Chapter 4

One Step Closer

For anyone who wants to know Engetsu means crescent moon and if you don't see a connection there then you need to stop reading right now. O and if you lovely readers could please review more I would be so happy but for the 8 of you who have reviewed, thank you.

Engetsu: Crescent Moon

Kagetsu: Bright Moon


"Dad," Spoke a surprised male voice from behind them and caused Sesshomaru to turn quickly around. He had to actually stop himself from gasping as he looked into what seemed to be a shorter mirrored version of himself. It was teenage boy with midlength silver hair that was pulled up into a ponytail and his bangs hung haphazardly at the side of his face. On his right check were one dark blue and one maroon stripe, and resting on his forehead was the trademark teal crescent moon. The only things that greatly bothered Sesshomaru about the boy was how he was dressed and the strong scent of blood that lingered on him. The boy wore a leather dog collar on around his neck and tight muscle shirt left little to the imagination, but obviously gave him good movibility if he needed to fight.

"Who are you," spoke Kagome first as she looked the boy over with what could only be called a critical eye.

"My name is Engetsu, son of Lord Sesshomaru and Lady Kagome of the western lands," He remarked firmly with an obvious amount of pride in his voice. Kagome could not help but gasp and Sesshomaru, well Sesshomaru settled with a slight widening of his eyes.

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What happened next surprised both Engetsu and Sesshomaru. Kagome turned into Sesshomaru and buried her head in the folds of his haori as she tried to stifle the laughs that attacked her. Her shoulders where shaking greatly, and it took Sesshomaru a couple of seconds and a few sniffs of the air before he realized she was laughing and not crying. Actually as he thought about it, it was rather comical. It seemed that where ever they went they were always running into signs that they should be mates. As utterly crazy as it was, it seemed that the Fates decided Kagome and Sesshomaru would become mates, and everyone knows that once the Fates decide something then it will be carried out.

The boy watched them through what could only be called a critical eye. He had no memory of his parents and calling the silver haired man in front of the grave 'dad' had simply been a reflex, but now it seemed right. Engetsu instantly recognized the crescent on Sesshomarus head and he would never forget his mothers scent, Kagomes scent. Also from what he had been told by his uncle his dad was supposed to be very stoic and withdrawn and normally reframed from showing emotion. While his mother always showed her emotion on her face and had a very carefree spirit. Though he was also told she was supposed to have quite a temper and crossing it was like walking through hell's gates, fire, fire, and more fire. "Are you truly who I think you are?" he asked after awhile.

Kagome looked up from her spot in Sesshomarus arms and answered," Well sort of, we are Sesshomaru and Kagome, but we came through the well." Her answer earned her a withering glare from Sesshomaru that seemed to say 'Who gave you permission to talk.'

"Boy what year is this and what happened in this world, no one should be able to kill this Sesshomaru," Sesshomaru spat out, giving Engetsu his famous answer or die glare.

'Well he gets to the point' Engetsu thought with a raised brow as he tried to stop himself from rolling his eyes. "You're in the year 2000 and all the people in those graves where killed by Naraku or one of his minions," he answered with his best don't mess with me voice.

Kagome really did roll her eyes and growled out," Stop glaring at each other like a bunch of children. Engetsu I'm sorry Sesshomarus so rude, but please tell me how did Naraku kill us."

Engetsu never got a chance to answer her for Kagome suddenly found herself pinned to another tree with Sesshomarus poison claws pushed against her throat. "I think you are forgetting your place wench, do not forget I could kill you with a swipe of my claws."

Kagome gulped and tried to quell her fear, he was so close she could feel his breath on her cheek. "My name is KAGOME," she spat out trying to show no fear.

Sesshomaru tightened his grip and snarled at her his eyes bleeding red for second. His instincts seemed to scream 'submit, make her submit.' "Do not try my patience,"
he growled out in a dangerously low voice. His voice made her shiver and she gulped again, 'O I'm in trouble now' she thought as she looked into his now crimson eyes.

