Chapter one

An Unwanted Visit in an Unwanted Dream

Sakura blossoms, fresh spring rain, and jasmine those were the smells that
assaulted his senses as he looked around the completely black world he
seemed to be in. 'I'm dreaming' he thought bluntly as he walked forward into the darkness, the scent seeming to call to him. He felt some unusual and new texture touch his skin and he looked down as he suddenly realized his clothes had changed. He was wearing a long tan robe that was so soft
its texture rivaled silk, and then his clothes changed again. This time turning into some charcoal gray pants and a plain black polo shirt, then once more his clothes changed. This time they returned to his normal white attire but a beautiful crimson obi took the place of his normal yellow one.

Suddenly a white outlining of someone appeared through the darkness as it slowly took shape, bringing him out of his stupor from the odd clothing. He had to stop himself from almost gasping as he looked at the figure that was appearing in front of him. Silver hair, maroon stripes on his cheek, a blue crescent moon on his forehead, it was like looking into a mirror. The only difference was that this creature before him was obviously much younger, maybe 17 years in appearance, and his eyes where very bright shade of blue
that held much more emotion then their golden counterparts.

"Sesshomaru, you must listen to me," said the boy in a voice so
demanding it was almost pleading. "Great Taiyouki you must seek out the well in Inuyashas forest. There you will find the miko Kagome, and she will take you where you need to go," The boy spoke again and then waited to see
what reaction he would get from the great lord.

Sesshomaru couldn't believe this boy; this annoying clone was ordering him around. He started to glare at the boy, but the strength of
emotions that came from the boy where so strong that it almost made
Sesshomaru turn away. By the time he had regained his composure and had opened his mouth to scold the boy for ordering him to do something, the boy was gone. "What the hell," Sesshomaru growled as he looked around for the
boy; he didn't even bother to keep up his normal stoic appearance as he

"You should watch your language you're starting to sound like Inuyasha," the boy said from behind him in a now teasing tone. Sesshomaru swung around and faced the boy, his claws now crackling with strong poison. He was about to jump at the boy when suddenly light hit his eyes and he was awake, the
smell of burned silk invading his nose.

Sesshomaru looked down and noticed he had actually released some poison while he was sleeping and it had burned right through his sheets.
'Great that was really good silk' he thought with an inward sigh as he looked out the window. 'O shimita it's noon" he thought as he starred at the sun out of the window, realizing the sun was high in sky. Never in his life, even when he was child, had Sesshomaru ever woken up so late normally he would awaken at or before dawn. With an inward sigh he stood up and got dressed in his normal white haori, then headed for the door. He placed his hand on the intricately made doorknob and gave one last sigh before he put on his emotionless mask and headed out into the real life of The Lord of
the Western lands.

Meanwhile, not so far away, in Kaedes hut...............

Cinnamon, sage, and other strong spices those where the smells that assaulted her weak human nose, as she looked around at the white world she was now in. She had known along time ago that she was dreaming but the scent was so strong that for a second she wasn't sure. Like what had happened to Sesshomaru, when she looked down her clothing had changed into a soft tan robe. Then it changed again into various beautifully made silk kimonos, once again stopping when it changed back into her normal green and white attire. "How strange I have never seen any of those outfits before," she said, thinking out loud.

"You could see them all in time Kagome if you listen to what I am about to tell you," said a voice from behind her. Kagome spun around to see another Sesshomaru look alike, but unlike the one that plagued his dreams this on seemed older maybe 19 and he had emotionless storm blue eyes.

"Wha, what do you mean," Kagome stuttered as she looked at the boy, fear suddenly rising in her chest and making her heart pound.

The boy gave a kind smile and said," Do not worry, and most definitely do not fear me. I am a friend and I need you Kagome to go to the well after you wake up, and I need you to stay there into someone comes to get you," he said sternly as he stood from the invisible perch he had been sitting on. Kagome was about to answer him, but she was shaken violently awake by none other then, Inuyasha.
"INUYASHA," she growled as she sat up and pushed him away from her.

"Wench, you slept till noon it is time for you to get up if you
plan to go to your time and come back SOON," Inuyasha spat, putting
emphasis on the last word.

"Gosh Inuyasha you don't have o be so rude about," she mumbled as
she grabbed her old yellow bag and headed out the door without another

"Don't forget the Ramen and fried potatoes," Inuyasha yelled at her
as she reached the beginning of Inuyashas Forest. She merely huffed and
picked up the pace as she headed for the well, and comfort of home. She sighed heavily as she reached The Bone Eaters Well and sat down in front of it, leaning against the old wood for support. Kagome placed her bag down beside her then let her mind wander to her dream as her raven hair danced in the light spring breeze. 'I wonder if I should wait, just for a little while. It couldn't hurt anything,' she thought as she closed her eyes. Soon
she had fallen into the deep depths of dreamless sleep.
Back at Sesshomarus Castle......................

'Damn that dream I can't concentrate and that stupid scent, it won't leave my nose,' Sesshomaru thought as he stifled a growl that was forming in his chest. He had been thinking about the dream all day and now it was like an annoying bug that would not leave no matter how many times you swatted at it. 'Maybe if I went to well, and realized that the miko was not there, and that this is completely insane maybe then I would be able to get over this nuisance' he rationalized as he walked over to the window of his large study. It was now around seven o'clock and he had sometime before nightfall, seeing as it was late spring. 'Good just enough time to check the well then return home before dark' he thought with and inward smile as he jumped out of the window and took off after the well and the unsuspecting Miko. As he flew by, using his demon powers, he remembered what had happened that day. Jaken, his toad-like retainer, had nearly had a heart attack because of Rins constant escapades, and Rin had been so happy to see Sesshomaru that she launched her self at his feet and hugged him.


