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Summary : A gang of criminals are out to steal the sacred BitBeasts from the BladeBreakers. Having found no way of capturing them with other bitbeasts, they decide to send the team back in time, before they're BitBeasts came to live in their beyblades, but the BladeBreakers aren't about to let them just yet. After getting lost in a strange land, 1000 years in the past, Rei, Max, Tyson, Kenny, Hilary and Kai must fight to keep their BitBeasts safe, even though they run free throughout the land! Will they be able to do it, or will they end up paying the ultimate sacrifice?


Kai - 18

Tyson - 16.5

Hilary - 16

Rei - 17

Max - 16

Kenny - 15.5

A group of three men sat quietly at a table in a dark room. The men wore cloaks with large hoods that covered their faces.

"How long has he been gone?" A deep voice asked.

A man checked his watch. "Almost a day and a half."

The owner of the deep voice smirked. "Good. He should be back any minute now...."

Within moments, a bright light appeared from a machine in the corner. It had three cylinder shaped poles protruding out from the base, which was a metal plate.

In the center of the light, a shadow appeared and grew bigger until the figure of a human was visible.

Suddenly, the light faded and another cloaked man walked off the plate.

"Master, as you have requested, everything is in order." The cloaked figure bent down in front of the table.

The man seated in the center of the table laughed darkly. "Fabulous." He took out a small metal chip from his pocket and slid it across the table to the figure who had just stood up from the floor.

"Make sure the BladeBreakers use this piece. We mustn't fail this time. We will finally be able to beat them!"

Chuckles ran throughout the room.

"Yes master. It will be done." The figure grabbed the piece and with a swish of his cloak, disappeared.

Hilary walked through the neighborhood for about 5 minutes before coming up to Tyson's dojo. Pushing the wooden gate out of her way, she proceeded inside the courtyard, where Rei, Max, Kai and Tyson were waiting on the porch.

"Good morning Hilary!" Max exclaimed cheerfully, waving her over with his hand.

"Good morning. What's going on anyway?" She asked, making her over to the porch and sitting in between Tyson and Kai.

"Kenny wants us to see something. Said he found it in his room last night." Tyson yawned.

Kai sighed heavily and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Hey guys! Sorry I'm late!" A young voice yelled from the street.

Moments later, Kenny ran through the gate, carrying his laptop under his arm and a small object in his hand.

"What's up Chief?" Rei asked.

The young boy rushed over and stopped, gasping for breath.

"I woke up early this morning and saw this laying on my desk. Someone must have climbed through the window and left it there." He held out his hand to show the team the piece he was talking about.

"It looks like an ordinary bitchip to me..." Tyson said dully.

"A silver one." Max added.

"I've never seen a pure silver chip before." Rei said, taking the piece out of Kenny's hand and examining it closer.

"Neither have I, so I decided to run a few tests this morning. It seems that this little chip can strengthen all the stats of a bitbeast!"

"Really?!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Something's fishy about this guys..." Kai suddenly said.

"Why do you say that Kai?" Hilary asked, looking up at the stoic teen.

"Someone just climbed into your room and left it in plain view. This thing could be dangerous."

"Hmmm....I have to agree with Kai. It doesn't seem logical." Rei said, handing the chip back to Kenny.

"From my tests, I've concluded that it poses no threat to any of your bitbeasts. Tell them Dizzi." He opened his laptop and showed the screen to his friends.

"Hmph." Kai closed his eyes.

"Well, it wouldn't hurt to try it, right?" Max asked.

"This could give us a serious advantage at next years championships." Dizzi stated.

"Alright! Give that thing to me Chief! I'll test it out for you!" Tyson exclaimed, reaching for the chip.

"Not so fast Tyson! I still don't know how powerful this thing is, and I think it would be wise if a stronger blader tested it." Kenny snatched his hand away from the navy haired teen.

"Oh come on Chief! I'm the best, and everyone knows it!"

"Not true Tyson! I think....Kai should try it."

Kai's crimson eyes shot open and looked down at the small teen. "You got to be kidding me."

Kenny shook his head. "You're the strongest blader on the team, and the captain! You should be able to determine how powerful it is and the best player to use it!"

"I don't know about this....." Kai picked up the chip from Kenny's hand.

"Come on Kai!" Everyone pleaded.

After a few moments of deep thinking, the blue haired teen sighed and took out his beyblade.

Everyone cheered as Kai removed his Dranzer bit and placed the metal one down under it. After securing the new component, he snapped his bitbeast on top of it.

"Alright! Just give me a minute." Kenny asked, setting Dizzi on the porch as everyone crowded around to watch.

Kai sighed and nodded. "I have a bad feeling about this....."

"Okay, whenever you're ready!" Kenny exclaimed.

"Go Dranzer!" He called as he launched his beyblade onto the ground.

Sparks immediately began to spew out of the blue beyblade as it ran around in circles.

Kai struggled to control it.

"What's happening Chief!?" Tyson exclaimed.

"It's too powerful! Kai! Stop or it'll destroy Dranzer!" Dizzi replied.

The blue haired captain growled. "I can't!"

Dranzer suddenly rose out of her beyblade, calling out in pain.

"Dranzer! Oh no!" Kai gasped as he looked up at his majestic phoenix.

The red firebird's feathers were tainted with black. Her movements were erratic and shaky.

The blue beyblade changed it's course and headed back to it's master. Kai gasped and took a step back.

"Kai! Watch out!" Hilary called.

"It's out of control! Go Dragoon!" Tyson exclaimed as he launched his beyblade.

Dragoon shot across the lawn and collided with Dranzer, inches from Kai's feet.

Just as the two beyblades contacted with each other, a bright light emerged from out of no where.

Kai gasped and shielded his eyes with his arms as the light formed a bubble around the whole dojo.

"AHHHHH!!!!" Everyone called out as the light hit their bodies.


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