Fan fiction 1 Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans, if I did, I would not be writing this, duh! Summary: Enjoy!!!!

I Want You to Want Me

Chapter 1: I Want You to Want Me
It was a typical day at the Titans tower. Beastboy and Cyborg were battling it out on their latest video game. Raven was sitting on the couch in the living room reading an oh- so -interesting thriller and every so often diverting her attention from her novel to glance up at the mindless twosome engulfed in their game, as if their very lives depended on it. And every now and then, when the smaller and greener of the twosome began to catch sight of her wondering gaze, he grew fearful and turned back to the game as she snapped back down into the text of her pages. Yes, it was an extremely typical day in Titans tower. However, one may question what the other two team members were doing at this time. The answer will be given.
The boy wonder was sweating profusely and panting heavily. His muscles were pulsing and his body was going numb. That's when the leader of the team decided it be best, perhaps, if he ended his session in the titans gym. He grabbed a towel and began to wipe the sweat off of his brow. 'Two hours. I've been at it for two whole hours,' Robin thought to himself. 'And I still can't stop.' Robin had spent the past few nights waking up in a sweat. Actually, it had been the past few months. It was already bad enough, but recently, it intensified. Robin would be going about his day when suddenly, out of nowhere, he was rushed by these thoughts. Robin had decided earlier that day that the thoughts that kept haunting his mind were wrong and impure and he had to be rid of them. So naturally, he went off to the gym, trying to erase those very images from his head. But he couldn't control it.
She was so perfect, so pure, and so gorgeous. She was everything he wanted and he wanted her to feel the same way. 'Yeah, like that will ever happen,' he thought. And in his mind that was absolutely correct. She'd never go for him; he was too disturbed, too distracted, and too dark. Besides, he was the leader of the team. He couldn't have a relationship with a teammate. He couldn't have her in a million years. No matter how much he wanted her. It was simply impossible. Anyhow, Robin knew that he would never feel this way about his newly found best friend. It was just plain wrong. They were friends. The best of. Even though he longed for her to be much more than his friend. 'Starfire.' Oops! There he went again. Letting his mind trail of to her again. Two hours and he still had no control. And for Robin that was a new feeling; him not being in control of the situation. So he scolded himself mentally.
"Why! Why me?! Why? Can someone please tell me," he shouted in the gym suddenly. "Robin, I would gladly tell you why if I was enlightened as to your situation."
There she was. There was that heavenly voice. She was in the gym...with him...alone...and heard him a maniac... 'Great...'
"Robin, are you okay?"
"Oh, yeah, Star. I'm fine." Although really he was far from fine.
"Good. I was worried when I heard you screaming in here. I was wondering the hallways and searching for you because," and Starfire went on babbling about her search through the tower. But he could careless. 'She is so beautiful.' That's all that ran through his mind. He had no way to control himself. He slowly began to examine Starfire thoroughly. He looked at her from head to toe and at that moment his mouth involuntarily began to hang open. Then he snapped back to reality with a jolt. Luckily Starfire hadn't noticed. She was still talking about her journey through the tower. 'I am a pervert! No...I'm insane!'
"Star," he said cutting her off, "why don't we go get something to eat, okay?"
"Sure. I am famished."
And with that the two were off to the kitchen. Robin had decided to attribute his pervertedness and lack of control to insanity. He was crazy. How could he want her like that? He was obviously insane, stressed, and diluted.
Little did the boy wonder know that Starfire at that moment was wanting him to want her too. She had searched for him because she liked him. She was babbling earlier because when she was around him she no control over her mouth. 'I probably sounded so stupid. He looked bored while I was talking. I hope I did not sound desperate. He hates me. That is why he cut me off. Starfire, you are unencumbered by the thought process, honestly.'
And so they trotted along. A typical day in Titans Tower. Two Titans engulfed in a video game. One darker titan engulfed in a book. And the other two engulfed in thoughts of each other. Both saying in their minds almost simultaneously, 'I want you to want me.'