"Great Lord, I had thought you had gone to sleep for good, and this nigen girl has been pestering me all day," Jaken whined as he threw himself at his master's feet. Sesshomaru merely kicked him across the room and walked into his garden.

"Are you mad Sesshomaru sama," questioned the ever curious Rin as she peeked out of the doorway of the garden.

"No, I'm not mad Rin, but I need some time alone to think," Sesshomaru said, as he turned to look at her. Rin gave him one of her brightest gap toothed smiles then with a nod she left.

The garden was extremely and exotically beautiful during this time and he had always found it soothing. His garden had a rather simplistic design but the crimson roses, and violent lilacs filled the garden with wonderful smells. Of course the trip to the garden had reminded him of the scent form his dream and he quickly went into his musty spelling study, though this merely gave him way too much time to think.


Sesshomaru reached the well easily, and he quickly landed on the branch of a near by tree. 'Shimata, shimata, shimata' He thought as he looked down and saw the Miko sleeping by the well. 'Stupid dreams' he thought as he jumped down and landed beside her, completely silent. "Wake up Girl," he said in his normal monotone voice. To his amusement Kagome sat up instantly and almost jumped out of her skin when she spotted The Great Taiyouki of the West.

Kagome woke up with a start as she looked up into golden eyes; at first she thought it was Inuyasha. As her gaze went upwards to the crescent moon on his forehead she knew that it wasnt Inyasha but his human hating brother, Sesshomaru. "S s s Sesshomaru," she stuttered as she started to crawl away from him slightly. She never made it more then an inch though, because Sesshomaru, using his demon speed, grabbed her by the neck a lifted her up. He pushed her back into the wall, making her reach out and grab the lid of the well so she wouldn't fall.

"Girl, why have you been sending me these insane dreams," Sesshomaru growled at her as he loosened his grip so she could answer. Suddenly a familiar scent hit his nose and he tested the air slightly, sakura blossoms, fresh spring rain, and jasmine. His eyes widened slightly in surprise as he sniffed the air again 'it's coming from her; she is the one with that annoying scent'. Kagome watched as a flicker of emotion passed over Sesshomarus normal guarded eyes, but it was gone to fast for her to be able to properly decipher it. She took in a deep breath of air after Sesshomaru lessened his grip slightly then she answered, "I don't what you are talking Sesshomaru, I don't even know how to use the dream altering spell. " Sesshomaru sniffed the air once more, there was a lot of fear in the air but no scent said that she was lying. As he thought about it for second he realized his accusation was completely impossible, for it took a great deal of power and control to send a dream to someone; and it took even more power, that very few mikos or demons possessed, to change your appearance when appearing in a dream. He inwardly sighed and nodded that he believed her, he was about to release her when suddenly she reached out and grabbed onto his haori, pulling him into the darkness of the well.

Kagome nearly smiled when she saw Sesshomaru nodded, but she suddenly felt her fingers slipping and she was about to fall backwards into the well. Out of pure instinct Kagome grabbed onto Sesshomarus shirt and pulled him with her. She had hoped that he would stand still and she would have been able to end up not falling, but this was just not her day and he came down with her. Sesshomaru had not been paying attention because he was deep in thought, that and strange pull that came from the well was what dragged him down.
"That didn't take as long as I thought it would, good job Rei and
Kanzaburo ," said a silver haired girl as she looked down the well and saw the unconscious Sesshomaru and Kagome. She was very pretty with bright brown eyes and she had two fluffy dog ears on her head. It only took a quick glance to realize this girl was a hanyou, or half demon.

"Well of course they came, Kagomes curiosity brought her here, and Sesshomaru, though he would never admit it, is very curious as well," a silver haired boy said as he walked over to the well. It was the boy that had appeared in Kagomes dream, but this time instead of wearing Sesshomarus normal clothing. He was wearing a black haori with a large navy crescent moon on the back, and it had crimson sleeves that had white stars decorating the bottom.

"Not to mention Tsuki, me and Kanzaburos dream altering spells rule," a younger silver haired boy said as he walked over to the girl. It was the boy that had visited Sesshomarus dream. He was smiling brightly, and he very mischievous look in his eyes that would make even Miroku look like an amateur. "This will be fun, can you imagine the look on Kagomes face when she awakens to find she is in another dimension where she has children," Rei said with a even wider smile.

"Be nice Sparky this is only to teach these two a little lesson and to play a bit of matchmaker," Tsuki said as she pushed him slightly. The dog-like nickname made Rei pout slightly but he nodded in agreement.

"Now Rei you need to go take these arrows to Kagomes and Sesshomarus time and place them in the wells. It will seal the well from that dimensions Kagome and Sesshomaru but it will still let us pass through so we can remove the arrows later," Kanzaburo said sternly as he handed Rei the arrows.

" Sir, yes sir," Rei said with a mock salute as he jumped into the well and was soon gone.

The strange army custom made Kanzaburo raise an eyebrow in curiosity. Tsuki noticed and laughed as she patted him on the back gently and said," Don't worry about it Kan it is a future thing, but you should be going to your own dimension now before these two wake up."

"Indeed," Kanzaburo said as he returned to his normal emotionless demeanor. He then grabbed the edge of the well and jumped inside careful not to touch either of the adults at the bottom of the well.

"Like father like son," Tsuki said with a laugh as she jumped into the well too, but unlike Rei and Kanzaburo she did not use the magic of the well instead she grabbed Kagome and carefully got her out of the well, then went back and got Sesshomaru. "This will be fun; I wonder how Uncle Inu is going to react when he sees Sesshomaru and Kagome together. They may be from a different dimension than this one but it is still going to cause him to twitch bit," Tsuki said with a laugh as she sat down and waited for the two awaken.