Title: From the Inside

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Genereal/Action

Disclaimer: I don't own Max, Logan or the whole concept of Dark Angel. I own the concept of this story however, but will never officionaly own it as it is inspiration; feelings clutched into symbols on a computer.

I do not own Logan/Wolverine either, so the same goes for him and the whole conecpt of X-Men.

Summary: On a day which couldn't be worse, Max bumps into a stranger trying to steal her bike. Never could she know that hers and the strangers paths soon would cross again... Dark Angel/X-Men (Wolverine) Crossover!

Some time's, you had a good day.

Some time's not.

There were just some days that you wished that you never had gotten out of bed to get out to face, days you- knowing the key in hand- knew were better spent under the cover in your bed, munching on a steaming coffee.

But that didn't mean you could change them, none the less.

Max stormed out of Crash, the wind sending her hair whipping her face, but she just ignored it. She had other things on her mind than the horrible weather- she had gotten used to the typical, never changing Seattle weather by now.

After a day like this, where Normal had been on her all day as he punished her since she had overslept, she had ripped her favorite jacket, her bicycle had been stolen and she had arrived to Crash, actually having to stand in line to get some beer only to discover that they were out of it when she reached Harold, she just wanted to get home, grab a hot shower and then go to bed.

But then again, she probably couldn't sleep either, thanks to her feline hormones that were raging through her body. Another thank you, Manticore was apparently in occasion.

She reached the back yard of Crash, locating where she had put her baby. But to her surprise, it wasn't alone. Some guy, with his back to her stood and probably tried to hi jack it, right in front of her. Just what I needed, she thought as she stopped a few feet away from the man. A little ass kicking to get my mind off things...

" Hey! Know that's my bike your fiddling with there!" She shouted out to him against the wind, and she was completely caught off guard as the man swirveled around, hitting her with his one arm, sending her flying back a few feet. She just stood there for a moment, flabbergasted, looking at the man, and she felt her anger rise at his nerve.

She soon realized this was no regular, thug gangster she was up against. When she'd first eyed him, she thought it was the average Joe-drinking beer-smoking-cigarettes kinda guy, just with a stocky build; but she had realized she was wrong. These were actually muscles on the guy, and although he wasn't really taller than her, he was definitely stronger than her. And stronger than an X5, what was that?

He also seemed to have reflexes like her, if not even faster. He used his head just as much as she did in the fight, and she was still most perplexed by the pure strength in this guy, it, it was like fighting an animal, an animal that just wouldn't give up and roll over.

She delivered a blow with her right foot to his body in her unnatural speed, only to have it being blocked off by his lower arm and hand. He practically threw it out of his way, and it made her loose her balance to hit the ground with such power and almost no control over the leg, and it made her stumble for one or two steps.

That was all he needed.

He moved forward at her and threw his one arm around her, pinning her body against his, her back to his frame. He held his arm against her throat, and when her free arm went up to tug his arm away, she couldn't. Not even when she mustered strength and would probably have ripped it off a normal humans shoulder with the strength she used, she could move it.

 This guy, who ever he was, definitely had training. No one could take a trained X5 like that, not that easy, and just had been to the local fitness center two days a week. Perhaps he'd had military training as well?

Max was not left to ponder much more, she wanted to get loose, get out of his grip.

" Kid, what the hell of a trick were you just trying to play at me?!" Max tried to get loose again, to no avail. " Me?! It was you who tried to steal my bike, remember!" She could feel his lips melt into a half smile as he loosened his grip upon her, letting her go. She quickly spun around, facing him, as he answered: " Yeah, that... Well, I needed transportation."

Max took a step towards him, standing and showing off her ground. " Not with my bike you ain't getting nowhere. There's probably a heck of a lot o'more bikes around this town than mine, go get them!" The mystery man took a step forward to her, showing off his ground.

Max was never afraid when it came to fighting. She considered herself to be elite in that area, and it was a thing she knew she could do well. When other's went up against her, she never backed, knowing that she was perfectly capably of defending herself. But this was somehow different, she knew this guy wasn't to be messed with, and the fact that he'd just lowered her guard that easy, and taken control over the situation- and her, not to forget- was a strange sensation to her... and she didn't like it.

" Let's not forget who beat who, here, kid. Say buh-bye to your bike now, you seem spoiled enough to got and get a new one..." Max stood still for a few seconds as she watched the man approach her baby, and then she snapped. There was just no way he was getting away with her baby, here and now, not without a good fight he wasn't!

