Part 1

            The witch was seated in the middle of a ring of rocks. A candle was carefully place in front of her on the ground, the small flame moved gently with the breeze. The flame was barely enough to keep the large cavern lit, but it would do fine for her.

            She was chanting something, something in another language. One could only guess that it was a spell of some sort. She didn't need to read the spell from a book for she had memorized it in order for this special occasion. It wasn't as special as it was important. Her people needed help. They needed protection from those evil things. And the witch took it upon herself to find someway to get rid of them. She was the world's only hope.

            As she continued her chanting, she pulled out at small pendant. On it were mysterious carvings. She wasn't sure what they said for they were ancient. But she knew that this pendant was the key to bringing back the world's champion. She grasped the pendant in her hand. The pendant began to glow brightly as she chanted.

            She smiled for she knew that her spell was working. This spell would bring the world's champion back to the living. The champion had been dead for over a millennia now. Only a few knew about the accomplishments of this hero. They were written in very few texts around the world. These texts had been lost for centuries beneath the ruins of a few cities.

            The cities had been destroyed when the darkness overcame the world. The demons had destroyed everything, killed almost everyone. Few bands of humans were left in the world. These humans lived in small groups all over. They lived in small underground towns, hidden from the demons. But occasionally, the demons would find these towns and lay waste to them.

            The demons were commanded by the five Rulers of Darkness: Abduxuel, Clisthert, Nergal, Valafar, and Mantus. These five demons were the rulers of the world now. Each lived in a different palace in different parts of the world. They were almost invincible. They each had their own weakness which has never been discovered by any of the remaining humans.

            The cavern began to shake as soon as the witch concluded her spell. She glanced around the cavern, looking for any sign that the champion had returned. Within moments, the shaking subsided. The pendant flew from the witch's hand and stuck to the wall of the cavern. It began glowing.

            Suddenly, a skeleton fell out of the solid rock. It floated in front of the witch and landed on its boney feet. The witch didn't react to this at all. She just watched. Dust began to swirl around the skeleton, slowly at first, but quickly speeding up. Some of the dust hit the skeleton, slowly forming organs.

            Within a few moments, all the organs had formed. The veins and arteries formed next, followed by the muscle, and finally the skin and hair. The dust continued to swirl around the body. The dust finally subsided and left a lifeless body standing there in front of the witch.

            The pendant glowed again. This time a small orb of light flew from the pendant and into the chest of the body. The eyes of this newly formed woman shot open. She glanced around at her surroundings, very confused.

            "Where am I?" the woman questioned.