Sesshomaru let himself calm down as he smelt her fear and saw her unconsciously show him her neck, submitting to him. Though as he released her he couldn't help but feel a twinge of regret at seeing the fire in her eyes smolder out a bit.

"Sorry to interrupt, but we need to get out of this clearing," Engetsu remarked, completely unaffected by the little show. 'ok well temper problems on both sides, no wonder everyone says I'm stubborn, these two look like they could get a mountain to move out of the way if they where mad enough,' Engetsu thought with an inward chuckle.

"Yes, I can smell demons approaching," Sesshomaru remarked as he followed Engetsu towards the west. Kagome picked herself up and followed after them, her anger returning full force as she realized what had happened. Sesshomaru sensed her aura change to that of pure anger and he was inwardly pleased. He did not want to see her spirit broken, it was just so strong, so tantalizing. 'where did that come from she is only a lowly nigen,' his mind shot back.

'So what, it seems we are meet to be together, why not just except that and take her,' his inner voice remarked with a bit of smugness.

'Dear Kami now I'm talking to myself, but that's a good point. Why not take her, she is strong, beautiful, and a miko. A strong miko and Taiyouki mating together is only things of legends, why not make them real, and from the looks of it our son is not a hanyou.' Sesshomaru thought as he continued to follow his 'son.'

Engetsu led them along through the woods, passing through many areas of Inuyashas forest neither Sesshomaru or Kagome had ever seen. Soon they reached what vaguely resembled an old fashioned, Asian style bar. "It used to be a tea house, but my older brother fixed it up and turned it into a house, though the bar is still intact," Engetsu answered their unvoiced thoughts. Then without even a backward glance he walked into the house, slipping off his shoes as he went.

"Are you going to explain what happened back there with the graves," Kagome asked with barely suppressed curiosity. Engetsu nodded and sat down in front of the low set table in what seemed to be the dinning room. Kagome sat down beside him and was soon joined by Sesshomaru.

"Now this is a long story so you best get comfortable," Engetsu started as he leaned back a bit in his spot. Sesshomaru barely contained the urge to role his eyes, but settled for merely giving a glare that clearly said, 'Story. Tell. Now.' Engetsu let a small smile grace his normally stoic features as he saw his father's gaze, but with an even smaller sigh he put on his most serious face and began his story. "Now it all started about five hundred years ago before I was even born. You see you two will get together romantically soon in your own time and after that Lord Sesshomaru will help you in your search and destruction of Naraku. In the end Naraku was destroyed, but like all people he was also reincarnated, that's when the trouble began. My twin brother Kagetsu was his incarnate.

"Hold it, you mean to tell me that my son will be the incarnate of a half-breed," Sesshomaru snarled, his eyes tinting red for a moment. Even Kagome seemed to shiver slightly and she had to grab onto Sesshomarus strong arm for momentary support. Both of them where thinking the same thing 'My son is going to be the incarnate of an evil mass murdering lunatic.' (Now there's a friendly definition of Naraku)

Engetsu put up a placating hand as he remarked," That is what is suppose to happen, but now that you are here I can warn you about it. Kagome when you return to the futile (sp) era you need to visit Kaeda-san and ask her to teach you how to stop someone form being reincarnated. As long as you do that then those graves will disappear and my brother will be ok. He won't go crazy and steal the Shikon no tama and he won't kill anyone."

Kagome answered with mumbled annoyance, "Are we could just not have children period, like I would ever fall for Sesshomaru." Sesshomaru still heard her, but he decided not to comment on that snide remark, being as he slightly agreed with it. It was all just too confusing even for his ever calculating mind.

Kagome made a move to say something else, but whatever she had been trying to say came out in a long yawn that made Engetsu chuckle lightly. "Kagome how about I show you to your room. We have no guest bedrooms here but the old tea room should be fine and it is clean," Engetsu stated as he stood and walked over to a door adjacent to the living room. He opened it then side stepped away to reveal a large room that had once been the bar room of the little house. There where some old individual tables stacked and placed to the side and a bar for making and storing drinks was in the front of the room.(Hey I'm making all of this up, I have never been into a Japanese tea house or bar.)