Just as he was mounting the bike, she grabbed his shoulder, hard enough to gain his attention. He swirled his head around, starting at a " Kid, what the..." but couldn't finish off since Max's hand connected with his face, his nose to be more precise. To Max's surprise, no scream, not even a guffle, was heard . Instead he mounted the bike, sat down and looked at her. 

Still infuriated, she tried grabbing his shoulder and throwing him off her baby, but all she managed was to grab him, then his other arm swirled up and grabbed hers, throwing hers of his shoulder. Normally, when facing someone with the same reflexes as her, she'd always outdone them with her strength, but this guy seemed stronger, and she couldn't quite grasp, nor accept that.

With his free hand, he started up the engine but Max wouldn't let him get away that easily. She made a mental note to forgive her bike later if anything happened to it from what she was about to do, then started. She used her cat- like speed and went down and grabbed his leg with her hands, then threw him off her bike. She knew she had surprised him and used it to her advantage. She grabbed her baby as it almost fell to the ground, hopping onto it. She revved up the engine and turned it around and pressed down the ignition as hard as she could, but the bike didn't get anywhere.

She then felt what was wrong, someone was holding the bike from behind, and she knew just who that person was. She kept on revving the engine and kept her hands on the steering wheels as she jumped out of the seat with her legs, trying desperately to kick him out of her way, but instead he grabbed her leg, pulling her towards him. Deciding she didn't want to hurt her baby no more, knowing she'd be the one to pick up the mess, she let the steering go but used her free leg to kick him, then flip into the air, doing a backwards flip off him.

She saw her bike dropping to the ground in the corner of her eye, and remembered thinking that it would leave nasty marks, marks this guy would have pay for, here and now. She could swear she could hear a snarl coming from the guy. She took a fighting stance, something the mystery man didn't do, but she could tell he was all up for fighting...

" You should've leaved when I told you, kiddo..." Max just gave a lopsided grin back. " Yeah, well I never did listen to advice especially well, so... Wanna get it on?" Although he didn't need any more encouragement he refused to charge and be the one to attack, he was going to let her do that, so he could work out her technique a bit more.  And Max, who had lost her temper completely obliged to his wish, marching towards him.

The last steps she ran towards him, beginning to hit him with such speed and force that she knew a normal human would never pass up to, but she couldn't quite reach him. He blocked all her kicks and punched, even when she upped the speed.

But just as she delivered a frightful blow to him, he ducked and jumped to the side, ending up behind her and she could feel him grabbing both of her feet, throwing her into the air, swiveling around. She could see the wall coming towards her and at that speed, and with nothing to grip on all she could do was hit it, and alongside a few bricks land beneath it.

Perhaps she wasn't human, but she sure could feel pain just as well.

" Had enough?" He asked her, as she lay coughing blood in the dust of bricks. She rose, staggery, and wiped the blood from her mouth and then regained her fighting stance. She was taught never to give up a fight, and this was one of the moments when she actually thanked Manticore for her training. Her whole body was pain, and she could feel the blood wanting to rise from her lungs into her throat, but she forced the thick, warm, iron-tasting liquid down again. The pain was too much....

But it only gave her thirst for more.

She decided that dirty tricks were the only ones who would probably work, so she ran onto him with her maximum speed, delivering a kick to his throat, and hitting, making him cough and back a few steps. She used this, and tried a punch at his groin, but he was aware and quick to move away.

He rose his body up and when she threw another, sucker punch at him, he stopped it with his own hand, making them hit like that, hand to hand, knuckles to knuckles. Both could hear the cracking coming from Max's knuckles as one or two of them cracked, and she winced in pain.

It was like hitting a brick wall! Max thought as she withdrew her hand. Then again, it was like hitting a steel- floor. It didn't feel that way when hitting a normal human being, and that very not normal human being used the moment to kick out her legs from under her, making her cheek hit one of the bricks from her previous fall on the ground.

The mystery man walked her to her bike, mounted it, and started the engine. Max knew when she was beaten, and although all she wanted to do was to beat the living crap out of him, she knew she couldn't take him. At least not like this.

Before he sped away, he turned around to look at her, as if to say sorry. But he couldn't do so, he thought it was foolish of the kid to even start a fight with him, let alone to persist it, and she had to blame herself. She was a good fighter though, he hadn't expected all that power from that petite form.

" Who are you?" Max asked, trying to get up. He half smiled at her, revving up the engine and replied, before speeding off into the night: " I'm nobody..."

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