Warnings: Note that this is a fiction involving Killua and Illumi together, as in a relationship

Warnings: Note that this is a fiction involving Killua and Illumi together, as in a relationship. In other words, it is incest, plain and simple. If you're offended by it, please do feel free to get lost. All flames about the 'illegalness' of this will be ignore.

Disclaimer: I will not be writing a fan-fiction if I had own Hunter X Hunter. Why do something for free when I can get money for it? Credits go to Yoshihiro Togashi, for creating such a wonderful story and characters.

"Zoaldyeck" – speech

'Zoaldyeck' – thoughts



"I guess… I'm weak, huh?"

Killua stood there mutely, looking at Gon, knowing that Gon needed to express himself. Waited for Gon to say more, as he knew he would.

"I never imagined that being weak would be so resentful. I NEVER IMAGINED……!!"

At this Gon's tears of frustration finally spilled out, for he had failed. Failed Kaito, Killua and himself. After all he had promised Killua that they win the plates and go back into the forest to rescue Kaito. And Kaito, his father's student and friend, it is their fault that he is in the enemies' hands. If only they were stronger. If only they were not such a burden that Kaito had to save them. So many ifs... For once, Gon's optimism couldn't cheer him up. He felt weighted down by his guilt. For the first time in his life, he is at lost. Killua, upon hearing this and seeing Gon's tears, let his own tears fall as well. For he also knew the taste and depth of this defeat and how much it hurt.

'Gon… for the next 30 days while you can't use nen I will protect you. I will do anything at any cost to protect you'

Killua sneaked a look at Gon while mentally conversing with him. Gon was huddled at the corner, lamenting his defeat and failure. Killua turned away from the sorry figure and stared at the same spot he was looking at earlier.

'And after that… It's goodbye'


Right, I'm sure some of you had noticed that the rest of the chapters are gone. I'm rewriting the story. I'm more or less sticking to the original storyline, with quite some changes here and there. When I went through it, I find that my story is lacking and some parts tend not to connect. So yes, I'm changing the whole thing.

One major change though, Kalluto will be a male character. When I first wrote the story I had thought Kalluto was a girl. I had been told otherwise. Since I'm revamping the story, I might as well make Kalluto a male, following Togashi-sama's original characters.

I'm not sure when I'll put up the new chapters, hopefully it's soon. For those who had been waiting, sorry for this. I do not know what to say but I do hope you'll forgive my fickle nature.

Till next.