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Chapter 10 - Struggle on the Beach

"No Max!" Kai yelled after the blonde, but he wouldn't stop running.

"Draciel! No!"Everyone's attention was now on the blonde teen rushing toward them.

"It's the BladeBreakers! They're here!" Marik growled, glaring at the man who said otherwise.

Max brought out his empty beyblade and sent it flying off it's launcher, aimed straight at the strange box that was causing the bitbeasts so much pain.

The forest green blade sliced through the metal like tissue, and bounced off into the air.

This sudden action caught the Shadow Clan off guard.

Marik growled, his green eyes narrowing at the sight of the American BladeBreaker.

"Leave Draciel alone!" He commanded bravely, catching his beyblade as it returned to him.

"Damn it..." Kai swore lightly, rushing out after his teammate.

"Wait up Kai!" Rei called out, following the older teen. "You guys stay in here."

"Yeah...like that'll happen..." Tyson scowled, heading out slowly, with the rest of the team following.

The evil brunette turned to face the team, a sadistic smirk crossing his face.

"So this is where you all have been hiding! You're little adventures have started to annoy me, and I intend to end them one and for all!" He raised his arm in the air, signaling his backup to take action.

Kai cursed as he skidded to a stop just behind Max, seeing a group of at least 10 men closing in on them.

"You okay Max?" Rei asked, catching up to them.

"I'm fine, but we can't let them have Draciel!"

"I agree...but we're going to have to do something about these guys first!" Kai said, glaring at the approaching enemies.

"I say we take them all!" A catlike grin appeared on Rei's face.

Max shot him a look telling him that he was insane, but Kai gave a small smirk.

"What about it Kai? Let's get 'em!" The Chinese youth smiled at his captain, who nodded his head with a pleasant smirk growing on his lips.

"Lets go!"

Suddenly, the two teens lunged out in sync and jumped into the air.

With a loud cry, they extended their feet, which came in direct contact with their opponents' faces.

With two men out of the way, the teens darted in opposite direction, taking on whoever got in their way.

Rei suddenly fell back on his knee as his opponent landed a fierce uppercut to his stomach.

With a battle cry, the enemy raised his gun above his head, threatening to bring it down against the raven haired teen's head.

He growled, realizing that he couldn't escape the blow, and closed his eyes as the weapon began to descend.

Suddenly, the enemy was sent flying from a round house kick to the side.

Rei's golden orbs opened at the sound of a loud thud, and suddenly realized his attack never came.

"Huh?" He blinked a few times before seeing Kai, offering a helping hand out to him.

"Do I have to watch your back now?" He smirked as Rei pulled himself up.

Suddenly, he gasped, and swung around Kai and landed a strong kick in the last remaining opponent's face, instantly knocking him out.

Kai stared at the fallen man, somewhat surprised. He was sure he had finished him earlier.

"Looks like it's the other way around." Rei smiled brightly.

"AHHHH!" A shrill cry of pain rang out from the coast line, alerting the two elder teens instantly.

Only then did they realize how far the fighting had brought them in land.

From admits the trees, Rei and Kai saw the rest of their team shouting and trying to get to the man who stood closest to the water, holding someone in a tight grip.

"Max!" Hilary shouted.

"Let him go!" Tyson's voice commanded.

Kai and Rei turned on their heels and ran toward their friends, realizing the danger they were now in.

Marik had gotten a handful of blonde hair, lifting its owner a few feet off the sandy ground.

The American squirmed in pain, trying to pry his captor's fingers out of his hair.

"Do what you want to me...but leave Draciel alone!"

Suddenly, a blur of white shot out, and Marik cried out in short pain.

"Dizzi!" Kenny exclaimed with a gasp. The white three tailed fox had sunk her fangs into Marik's arm, trying to force him to release Max.

"Persistant beast!" Marik growled.

With his free hand, he grabbed the fox by the scruff of her neck and ripped her off his arm.

"No!" Kenny cried.

"I have no use for such a weak creature..." With that, he hurled the bitbeast over towards Kai and Rei, who were now extremely close.

"Whoa!" Rei gasped, digging his heels into the sand to slow down. In the blink of an eye, Dizzi contacted with Rei, who despite being ready for the impact, fell down with the sheer kinetic energy onto his back.

The fox bitbeast moaned and shook her head.

Rei raised himself up on an elbow and held his head. "You alright Dizzi?"

"Whoa! I'm never doing that again!"

"Dizzi!" Kenny called, running over and embracing his beloved bitbeast in a tight hug.

"Let him go Marik!" Kai growled.

The man narrowed his green eyes at the teen with a faint smirk on his face.

"So...you have defeated my men...excellent." He chuckled slightly.

Kai bent his knees slightly, ready to force the evil man to release his teammate, but was stopped as the cold ocean rose over his feet to his mid shins.

Marik noticed this as well, and turned his attention to the sea.

A loud, shrill cry echoed from beneath the blue waves and soon a dark figure emerged.

"Dra...Draciel!" Max gasped, not believing his eyes.

The waves grew higher, forcing Rei, Hilary, Kai, Tyson and Kenny to retreat slightly.

Marik, however, stayed in place with no fear, and unfortunately no sigh of dropping the blonde boy he held.

The waves lapped up against the brunette man and his captive, and swirled around him.

"Oh no! Someone do something!" Hilary gasped.

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