"Its nice, arigato Engetsu," Kagome replied with a smile as she watched him take out a separate tatami mat for herself and Sesshomaru. After it was placed down she quickly moved onto the bed and into the soft covers.

After Sesshomaru was sure Engetsu was long gone he moved to go sit on his own Tatami mat beside Kagome. "Tired?" he remarked bluntly as he brushed away a couple of her stray black hair. Then with a serious frown said," I won't let that happen, Naraku will not be incarnated."

Kagome turned to him and nodded as she remarked with a serious tone before ending with a dry laugh. ," Yes, I know, I won't let it happen either, and anyways why would we ever mate." Though she could not suppress a shudder from him being so close and the contact of his hand on her cheek.

The gleam that suddenly appeared in Sesshomarus eyes after that statement scared and excited her all at the same time. With an uncharacteristic smirk Sesshomaru remarked," Now I never said anything about that." His heart and rational side yelled at him and argued over various points in his mind, but in the end he shoved all the internal chattering away and closed the gap between his and Kagomes lips. She gasped slightly and he took the chance to deepen the kiss. His arm moved down her curves with the meticulousness of a sculpture as he memorized her every curve and dip for later use. He was surprised to find her kissing him back, he was even more surprised when he felt her tongue brush over on of his sensitive fangs and took everything he had not to force her down right then and there. 'Not yet, not yet, I will have her when we return to our own era,' his mind chanted like a mantra.

After what seemed like hours Sesshomaru released Kagome so she could breathe as he returned to lying on his tatami mat. "I think you will make a good mate in time Kagome," Sesshomaru remarked smugly as he pulled her flush form to him. He went no further then the kiss that night even if he knew they booth wanted more. He simply settled with pulling her very blushing form down to him and keeping her to him the best he could with just one arm and the intense tiredness he also felt. Tough one fleeting thought spread through his mind before he went into the darkness of sleep, 'we seem to fit together perfectly, like soul mates.' Soon they booth were asleep, nestled in the warmth of the others arms/arm.

Meanwhile at the well in Sesshomarus time...............

"Looks like the job is complete, Engetsu will finally get his life back and those two will become mates sooner or later," Kanzaburo replied to Rei and Tsuki as he finished pulling out the arrow lodged into the side of the well.

"Do you think they will go through the well again," Rei asked curiously as he looked down the well. "You know after they return home; do you think they will try to go to other dimensions again?"

"I'm not sure," Kanzaburo answered enigmatically, as he disappeared down the well, quickly followed by his unofficial brother and sister.

At Kaedes ...............................

"WHERE THE HELL IS SHE," Inuyasha growled as he paced around inside the small hut.

"Inuyasha she just went home for a few days, I'm sure everything will be just fine," Miroku answered as he tried to pacify the enraged Inu-hanyou.

"Yes Inuyasha, calm down, Kagome always comes back when she is ready and tearing up Kaeda-sans hut isn't going to help anyone," Sango replied, a little annoyed by his pacing.

"She's probably just trying to stay away from you," Shippo mumbled under his breath, but demon picked it up well enough.

"Shut it, brat," Inuyasha growled as he hit Shippo over the head. Shippo merely stuck his tongue out then moved to hide behind Sango. Inuyasha simply crossed his arms over his chest and gave his famous 'keh' before walking out the door of the hut.

After he was gone, Miroku put a thoughtful finger to his chin before saying," It does seem strange that she has been gone for seven moons, do you think she ok Sango?"

Sango raised her head in thought for a moment as she contemplated her answer. "I'm not sure, but I'm sure she will be........ HENTAI," Sango yelled as she moved away from Mirokus offending hand and threw him to the ground with a bone shattering slap.

With a huff Sango stomped out of the hut muttering about hentai monks and childish dog demons as she went. Shippo followed after her and soon the two of them reached the well, but the sight that greeted them was nothing like what they expected. 'O dear Kami, NO' Sangos mind seemed to scream as she raced forward.

Evil smile.......

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