I Want You to Want Me

Chapter 25: I'd Love You to Love Me

When we last left the amazing battle of the boy wonder ladies, Summer was being told to get out and never come back. Let's jump right back into this prestigious and heart warming moment in time that should forever be cherished.

"What? That's the end?"

"Yeah. Sorry…babe."

She stood there, looking more confused than before.

"That means get out and don't come back," Beastboy whispered to her with a smile.

"Argh! Shut up you little green freak! You're weird Goth lover doesn't even want you anymore!"

"Summer…" Robin started.

"Oh no! I am not going to listen to you! I can do anything I want! I always do! I can yell and and scream! And get my way! My daddy will show you! Wait and see!"

"Summer, girlfriend, maybe you should chill," Cyborg said with a smile.

"Don't tell me to chill!"

"Wow. Guess some people just can't handle a break up," Raven said, with her own smile. At that Summer went into a screaming fit before making her way out of Titans Tower, for the very last time. In that moment, everyone exhaled and the dark cloud that had been over the tower was gone.

"Um.." everyone turned and saw Speedy standing there.

"Sorry." And with that he walked out and followed after the girl. And from that moment on the evil thing that is beyond description known as Summer was forever gone. Where she went, no one is quite sure, but it can be assumed that she went on to make some other people's lives miserable, as it is her calling. But of course, this occurred after she got her nose done…yet again.

Moments passed, and Robin finally turned around to see Starfire looking out of the large window in the living room, her dress ripped a little, her hair messy, but still as beautiful as ever. He stared for a moment, but was brought out of his reverie when she turned around.

It was almost as if she was moving in slow motion and Robin could barely hear Raven whispering to him to go on and talk to her because he was in such a daze. Starfire was intoxicating to be around and her beauty was enough to put him into a daze. He knew then, looking into her emerald eyes and her small, timid smile that he did indeed love this woman that was so amazing that he could barely describe her.

"Uh…" he started in a very articulate manner.

"I guess she is finally gone."

"Yes. She is."

"And I suppose Speedy as well…"

"Good riddance I say," Robin said with a sour expression on his face. She chuckled lightly at that.

"Would it be a total cliché if I kissed you right now?" he said walking towards her with a smile on his face.

"Yes," she whispered before their lips met. She responded immediately and wrapped her arms around his neck. The two were in utter bliss. Their moment ended quickly however when the guests started to make coughing noises and cheers.

Robin spun around quickly, embarrassed beyond belief that everyone had seen him do that. But his embarrassment was short lived. Everyone clapped him on the back and expressed their approval of the couple. And as it was almost half past midnight the guests began to file out of the gigantic T in the middle of Jump City. One superhero at a time, and Galfore and his followers as well. Galfore, did make sure to give Robin a small "talk" before leaving them be. Starfire is like his daughter after all.

"If you hurt my little one you will experience more pain than possibly thought to exist in this galaxy or the next. I will tear out your organs and make you eat them before…" Robin lost track of what was being said after that because he was too scared to process the words.

The guests finally left the premises. A drunken Aqualad was particularly difficult to be rid of, but also quite entertaining while waving his arms about and saying, "That…was a TOP NIGHT! Woo! Let's do it again! Same time…next week!"

"That's right pretty boy! You better leave!"

"Shut up Beastboy."


The party finally ended, with Bumblebee staying the night to spend time with her boyfriend. And after the guests exited the Tower, the five titans stood in the middle of their living room and were able to enjoy the beautiful disaster that it was.

"That was one wild night," Starfire said to herself while looking in her mirror and combing out her hair. It was turning out to be a more difficult task than previously anticipated. She had yet to change and was still in a daze after her last kiss with Robin when there was a knock on her door.

"Um, Star, can I come in?" She could hear Robin's voice outside her door asking. She stood hurriedly and raced towards to the door, hoping she didn't look like too much of a disaster.

"Greetings!" she said while opening the door.

"Hi." They stood there in silence for a moment. Then Robin cleared his throat.

"Uh, can I come in?"

"Oh, yes. Yes you may," she said while steeping aside and allowing him to walk into her room. She closed the door behind him and turned to find him sitting on her bed, mask-less.

"To what do I owe the occasion?" she asked, pointing at his eyes. He smiled.

"I still haven't given you your present."

"Oh, Robin, you did not need to buy anything for me. You have done enough."

"Star, I've been trying to give this to you for over a week now. Please, open it," he said handing her a package.

It was relatively normal looking package. Nothing too fancy about the wrapping paper, perhaps because this was Robin and he didn't want to draw attention to the present. It had a pretty little orange bow and she couldn't help but look at how it shined as the present rested on her lap.

