Author's Note: Yeah, I decided to drop the whole " Title, Genre bla bla bla" stuff since I realized that nobody most likely ever read it... and that it didn't make much of a difference anyways. So here you go, a brand new chappie...

After Max had patched him up with the help of Original Cindy, she sat down in the chair next to Logan's medical table. Original Cindy had gone home after assuring that they could take care of the rest, needing her beauty sleep and all, as Max had pointed out. She had obliged, wanting Max to have some quality time with Logan- though under strange circumstances- knowing they hadn't been able to share some of that in a while, with all the things that went down in their lives.

She pondered over Logan, formerly known to her as Wolverine, and before that, she had referred to him as mystery man. There was something about him oozing a crave to know more about him from Max, like an instinct feeling that they had more in common than what she knew at first sight.

He also seemed to have had some government training, like her. But his style was way too influenced by many other, and various and unlike, techniques that she could narrow it down. To be honest, she'd never seen a better fighter than him, he learned his opponents in little time and took advantage of that knowledge to the limit, using the weaknesses and strengths and turned them against his opponents.

At a first look, she would've guessed he wasn't much older than her Logan, but when she had looked into his eyes, she knew that wasn't the case. He was much older, at least twice as older than that. He was a odd fellow, no doubt about that.

And yet again the cleanness of his appearance fiddled her. A man like that, that had un-doubtedly been in many fights and quarrels, would usually have the evidence markings written all over their face, and body. But he was completely clean, like he'd never seen any toughness in his life. But yet again, his eyes told her that he had, perhaps even more than she'd ever see.

" Who did this to him?" Logan asked, entering the small space. He leaned against one of the rice paper walls, folding his arms in front of him. Max bent over and felt Alec's pulse again, which was normal, and retrieved her hand. " Same guy that kicked my ass..." Logan's face rose by this, he wanted to know more about this, apparently, powerful man.

" Can you tell me all you know about him? Perhaps I can dig something up... It's gonna take a while for Alec to wake anyway..." Max nodded and followed Logan over to his computers. There, she gave Logan all the info she knew about this Logan (even her Logan had to smile at the, according to him, flattering name connection) and any details she remembered about him. Her Logan didn't find much in the public records, truth was, that he wasn't even listed. Well, not from the info they had to go from.

" Perhaps there was a hover drone when he stole my bike? Perhaps it caught a glimpse of his face..." Logan shook his shoulders, deciding it was worth a shot, and began hacking into the police's files about the hover drone's, and the surveillance footage they stored in their mainframe's.

But while doing this, they didn't know they were being watched.

From a rooftop across Fogle Towers, Logan stood watching them. He had followed them when they had left the club, and he'd ended up here. Thinking it was weird for a rough kid like Max to have friends with pocket's like a Fogle Towers resident had to have, he didn't know what to make of the kid.

He could see them from where he stood, where the man sat behind a computer, Max standing behind him, leaning over the desk. Logan couldn't possibly see what they were working on, but he could imagine that if the guy's place was as high tech as it appeared, and they had the other kid whose ass he'd just beaten- he knew they were looking him up.

But he also knew that they wouldn't find much.

The government had seized all knowledge of his existence, and there were next to nothing to be found about him in their computers. Even if the guy could hack into their system, he wouldn't find anything. Perhaps if he broke all of Weapon X's computers, but Logan doubted that they guy was good enough to do that and even if he was, their computers were even harder than Pentagon's to reach into.

Besides, there was nothing connecting him with Weapon X out there to be found, other than the people who knew he'd been a part of it, and himself of course. So, any chance of them finding any info about him at all was very minimum.

But he had to quit this now... before anyone else got hurt.