who was she and where did she fit into the greater scheme of things? Remaining on the floor, with her hands cradling her forehead, she finally allowed the dam of tears to burst and they streamed in a torrent down her face. "Why oh why is my life so complicated?" she demanded. "Why does nothing ever come easy to me?" Why do I have to fight so hard for everything?"

"Because you always expect too much from yourself Sammie," a gentle voice replied. "Because you keep trying to climb the hill even when you've reached the top." "Because you can't see yourself as others do and because you have never appreciated your worth." "Your life is complicated because you complicate it."

Sam slowly raised her head from her hands to look at the person before her, eyes wide in recognition and amazement. This situation was becoming like some twisted version of a pantomime her parents had taken her to. It was called the Christmas Carol and had ghosts who visited a miserly man named Ebenezer Scrooge. They gave him advice and warnings of past happenings and future possibilities. Those were happier more simplistic times; she had been a small child and part of a happy loving family. The SGC shrink McKenzie would have a field day with her if he were here now. He'd probably lock her in the same padded room he'd put Daniel in. The whole situation seemed so ludicrous. Sam started to snigger and then to laugh, a hysterical laugh born of fatigue, pain and confusion. The laughter soon turned again to tears which grew rapidly into body wracking sobs.

Her latest visitor sat down beside her and cradled Sam in her arms. "That's right Sammie, let it all out, have a good cry," she soothingly murmured whilst stroking her hair. "It's been far too long in coming, its time you let it all out." Years of pent up emotion were suddenly released in the moments that followed. Years of trying to succeed against the odds; a woman in a predominantly male environment; of always having to be not only as good as but better than her peers; of holding back and bottling up the emotion, the insecurity, the anguish….the woman.

Sniffing in between sobs Sam whimpered, "You're not really here, you can't be, you're not real." Strangely though she felt comforted by the arms about her shoulders. It had been a long time since she had felt the reassurance and strength that came from this familiar embrace. Jacob had done his best but had never been very tactile in his parenting. Sam's breath caught in her throat as she tried to regain some composure, some semblance of control.

"I've always been here, with you…. You just couldn't see me before."