"Go on," he said. And she smiled before pulling at the bow. As she started to open it, she could feel the anticipation growing in the pit of her stomach.

And then she found it. Buried beneath tissue paper, there it was. It cast a green glow across her face and reflected the lamp light perfectly. It looked like a little green star.

"Robin…it's a…"

"A Centauri Moon Diamond. Yeah." She pulled it out of the box and began to hold it in her hands.

"I just thought you looked so beautiful when you wore one last time. You know, when your sister came to visit. And it reminded me of your eyes. The way it sparkles and everything. And you seemed to like it so much…"

"Robin, this is…how could you even…"

"I know some people." He said this with a smile and managing to look bashful.

"I love it," she said before putting it on.

"I love you," Robin said looking at her. There was that silence again. That same silence they had experienced at the front door. He started to regret saying it and then she came at him, lips first.

The two kissed for a long period of time. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he grabbed at her waist and pulled her onto him. And that's where things began to progress. He knew he shouldn't have made her straddle him because it would only lead to trouble, but the damage was done. He could feel her move into him and that's when, in almost one fluid motion, Robin flipped Starfire underneath him onto her bed. They continued their kisses and groping for a while after that.

"Robin…"Star gasped as he laid little kisses on her neck. And he loved the sound.

She felt like she was on fire while reaching for the zipper on her dress. He was more than willing to help her with it. And after throwing the garment to the floor, he moved quickly to remove his own shirt.

It was only when they found themselves only in underwear and not willing to progress from there, well, at least Star wasn't, that the two stopped kissing and cuddled in Starfire's bed.

Robin played with strands of her hair, twirling them around his fingers. And Star was entranced by his gloveless hand.

"You're perfect," he said before dropping a kiss on her forehead and realizing that she had fallen asleep.

"Happy Birthday, Starfire," he said before drifting off himself.

The next morning the two awoke and dressed before going down to breakfast.

"What will we tell the others Robin?"

"Nothing. Things will still be the same around here. I am still this team's leader and will act responsibly. Besides, I'm sure they don't even really care," he said while kissing her hand and walking into the living room, to find everyone inside already and cheering.

"It's about time!"


"Have fun last night?!"

"Now that is enough!" Robin shouted looking at Beastboy in particular.

"Things will be the same around here. Starfire and I may be together, but that is private. I am still your leader and will still…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, bird for brains. We get it. Loosen up already. We know nothing will change." Raven said.

"Well," Cyborg said, "a few things will."

"Dude! Who cares? I win the pool!" Beastboy yelled.

"Aw, man! I was off by a whole month!" Cyborg shouted.

"No way, you little grass stain!" Bumblebee yelled.

"Hey! Now only Cy can call me that."

"Not anymore! I said that it would happen after Summer left the party. You said while she was still here during the party! I win the pool!"

"You had a pool going?" Robin asked in disbelief.

"Duh," Cyborg added.

"It's been going for two years now. I started it. And Bee's right. She won." Raven added in.

"Damn!" Beastboy yelled.

"What is this pool? Is it like the one on the roof that we swim in? And how does one win it?"


"Uh, Star…" And Robin began to explain it to her. Yes, things were back to normal indeed. It seemed that things were finally perfect for the Teen Titans. They had managed to defeat their most horrible baddie yet, the love bug.

And so Cyborg and Bumblebee would stay together, she wearing massive amounts of yellow and he being a computer nerd. Speedy would eventually return to Titans East with an apology for Starfire and Robin, claiming that Summer cheated on him as well. Raven continued her hatred/respect for Robin and found trust and love in her complete opposite, Beastboy, who found that Raven was more fun than she let on and allowed her to read to him at night while he snuggled next to her in the form of a puppy. Summer, the evil hell spawn was never seen or spoken of again. And as for Robin and Starfire? The two found themselves happily and blissfully in love. And while Robin remained uptight, it was found that he was much kinder and less stressed with Starfire there to help him loosen up. And thus, we leave our happy Teen Titans in their giant tricked out T with Raven reading, Cyborg and BB challenging Bee to a video game and pillow fight death match of doom, and Robin kissing Star and asking her just what she would love for him to do for her, to which her reply is, "I'd love you to love me."

Finally the end. It's taken a long time to finish this story through massive amounts of school work and a virus destroying my hard drive forcing me to start the ending from scratch, but it is finally finished. Thank you to everyone who has read this fic from beginning to end and to everyone that has ever reveiwed. I hope you enjoyed it.

Lovin' It,